Domain Holder Who Loses UDRP, Files Federal Court Case Over

Back in late December we wrote about the domain name which was lost in our opinion in a very bad UDRP decision. Today the domain holder, Russ Smith, pro se, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court For The District Of New Jersey pursuant to Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ("ACPA") 15 U.S.C. § 1114 (2)(D) (iv) and(v) to obtain a declaration of … [Read more...]

Troubling Decision: 19 Year Old Lost In UDRP To On Common Law Mark

We are only into the first few days of the year we have what I consider to be first horrible UDRP decision of 2015. A one member UDRP panel decision handed by by the National Arbitration Forum by Richard DiSalle as Panelist gave the domain name to the owner of the domain The Complainant Pade Publishing, LLC, who has since 2001, published "Desert Golf & … [Read more...]

After 14 Years Porsche Finally Gets Around To Filing & Winning UDRP On

Its pretty hard to believe but it took the car maker Porsche over 14 years to go after the domain name The domain name was registered on March 13, 2000 The domain name is of course the plural of the car makers name properly spelled A pretty bang on trademark issue. However the UDRP wasn't filed until October 23, 2014. The case is not worth discussing except for this … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas Trademark Holders: 15 Year Old Lost In UDRP

Director's Choice, LLP just won is a UDRP for the domain name We read through the complaint the other day thought is was a no-brainier win for the domain holder, but as the opinion lays out it seems the three member panel thought it was a no-brainier win for the Trademark Holder. It seems the domain holder acted as his own attorney to respond to the complaint. Not a … [Read more...]

15 Year Old Geo Domain Saved In UDRP Registered 7 Years Before TM: No RDNH

A three panel UDRP decision rejected the complaint of Como Holdings USA, Inc. on the 15 year old domain name as well as which was registered on the first day of general availability by the owner of the .com, Sybaris LLC The decision was handed down by the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (Kuala Lumpur Office) (the "Centre"). Its another case where in my … [Read more...]

UDRP Filed on 14 Year Old Domain: Domain Holder Objects To 2014 Trademark Filing

This is a pretty interesting UDRP. Basically you have the Complainant which has been operating under the the domain name since 2006 filed for a federal trademark on the term DIRECTOR’S CHOICE around July 15th of this year with the USPTO, which is says its been using "since at least as early as April 1997 used in connection with Complainant’s Services, namely, … [Read more...] Wins UDRP On C-A.Com Purchased For $3K & Offered To .Com Holder For $340K

Cofra Holding AG of Zug, Switzerland which owns the domain name, just won the rights to the domain name C-A.Com. The three member panel did not like the fact that the domain owner who purchased the domain name in January 2014 for $3k was asking for six figures to the .com holder of the domain name Here are the relevant facts and findings by the panel: T the … [Read more...]