Is This The Domain With The Longest Registration Date? SMITHSONIAN.US Expires 2102

Here is new one on me. A domain name that doesn't expire until the next century. The domain name is and it is as you would expect owned by the Smithsonian Institution of Washington. The domain is not registered through a registrar, but instead is still showing as being registered through NeuStar the company that operates the .US registry under license of the United States … [Read more...]

Actress Blake Lively Launches New Lifestyle Brand on a .US

Actress Blake Lively launched her new lifestyle website on a .US rather than say going the Blake.Luxury route or The Gossip Girl star is going with the name Preserve.Us. The Huffington Post covered the launch and the feedback from all over the Twitterverse, Blake Lively's new lifestyle brand Preserve launched this week and it's fair to say that the Internet felt every emotion … [Read more...]

Why Is Neustar Allowing Nicaragua To Use A .US Domain for Their Official Visitor Site?

I saw a full page ad in a travel magazine a few weeks ago for the website It was a very nice full color ad which promoted the country as a great tourist destination. The domain name is registered to the Nicaraguan Tourism Board and whose registered address on the whois records is in Nicaragua My first thought that it is stupid domain for the official travel site of a … [Read more...]

Flashback: If A .US Domain At Best Is Only Worth 1% of a .Com and 25% Of A .CA Why Bother?

Four years ago Michael asked, If A .US Domain At Best Is Only Worth 1% of a .Com and 25% Of A .CA Why Bother? I’m sure this will piss off a whole group of folks who invest in .US domains, but looking through the .US domain auction closing tomorrow , July 8th at 3:15pm, I couldn’t help but notice that Slots.Us is at auction with a reserve of $58,830 or roughly 1% of what the .com … [Read more...]

US Gives NeuStar New Contract To Run .US Domain Extention For Up To 5 Years

The Department of Commerce has re-awarded the contract to operate the .US domain extensions for three years with two additional one-year extension options to Neustar Inc. (NYSE:NSR). The .US Top Level Domain (TLD), is the official country code domain of the United States (ccTLD) "Neustar has successfully administered this critical domain since 2001, when the Department of Commerce first … [Read more...] Holding its 1st Ever .US Domain Name Auction

For the  very first time, NameJet is offering .US domains on our auction platform. "These exclusive domains are priced to sell at no or low reserves, between now and … [Read more...]

US Government Opens Comment Period On .US ccTLD: Contract Expires On 8/31

The United States Department of Commerce's (Department) National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) which administers the contract for the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States, “.US” (usTLD) has opened up the comment period on the contract to run the .US extension. The current contract expires on August 31, 2013. Neustar, Inc (NSR) operates the … [Read more...]