UDRP Filed on 15 Year Old Domain GreatRun.com By Owner Of GreatRun.org

  A UDRP has been filed on what seems to be a very generic term GreatRun.com which was has been owned by the same owner, Product Reports, Inc which has owned the domain name since at least 2007 by the owner of the non-profit GreatRun.org Actually the only change in the ownership of GreatRun.com since November, 2007, is that the owner moved its address from to Melville, New York to … [Read more...]

Owner of Airlineonline.aero Files UDRP On Airlineonline.com

      The owner of the domain name airlineonline.com just got hit with a UDRP by the owner of the domain name Airlineonline.aero It doesn't look like the ownership of the .com has changed since at least January 2013. Obviously in my opinion as generic a domain as you can get The Complainant was filed by Efzed Pty Ltd. Mr. Frank Zimmermann Simulate Pty Ltd. which … [Read more...]

Vanity.com Loses Bid To Grab VanityShops.com from Vertical Axis

Vanity Shop which just acquired the domain name Vanity.com last year after another UDRP and a federal lawsuit of its own, just lost its bid to grab the domain name vanityshop.com from it's owner Vertical Axis Inc. which was represented by Ari Goldberger of Esqwire.com. The three member panel of the The Hon. Nelson A. Diaz, the Hon. Neil Brown Q.C., and David E. Sorkin found that the term Vanity … [Read more...]

Poster Boy For Frivolous UDRP Cases: Booked.xyz Guilty Of RDNH: TM Filed 16 Yrs After Domain Was Registered

Booked Ltd of London which owns the domain Booked.xyz and Bookedxyz.com was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking on the domain name Booked.com in one of the most baseless UDRP cases we have ever read. Its too bad there is not any penalties for those who bring frivolous UDRP cases other than a finding of Reverse Domain Name hijacking which the three member panel rightfully … [Read more...]

Photo.com Saved In UDRP But No Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Fotocom Société Anonyme of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, just lost its bid to grab the generic domain Photo.com. Although the three member panel threw out the case out finding the Complainant failed on the first element of not proving trademark rights the panel refused to find Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). Here are the highlights: Based in Belgium, Complainant describes … [Read more...]

Vertical Axis Loses UDRP On ElectricFootball.com; Acquired When Complainant Let it Drop

A three member UDRP panel has awarded the domain name ElectricFootball.com to Tudor Games, Inc. of Sammamish, Washington which owned the domain name until 1997 when they "unintentionally" let it expire and that is when Vertical Axis Inc. who was represented by ESQwire.com Law Firm, acquired the domain on the drop. The Complaintant did not apply for the trademark with the USPTO until 1999 but … [Read more...]

Trademark Holders Make Cybersquatting Profitable By Failing To Act: BentleyMotorCars.com 9 Years Old

We have mentioned before that when it comes to the levels of  cybersquatting trademark holders have to share the blame by creating the ecosystem for high profits for those registering bang on trademark infringing domains and allowing them to be very profitabily parked for many year before taking action Today we see another one such case. Bentley Motors Limited just won a UDRP on … [Read more...]