NameJet Holding Auction Of Court Ordered Domains To Be Sold Including FILETMIGNON.COM

Pursuant to Order of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and further at the direction of the US Marshals Service, NameJet is auctioning some terrific steak-related domains, such as FILETMIGNON.COM, along with a few other assorted names, including the … [Read more...] Holding No Reserve Auction Of Over 250 Short .BUZZ Domain Names is holding no reserve auction of over 250.short Buzz domains. All of the domains are short, most are 4 lettersĀ  (5 letters is the longest) as well as some 3 letter words. The domain have to be back-ordered by dates starting as soon as April 16th but they are staggered, with the last one's needing to be back-ordered by May 3rd. Here is the list of domain names, which all … [Read more...]

Namejet Reports Over 640K in Domain Name Sales In March Led By for $136K reported its domain name sales that closed in March for those domains selling ofr $2,000 or more. All sales were led by the rare three letter .com repeater which sold for $136,400. Total reported sales came to $641,557.00 The highest 7 sales of the month were all three letter .com domains as were 9 of the 1st 12 highest sales. Only three 4 numbered .com's broke up … [Read more...] sells for $136,400

One of the things about domain investors is they like rare domains, a repeating three letter .com certainly falls into that category, only 26 of them and one sold today on NameJet. sold for $136,400. The bidding went back and forth between members VVVcom and First, in the end First won the name at $136,400 There were six bidders who bid $100,000 or more. A total of 515 … [Read more...]

March Madness? Hits Reserve: High Bid Is Almost $89K

The domain name, one of only 26 triple letter repeater .com is at auction at The auction closes tomorrow and the high bid is now over $88K. At the time of publication the high bid is $88,998 There areĀ 356 bidders but the auction is opened which means people can join and bid at any time. We will let you at the end of the day tomorrow how it all turns out. If you … [Read more...] Reports Over $600,000 In Domain Name Sales In February released its domain name sales for February for domains that sold for $2,000 or more. The total of such sales is just short of $615,000. Here are the sales:   Domain … [Read more...] Report Almost $800K In Sales In January just published its reported sales for the month of January 2015 for all domains that sold for $2K or over The total amount of such reported sales came to almost $800,000 Here are the reportable sales: Domain Name Payment … [Read more...]