Released From Collision Today: 120K .Host; 10k .Website & 5K .Press New gTLD Domains

Radix the registry for the new gTLD .Host, .Website and .Press is releasing 135,000 new gTLD domain names from that were on the ICANN collision  list today at 1400 UTC 20k .Host new gTLD domain names; 10k .Website domain names and 5k .Press domains will be released. All of these domains were held by by the registry Name Collision list will be released today at for registration Here is the … [Read more...]

1st New gTLD Totals: .Click 3,779; .Help 1,908; .Property 1,490; .Hosting 1,197: .Diet 787

Five New gTLD of Uniregistry  launched into General Availability yesterday Here are the first day total including Sunrise registrations. None of these extensions had a Early Access Program or Landrush program: .Click 3,779 .Help 1,908 .Property 1,490 .Hosting 1,197 .Diet 787 … [Read more...]

A look at Bitcoin/Crypto Related Domain Sales is a site that specializes in domain names related to the Bitcoin/Crypto Currency Niche. They compiled a list of BitCoin, Crypto and Coin related sales. I have posted a partial list from each category. Check out the full list at Bitcoin Related    $31,200    November 2014    $1,600    September 2014    … [Read more...]

Almost 20,000 .XYZ Collision Domains To Be Released On Dec 2nd: Here Is The List

On December 2, 2014 at 2pm (London Time), .XYZ will be releasing thousands of domain names to the public to register which were held back due to ICANN's name collision list. The new domain name extension .XYZ, is the new gTLD's with the most domain name registrations with over 725,000 according to Almost 20,000 names were held back due to ICANN's name collision list, and a … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Launches 5 New gTLD’s Today

Uniregistry is launching 5 new gTLD's today the 25th of November 2014 at 16:00 UTC. .click which will have no reserved domains except for the 100 domains registered by the registry and domain names on the ICANN collision list .Click is priced at $5.99 at Godaddy The other four extensions of  Uniregistry  have quite a few reserved domains after I spent a few hours checking around for … [Read more...] sells for $31,200 as owner loses the domain due to bad registrant info and a few others have been buzzing about being auctioned off on Netfleet. Cazalla at wrote the best explanation of what happened, this was the second time sold this year. Apparently it is a popular tactic to report domains with bad info in Australia, the author explains, "Australian domainers employ in order to secure premium domains is … [Read more...]

Symantec Discovers “Regin” A Sophisticated Piece of Malware

Symantec has discovered a piece of malware that has been used to spy on ISP's and telecom companies that they say was most likely by a government agency. They did not say which government. The malware looks to have been created back in 2008, paused and then started back up. Recode wrote about the news: Computer security researchers at Symantec say they have discovered a sophisticated piece of … [Read more...]