Reports Over $700K In Sales In June Led By At $105K just reported $723,500 in domain name sales for the month of June 2015 only reports sales of $2,000 or more and for only those that were paid for by the end of the month All sales were led by which sold for $105,000 5 of the top 10 sales were three letter .com's Here are the … [Read more...]

Namejet Revises Its May Sales Report To $600K just revised its May sales which they previously reported to be around $355,000 for all sales of $2,000 or more that closed in May 2015. Today we received a new report from which reported almost $600,000 in sales. "In all 97 domains sold at $2000 and above for a total of $593,760 according to the revised report we received today. Here is the new May … [Read more...]

Name Jet Reports $355K In Sales For May 2015: Of Top 16 Sales 12 Were or just issued its monthly report for May 2015 reporting over $355,000 in domain name sales all of which are the result of domain auctions. As usual, only domain names that sold for $2,000 or more are included and payment had to be received by the end of May to be included Out of the top 19 spots 3 domains were domains and 9 were domain names Here is the … [Read more...]

It’s Official: NameJet Will Only Report Pending Delete Domains With 3 Or More Bidders,  the domain auction platform, recently implemented a change to how they display backorder information for dropping domains;  i.e. domains in “pending delete” status. Since late-April NameJet is no longer displaying backorder or bid information for domains with less than 3 backorders on pending delete domains. This might make it more difficult for customers to find domains that … [Read more...] Announces Over $630K in Domain Sales In April Led By For $32K has reported over $630,000 in domain name sales in April. Only sales of $2,000 or more are reported and only for domain sold and paid for in April are included All sales were led by which sold for $32,220 All the reported sales on  are the result of auctions.   Domain Name Payment … [Read more...]

Looks Like Is Down

  I looks like the domain name marketplace is down at the moment. We are getting an error page on three different browsers. We just sent off an email and we will let you know when they are back online. … [Read more...]

NameJet Holding Auction Of Court Ordered Domains To Be Sold Including FILETMIGNON.COM

Pursuant to Order of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and further at the direction of the US Marshals Service, NameJet is auctioning some terrific steak-related domains, such as FILETMIGNON.COM, along with a few other assorted names, including the … [Read more...]