With the Success of Twitch.tv, Justin.tv is shutting down

Justin.tv was always one of the most popular sites discussed when people in the .TV sub forum at Namepros would ask for examples of developed sites. The site started back in 2007 and grew to have one million registered users by July 0f 2008. Out of Justin.tv came Twitch.tv which is reportedly in talks to be acquired by Google for $1billion. So now with the focus on Twitch.tv, Justin.tv is … [Read more...]

Legacy Fund Sells Moda.TV For $30,000 Acquired 2.5 Years Ago For $1,200

The domain name Moda.tv has been sold by Legacy Fund for $30,000 "Moda" is the spanish word for  "Fashion" Legacy Fund acquired the domain name Moda.TV "close to 2.5 years ago". "Legacy paid "$1200 to acquire it and $52 in renewal fees to hold it? We have reported on other sales by Legacy Fund which specializes in .TV domain names when they sold NF.Tv for $20,000. Other Legacy Fund … [Read more...]

Now Owned By Disney, Maker Studios to Launch Maker.tv

Maker Studios recently got acquired by Disney for at least $500 million back in March. Disney Chairman and CEO, Bob Iger explained why Disney acquired the company in Variety on Wednesday, From the article: “We can allow the Maker people to substantially improve the distribution and reach of shorter form video using these characters and stories and add their expertise on the production side,” … [Read more...]

Fashion Television Media Acquires Fashion.tv for $125,000

Fashion.tv sells for $125,000. First off tip of the hat to Ammar from Legacy Fund who did some research and posted on Namepros that Fashion.tv,Fun.tv and Play.tv have all been sold by Cyber Tavern. Cyber Tavern was a partnership which was headed by the late Igal Lichtman. .TV investors checking the whois over the years, regularly saw the name Cyber Tavern or Mrs Jello. The names owned under Cyber … [Read more...]

Gaia.Tv sold for $22,372 On Sedo

The domain name Gaia.tv sold for $22,372, according to the former owner of the domain. The word Gaia according to Wikipedia.org is from Ancient Greek meaning "land" or "earth"; Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans, and the Giants were born to her. The buyer appears to the … [Read more...]

Buyer Of FYI.TV Is A&E Network & It’s Rebranding Their Bio Network To FYI.TV

About a month ago we interviewed  Kevin Lawrence is a successful entrepreneur, developer, and .TV investor who at the time had just sold the domain name FYI.TV for $30,000 making it the highest reported .TV sale of 2014. Tonight Kevin reported to us that the buyer is A & E Network who is using the domain name FYI.TV to re-brand its Bio network. The Hollywoodreporter.com confirms that  A … [Read more...]

Network Solutions and .50 .TV Domains

Network Solutions needs to pay better attention to their Adwords campaigns or they are trying a bait and switch. When someone did a search for renew dot tv on Google, the search returned the following info. When you click through no option to get a .tv … [Read more...]