Actress Blake Lively Launches New Lifestyle Brand on a .US

Actress Blake Lively launched her new lifestyle website on a .US rather than say going the Blake.Luxury route or The Gossip Girl star is going with the name Preserve.Us.

The Huffington Post covered the launch and the feedback from all over the Twitterverse,

Blake Lively’s new lifestyle brand Preserve launched this week and it’s fair to say that the Internet felt every emotion possible about the star’s new venture.

On Tuesday, the actress and style icon debuted her lifestyle-driven site that offers everything from a light-up marquee map of the world, to online essays and fancy salt. Yes, salt. Let’s not forget about the bizarre video, where the Hollywood sweetheart reveals her wedding dress. How Beyoncé of you, Blake.

As per usual, Twitter-users had a lot to say about the site. We could’ve predicted sassy commentary from Bryanboy, but other bloggers, editors and fashion sites around the web have expressed conflicting views.

Some bloggers seemed to take the two words together which you can do with an extension like .us or .me, to form a call to action or a domain hack in other instances.

Alanna OkunVerified account 


Associate editor .

the url on blake lively’s new site looks like a religious plea

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The .US extension can use any help it can get, so having a popular actress launch a brand can only be a good thing. Reflex Publishing owns so I doubt Blake will be acquiring the .com anytime soon.

Why Is Neustar Allowing Nicaragua To Use A .US Doman for Their Offical Visitor Site?

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.47.51 PMI saw a full page ad in a travel magazine a few weeks ago for the website

It was a very nice full color ad which promoted the country as a great tourist destination.

The domain name is registered to the Nicaraguan Tourism Board and whose registered address on the whois records is in Nicaragua

My first thought that it is stupid domain for the official travel site of a country to use domain name in  the ccTLD of other country.

After all .US is the ccTLD for the United States and as a foreign country why wouldn’t you use the extension of your own country or a relevant gTLD for you site?   For example the domain name is unregistered as the time of publication.

Then is realized that Neustar which operates the .US registry under a license from the United States Government is suppose to enforce the nexus requirement for owning a .US domain name.

Under .US nexus requirements .US domains may be registered only by the following qualified entities:

  • Any United States citizen or resident,
  • Any United States entity, such as organizations or corporations,
  • Any foreign entity or organization with a bona fide presence in the United States

The domain name was registered over 3 years ago in April 2014 and is use as the official tourism site for the country seems to be backed by a big ad spend.

In other words is not a mom and pop site that no one is every going to notice.

Now theoretically the site could fall into the third category: Any foreign entity or organization with a bona fide presence in the United States

However the address on the whois record is does not indicate a US presence:

Nicaraguan  Tourism Board
Registrant Address1:                         Hotel Crowne Plaza, 1c Sur, 1c. Oeste.
Registrant Address2:                         Address (continued)
Registrant City:                             Managua
Registrant State/Province:                   Managua
Registrant Postal Code:                      999999999
Registrant Country:                          Nicaragua
Registrant Country Code:                     NI
Registrant Phone Number:                     +505.22545191

You would think that if a foreign company tries to qualify for a .US domain name needing a bona fide presence in the United States they would place an address on the whois record that would proof the  bona fide presence.

Neustar is the same company that is going to operate the .NYC extension and announced a very strict nexus policy for registrants of .NYC new gTLD domain names:
1. Registrants in .nyc must be either:

a. A natural person whose primary place of domicile is a valid physical address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 1”); or

b. An entity or organization that has a physical street address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 2”).

2. The existence of a P.O. Box address in the City of New York shall not qualify for purposes of meeting the Nexus Policy.

3. Registrants must agree in their Agreement with their Registrar and/or Reseller, as applicable, that they are in compliance with all relevant Federal, New York State and New York City laws, including the tax requirements for conducting business via the Internet.

4. Registrants must remain in compliance with the applicable Nexus Category for the entire period of such domain name’s registration by the registrant.

5. Registrars shall require that all registrants certify that they satisfy the Nexus Policy.

6. Registrants may not license, sub-delegate or otherwise transfer .nyc domain names to third parties that otherwise fail to meet the requirements of this Nexus Policy.””

Representative of Neustar are even on the record say not privacy or proxy services will be allowed for .NYC domain name registrants .

Neustar promises that they will not only verify that the Nexus requirements are met on .NYC registration but will continuous monitor registrations to make sure the nexus requirements are continued to be met and have threaten to simply take domain names away from registrants that don’t meet the nexus requirements.

It will be interesting to see what happens if say the city of Boston launches its official tourism site on a .NYC domain and takes out a full page ad in the New York Times to advertise the website.


Flashback: If A .US Domain At Best Is Only Worth 1% of a .Com and 25% Of A .CA Why Bother?

Four years ago Michael asked, If A .US Domain At Best Is Only Worth 1% of a .Com and 25% Of A .CA Why Bother?

I’m sure this will piss off a whole group of folks who invest in .US domains, but looking through the .US domain auction closing tomorrow , July 8th at 3:15pm, I couldn’t help but notice that Slots.Us is at auction with a reserve of $58,830 or roughly 1% of what the .com just sold for, or just over 25% of what just sold for.

Candy.US is another domain for sale in this auction with a reserve price of just over $14K.

We all know the Domain King sold for $3M, making the .US domain available for just 1/2 of 1% of the .com price.

And neither or may sell.

So when your looking at other lower priced .US domains, what exactly is the upside?

The fact that an identical .Ca domain sold for 4x what the owner of Slots.Us would be happy selling his domain for says a lot about the extension especially considering the population of the United States is about 10X more than Canada.

It’s certainly not a “new” extension and if it couldn’t make it in the universe of competing with 21 TLD’s and a less than 200 ccTLD’s how it is going to bloom once there are 500 TLD’s and 200 ccTLD’s?

So for all of you .US investors tell me what is upside to this extension?

That post garnered a lot of replies (106) and a lot of debate on what the value and the future of .US looked like. In this new domain world with hundreds of new extensions coming online, what is your opinion of .US now ?

US Gives NeuStar New Contract To Run .US Domain Extention For Up To 5 Years

The Department of Commerce has re-awarded the contract to operate the .US domain extensions for three years with two additional one-year extension options to Neustar Inc. (NYSE:NSR).

The .US Top Level Domain (TLD), is the official country code domain of the United States (ccTLD)

“Neustar has successfully administered this critical domain since 2001, when the Department of Commerce first selected the company to build and manage the new domain.”

“The .US domain represents Main Street America, helping American small businesses and individuals to create and expand their online presence. Neustar manages this critical domain and oversees the growing network of registrars who sell the .US domain names.”

“Since becoming the administrator of the .US TLD, Neustar has created an extensive enforcement program to ensure a safe and secure environment for the .US Internet community. Neustar also launched the “Kickstart America” campaign to raise awareness of the .US domain. In 2013, Neustar initiated the .US National Road Racing Championships through a three-year partnership with USA Track & Field.”

“In 2014, Neustar plans to launch a new multi-stakeholder council including members representing localities, registrars, small businesses and non-profit organizations as well as entities involved with STEM education and cybersecurity. The .US TLD Stakeholder Council will provide a vibrant, diverse, and independent forum for future development of the .US TLD, working directly with .US TLD stakeholders and helping Neustar to identify public needs and develop policies, programs, and partnerships to address those needs while continuing to enhance America’s address.” Holding its 1st Ever .US Domain Name Auction

For the  very first time, NameJet is offering .US domains on our auction platform.

“These exclusive domains are priced to sell at no or low reserves, between now and 10/24/2013.”