Eric Lyon Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am now able to type up an official update (As follows): Note: The national guard never came back for us last night. Last night when I took a nap (Around 3:30am) to regain some energy, I woke up to the generator being manually shut down (Around 5am) by my father-inlaw due to flood waters rising to the power outlets inside. Doing so helped prevent anyone from being electrocuted or a fire starting. Once daylight came, we placed a few calls and a family friend with a jet-ski sprung into action and organized a rescue operation which consisted of the following: 1) We evacuated the flooded house through the back gate into a church parking lot where he had a truck waiting for us, This truck took us 1 mile to impassable waters where we found a couple that owned a flat-bottom boat. They assisted us by making 2 trips to take us all another 2 miles where we met up with national guard and civilians transporting to shelters. Our family friend had his wife meet us there and we were then transported again by truck another 5 miles to their home, where we waited for my brother-inlaw to arrive. Once he arrived, we reloaded the belongings we managed to save slung over our shoulders, on our backs, and whatever we could carry (Including 2 dogs). He transported us to his house out of danger, where we are starting to work on settling in now. 30 minutes after we got out of the house and while in transit to safety, we got word that 2 flood gates/dams had just broke, sending tons of water down stream. This water may or may not have raised the flood level on our homes and vehicles (Which are already destroyed anyways). I’ll be attaching 2 pictures below of what our house looked like across the street prior to evacuation and I’m sure you can imagine how deep in the water they might be now. We are thankful that we all made it our prior to the dams breaking and that we are all alive. The material things we lost (Houses, vehicles, electronics, etc.) can eventually (Slowly) be replaced over the years, so I’m trying not to stress too much over it (Which is easier said than done). My heart goes out to the thousands of people still trapped in attics, on their roof, in the cold flood waters, and aimlessly searching empty flooded streets in looking for help. Below are the two pictures.

This picture is of our house across the street before rescue

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This picture is of our street before rescue

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