With the Success of Twitch.tv, Justin.tv is shutting down

Justin.tv was always one of the most popular sites discussed when people in the .TV sub forum at Namepros would ask for examples of developed sites. The site started back in 2007 and grew to have one million registered users by July 0f 2008.

Out of Justin.tv came Twitch.tv which is reportedly in talks to be acquired by Google for $1billion. So now with the focus on Twitch.tv, Justin.tv is shutting down.

The Verge reported:

So in June of 2011 the team decided to focus in on the most popular section of Justin.TV: users who were broadcasting and watching streams of live video gaming. The new project was called Twitch.tv. That company quickly grew into a global phenomenon. It now represents one of the biggest sources of web traffic during peak hours, and is reportedly being acquired by Google for $1 billion. In February of 2014 Justin.tv officially rebranded the entire company to Twitch Interactive, and today they put the final nail in the coffin, turning off the Justin.tv website, mobile apps, and API.

“J TV will probably be remembered as one of the most awkward internet experiments of all time,” said Justin.tv COO Kevin Lin. “It’s one of those things that can only happen in the age of the internet.

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Legacy Fund Sells Moda.TV For $30,000 Acquired 2.5 Years Ago For $1,200

The domain name Moda.tv has been sold by Legacy Fund for $30,000

“Moda” is the spanish word for  “Fashion”

Legacy Fund acquired the domain name Moda.TV “close to 2.5 years ago”.

“Legacy paid “$1200 to acquire it and $52 in renewal fees to hold it?

We have reported on other sales by Legacy Fund which specializes in .TV domain names when they sold NF.Tv for $20,000.

Other Legacy Fund sales include::

Jeu.tv – $50,000.
SS.tv – $30,000
OO.tv – $18,000
Femme.tv – $7,000

Congratulations to Legacy Fund and the buyers who is unknown and the domain name is under privacy at the moment.

Now Owned By Disney, Maker Studios to Launch Maker.tv

Maker Studios recently got acquired by Disney for at least $500 million back in March. Disney Chairman and CEO, Bob Iger explained why Disney acquired the company in Variety on Wednesday,

From the article:

“We can allow the Maker people to substantially improve the distribution and reach of shorter form video using these characters and stories and add their expertise on the production side,” said Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger during the call.

While the executive said Maker had built “a bit of a brand” for itself online over the past several years, “we see Maker first and foremost as a distribution platform and successful one. There’s a huge marketing opportunity for this company.”

Maker was acquired because Disney “did not have the ability in the near term to distribute and sell as effectively” as the MCN, Iger said. “They had expertise in creating short form video that wouldn’t have been as deep as it could have been at Disney.”

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TubeFilter did a story on Maker looking to build their brand away from You Tube and will launch Maker.tv

From the article:

Maker Studios is one of YouTube’s biggest networks, but how many of the viewers who watch Maker videos even know the company’s name? The network’s partners–a group that includes Epic Rap Battles of History, PewDiePie, and Toby Turner–are the recognizable brands that attract most fans, but Maker wants to get its own name out there. According to the Wall Street Journal, the soon-to-be-Disney-owned company will launch Maker.TV, a new off-YouTube video platform that will build its personal brand and help attract advertisers.

Maker.TV will be a video destination separate from YouTube. Its launch will follow one of 2013′s major trends: The migration of top YouTube content off of YouTube, an action that can distance creators from Google’s aggressive ad rates. However, Maker’s brass insists that the move isn’t about advertising; instead, it has everything to do with the Maker name. Erin McPherson, who came to Maker from Yahoo last year and is a champion of the new venture, explained that “creators know us. We’ll go to conventions and the Maker booth gets swarmed. We want to lean into that brand where it makes sense.”

“YouTube is great place to build audiences,” she added. “It’s not necessarily the best place to build a brand.”

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This is also a feel good story for investors as a Disney backed network running on a .tv can only bring about more exposure to the extension.

Fashion Television Media Acquires Fashion.tv for $125,000

Fashion.tv sells for $125,000. First off tip of the hat to Ammar from Legacy Fund who did some research and posted on Namepros that Fashion.tv,Fun.tv and Play.tv have all been sold by Cyber Tavern. Cyber Tavern was a partnership which was headed by the late Igal Lichtman. .TV investors checking the whois over the years, regularly saw the name Cyber Tavern or Mrs Jello. The names owned under Cyber Tavern he once told me were names he owned with partners where the Mrs Jello names were just him.

I interviewed him back in 2011 and it also included a take on the new gtlds.

Q1) When did you start registering .tv ?

Igal: As soon as the registry opened up.

Q2) How many .tv do you own today ?

Igal: 900

Q3) There is an old myth that has gone around for a long time, it stated the domain Golf.tv was acquired for $600,000. There was controversy around the name that a gentleman from South Korea won the name but the original DOT TV Corp never awarded him the name.  Did you pay $600,000 for Golf.tv ?

Igal: No I did not pay anywhere near $600,000 for Golf.tv.  I cannot disclose the price but it was not $600,000.

Q4) What do you think about the new tlds coming down the road ? Will they affect .tv ?

Igal: Dot Tv is an international extension. When you look at the world the US has adopted .com, but when you go into other countries its all about the CCtld. Go to Holland and its .nl, you can register a dutch word in .com and it will not receive much traffic if any at all.

Now with the new extensions, take for example .music, it does not mean the same in every language.  TV means TV universally.

These new domains will cause confusion and bring back value to the likes of .com and .tv.  Toll free numbers work like domains in some respect. When there was a need to expand from 800, to whatever it was 888 ? The price went down 30%, when the next number 877 or something came it lowered the prices again. But when the next one came out all the prices went back up for the original because there was too much confusion. 800 is 800 and .com is .com, people will revert back to what they really know.

Q5) How do you feel .tv has done over the years ?

Igal: I think its gaining in popularity but it does not do enough for being 11 years old. I think they are getting smart by lowering the price and getting rid of premium renewal. I was not just a registrant back in the day, but I was also an investor in the Dot Tv Corp, I got my money back on the Verisign buyout.

Q6) What do you think about existing legacy premiums ?

Igal: They want you to return it, that’s why there was no deal for premium holders.  They got your money for a few years and a premium renewal, now you can drop it and they get to resell it.  Brilliant.

Q7) What do you think about leasing .tv names to entities not sold on the extension ?

Igal: I do it and it works. I leased Football.tv for a long time and then we got the name back, its now currently going to be leased again to another party.

Live.tv is another name we are now leasing, before the lease the name got hundreds of uniques a day. (Editors note NSFW).  There is money in leasing if you have good names.

Q8) Do you still register or buy .tv names ?

Igal: No. I am done buying as I am focused on many development projects. No time for keeping up with the auctions and the drops.

Thank you very much for the time you spent today Igal.

Igal: It was my pleasure.

It looks like Fashion.tv was acquired by the company that owns Fashion-TV.com, Fashion Television Media out of Mexico.

Ammar has said that things are in the works to get the documentation to Ron Jackson for documenting the sale on DN Journal.

Fashion.tv is up and running, they mention a Fashion TV set-top box slated to come out.

Through some exciting new strategic partnerships, we’re extremely proud to announce the soon-to-be released Fashion TV Set-top Box.

With the latest in affordable technology you’ll soon be able to plug your television directly to the internet for the full Fashion TV experience…

…no matter what country you’re located in!

Gain access to all of the glamour, glitz, style and beauty that you’ve been missing out on…

Join our mailing list today and be among the first to get your hands on a unit.

In addition to Fashion.tv, Ammar reported that Play.tv and Fun.tv have both been sold for $35,000 each.

Gaia.Tv sold for $22,372 On Sedo


The domain name Gaia.tv sold for $22,372, according to the former owner of the domain.

The word Gaia according to Wikipedia.org is from Ancient Greek meaning “land” or “earth”; Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans, and the Giants were born to her.

The buyer appears to the same company that owns Gaiam.com a Yoga and Fitness site and the domain name GaiamTV.com which  describes itself as a “Transformational Network, streaming videos to to expand your horizons.”

The domain name Gaja.tv is being forwarded to GaiamTV.com

The domain Gaiam.TV is also apart of the network and developed.