Over 20 NNN.mobi Domains Dropping Tomorrow: What Are They Worth?

Looking at the Pool.com daily list of the top back ordered dropping domain names  for tomorrow December 11, 2012, I noticed an abundance of NNN.mobi domain names. 24 in all. While .Mobi hasn't been the greatest investment for domain holders its rare to see so many NNN domains dropping in any extension in any one day. What do you think, worth $60 … [Read more...]

NameJet.com To Roll Out New Beta Version Of Site Today

NameJet.com is rolling out a major upgrade to its site today. I have been playing with a Beta Version of the site for a few days and I really like the new format. The site has a cleaner look and feel to the site, and find its easier to navigate backorders, active auctions, reports and general browsing. The front page has "NameJet Hot Picks", which are "hand selected hot domains", Last … [Read more...]

Backorder Price Wars: NameJet.com Lowers Minimum Bid On Pending Delete Domains to $59

Just weeks after SnapNames.com increase it minimum bid on pending delete domains to $69, Namejet.com just announced it was lowering the minimum bid on pending delete domains to $59. Here is the announcement: ""Ready to save money? NameJet just lowered our minimum bids on all pending delete domain names to $59*! In addition, NameJet has increased its available inventory of pending … [Read more...]

I Just Signed Off & Accepted The Snapnames Settlement Agreement

Now that the new year has rolled around, I went ahead today and signed the amended Snapnames.com settlement agreement arising out of the Halvarez bidding scandal. Once I determined based on my own records that all amounts were credited to me for auctions in which Halvarez finished second and once the release was amended to limit it to the activity under the bidder account of  Halvarez I made up … [Read more...]

12 Three Number .Mobi’s Are Dropping Tomorrow

It's pretty unusual to see three number domains dropping, but tomorrow it looks like there are at least 12 three number .mobi doing just that. I'm not big on .mobi but I know some of you are and 3 numbered domains are always in demand. 386.mobi 463.mobi 532.mobi 636.mobi 638.mobi 669.mobi 673.mobi 692.mobi 729.mobi 872.mobi 932.mobi 937.mob … [Read more...]

A Ton Of 3 Letter .Org’s Dropping Today

Its not often that you see a three letter domain drop naturally, and today by my count there are at least 35 of them. These are actual drop domains, so they can be caught by any drop service or even with you own script (if you have one). If you want to go after any of these,  you need to backorder them, with your favorite, or all your favorite drop services, like Snapnames.com, NameJet.com, … [Read more...]

StopSigns.com Tops Another $100K In Sales In 2 Days at NameJet.com

For the second time this week, just the domains we followed, accounted for almost $100K in domain sales at NameJet.com. Here is a list of domains sold today and yesterday: stopsigns.com $9,000 infoweb.com $8,865 magicmoments.com $6,800 puppypalace.com $6,766 halloweenparties.com $6,500 thriftshops.com $5,100 vitalrecord.com … [Read more...]