NameJet Sells 941 domains for $5,984,520 – led the way at $155,688

NameJet sold close to 1000 domains at $2,000 or more (941) in 2014, these sales totaled $5,984,520 USD. 41 LLL.coms sold on the list, with the top sale being the overall top sale at $155,688. 6 Numeric domains made the list led by at $43,700. Here are the five and six figure … [Read more...] Reports Over $555,000 in Domain Sales In December reported over $550,000 in domain name sales that took place in the month of December. only reports sales of $2K or more. The total of domain name sales for in December for sales of $2,000 or more totaled $557,335: Domain Name Payment … [Read more...] Updates Its Term Of Use updated its Terms of Use today. If you haven't seen it already you will be required to accept the terms of use before you will be allowed to access your account. We have highlighted some language which you should particular note "Before you may become a user of any NameJet service, you must read, agree with, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in … [Read more...] Reports $235K In Sales Led By For $27k just sent us over its sales report for November for it's reportable sales. As usually only reports domain names that sell for $2,000 or more. Here you … [Read more...]

.Co.Com Namejet City Auction Closes With Over $22K In Sales Led By For $4,245

The city domain name auctions closed on late week and the total sales were $22,419. The domain name that sold for the highest amount was not surprisingly which sold for 4,245.00 sold for $1,109 Back in June the registry released a list of premium domain names which can be found here: The registry tells me that many keyword … [Read more...]

Someone Is Trying To Sell A Domain Still At Auction At

                              Earlier this month, wrote about someone trying to sell the domain name which they apparently won at a but had not yet paid for. Today I got an email from someone that is trying to sell a domain name that is … [Read more...] Sells For $1,109 on Leading 20 City .Co.Com Sales

The domain name sold for $1,109 on leading 20 city domain names that were auctioned off on yesterday. was a close second selling for $1,009 The only other domain name of the 20 selling for four figures was which sold for an even $1K. Four of the domain names sold for the $69 Minimum. The second round of .Co.Com … [Read more...]