New gTLD’s Hit The Big Screen As The Official Site For The New Ryan Reynolds Movie Self/Less

The new gTLD's have made it to the big screen. Big Screen, as in a Movie trailer that a reader of was nice enough to send me. The movie is Self/Less is opening July 10th and stars Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kinsley. It looks like a pretty good movie by the way. Here is the official trailer The domain name used to promote the movie is Outlive.Life which is being forward … [Read more...]

Owner of WordPress Hit With UDRP On The Domain Name

The owner of, Automattic, Inc, has been hit with a UDRP on the domain name which they seemed to have acquired in September  2014. The domain name is registered through Mark Monitor. The domain was owned by Partners until it was purchased by The domain name is being forward to which is of course also owned by Automattic, … [Read more...]

University Of Florida Files UDRP On 18 Year Old

After a short 18 years the University of Florida apparently has filed a UDRP to gain control of the domain name The current website has the following disclaimer on it: Disclaimer: This website is in no way affiliated with the University of Florida, the University of Florida Athletic Association, or any sponsor or organization associated with any of them. This is a website … [Read more...]

Pirate Bay Faces Court Date On Domain Names

Torrent Freak published an article on the upcoming Swedish court case over whether or not The Pirate Bay will get to keep what are arguably their most important domain names. and What is interesting about this case is that the .se registry is also being sued by prosecutors. They want the domains to be forfeited and not to be allowed to be registered again. From the … [Read more...]

.Marriott Launches New gTLD Site: “A Journey Beyond .Com”

                    Marriott just laid out its vision for its new gTLD brand on a website dedicated to its .Marriott new gTLD entitled "A journey beyond .com" "Marriott is helping to pioneer how businesses use this new type of top-level domain as an opportunity to evolve, innovate and simplify your online … [Read more...]

After 11 Years Google Finally Gains Control Over The Domain

Google has won control over the domain name 11 years after it was registered,  in a one member UDRP panel decision. The domain name undoubtedly got a lot of traffic over the years making its owners a lot of money. The domain has an Alexa ranking in the US of 226,000 Why Google waited 11 years to go after a direct match .com of one of its popular … [Read more...] Saved In UDRP Despite an Asking Price of Up To $99K

Impressons LLC of California lost its bid to grab the domain name in a UDRP The domain holder Stanley Pace was represented by Howard Neu. The three member panel of Fernando Triana, Esq, Debrett Lyons, Esq. and David Einhorn, Esq found that the Impression who just filed for a trademark last year did not establish common law rights in Bolter before the domain name was registered in … [Read more...]