ICANN Approves Renewal Of .Info; .Org and .Biz Registry Contracts Without URS Being Included

According to a resolution passed by the ICANN Board,  ICANN has renewed the registry contracts for the .info, .biz and .org contracts without the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) being included.

On the issue of not requiring the URS to be added to the registry contracts ICANN said:

“”There was a specific community concern raised, and subsequent letters provided to the Board, regarding the inclusion of a requirement for the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) to be included in the renewed agreement, as well as requiring the Registry Operator to use only Registrars contracted under the 2013 RAA. In taking this decision, the Board considered the concern that extending the requirement to use the URS to existing gTLDs (which currently is only a requirement for Registry Operators approved through the the New gTLD Program) would possibly be a matter for policy development.”

“In addition, requiring the imposition of the URS today to millions of domain names may be premature given the implementation schedule for the URS processes. ”

“With regard to the use of Registrars, the renewal agreement includes a term for transition to the exclusive use of Registrars contracted under the 2013 RAA, if certain conditions occur, including if Registrars representing two-thirds of the registrations in the TLD sign the 2013 RAA. ”

“In addition, the Board considered the concerns that requiring this long-operating Registry Operator to immediately transition to the use of Registrars contracted under the 2013 RAA could place the Registry Operator at a disadvantage to other existing gTLD operators that do not have this requirement nor a transitional clause written into their registry agreements. ”

“These issues were also considered with the Registry Operator as part of the development of the renewal agreement.”

Internet.org Acquired By Zuckberberg From Domain Investor After He Owned It For Just One Month

Domain name investor Daniel Thralow may have made one of the great flips of all time on the domain name Internet.org which Facebook Founder Mark Zuckberberg announced last night was the name of  his project to bring the Internet to the 5 billion people who don’t have access.

The domain was sold by Andrew Rosener of Media Options Inc in July who just acquired it back in April.

The domain was listed in MediaOptions.com newsletter back on April 24th for a listed price of $75,000 who said at the time:

“”Today we have a special opportunity for you with the availability of Internet.org! ”

“This is a PR4 domain registered all the way back in 1993.”

“Particularly powerful as a .ORG domain, Internet.org has many possible uses. The name conveys instant credibility and organization. Internet service providers, an internet safety watchdog, an internet consulting firm, a spam or fraud list, and more… Listed at $75,000, a domain like this is rare!”

Domain name investor Daniel Thralow who bought the domain name for an undisclosed amount in just July,  now has sold it to what promises to be one of the most talked about Internet projects.

I reached out to Mr. Thralow though MediaOptions.com who told TheDomains.com:

“Some people collect art, some people collect wine…

“I happen to love domain names.

“Over the years I have owned telescopes.com, peepers.com, video.org, auction.org and a few more.

“Nevertheless, Internet.org was my “Picasso”.

“I thought I would own it forever.

“While I did receive a very fair price for the domain, I miss it very much. It helped to learn it was going to be used for such a great project. ”

Its another success story in the domain investment industry where many simply say all the good domains are gone.

As Dan should if you collect rare and valuable assets like fine wine and art they continue to appreciate in value through good times and bad.

Big shout out and congrats to all involved in the Internet.org transaction

Facebook’s Zuckberberg Plans To Connect The World Using Internet.Org; Owned By Andrew Rosener Until July

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg late Tuesday announced on his Facebook  page, the formation of a partnership with Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Qualcomm  Ericsson, MediaTek and Opera to develop joint projects, share knowledge, and mobilize industry and governments to bring the world online,and to  make Internet access available to everyone on Earth.

The group is rolling this program out under the domain name Internet.org.

The domain name Internet.org was owned until recently by Andrew Rosener of Media Options Inc.

According to DomainTools.com Internet.org was owned by Andrew from  May 2013 until July 2013 when it transferred to  Daniel Thralow of Thralow Inc of Naples Florida.

The domain name went under privacy on August 14th, 2013.

I have reached out to Andrew for comment and will update the story when we get any additional information.

Internet.org goal is to bring Internet access to the 5 Billion people that don’t have it around the world.

Its pretty interesting that someone in the domain industry has an involvement in what may become one of the most talked about Internet projects of the year.



Sedo Sells Medicine.Org For $75,000

The domain name Medicine.Org for $75,000 on Sedo tonight.

The domain was sold after the Sedo weekly report was issued and therefore not included.

The domain has an original registration date of 1995.

The domain was sold by Eric Shannon of LatPro, Inc. who seems to have owned the domain since late 2006.

Congrats to the buyer and seller

Approval To Bid On 1 & 2 Character .Org Domains At Godaddy.com Opens Today

Go Daddy will be auctioning off  42 rare, valuable one- and two-character .org registry owned domain names as part of Project 94.

However the registry,  Public Interest Registry (PIR) set aside these .org domain names for registrants who embody its core values.

Starting today, if you want to participate in the auction, you can request approval on the .org Event Auction page. We recommend requesting approval before the auction begins on March 18, 2013. The last day to request approval is March 25, 2013.

These one- and two-character .org domain names that are owned by the .Org registry, PIR have never been released for registration before, and it’s dedicating the proceeds to programs that strengthen the online presences of non-profit organizations.

For more information, see What is Project 94?

Once approved, you can increase your bid limit by completing a verification process. For more information, see Requesting Bidder Approval for the .org Event Auction.

The Project 94 .org Event Auction runs from March 18 to 28, 2013.

Here’s an overview of the bidder approval and verification process:

Tier Description Bid Amount
1 – Approval
Click Get Approved, and then submit the online form. We send a confirmation email and authorization code within two business days. Approved participants can bid up to $2,500.
2 – PayPal® or Good As Gold Verification After completing the approval process, click Increase Limit to get verified via PayPal, or deposit at least $100 in the Good As Gold account. Verified participants can bid up to $50,000.
3 – Good As Gold Verification Deposit at least $5,000 in the Good As Gold account. Verified participants can bid an unlimited amount.