Can Your Name Determine Your Entire Future ?

We talk about naming all the time in domaining, an article on talked about the topic of names as it pertains to your first name, and how it can affect your entire life. From whether or not a weird names affects your chances at success to whether it may lead to being racially profiled. Included in one study was the effect your name had on getting into Oxford University. If your name is … [Read more...]

Founder of Shazam Got His Inspirations From 900 Numbers & Premium Texts & Hasn’t Made A Dime

Chris Barton is the founder of the wildly popular app Shazam. Shazam basically can detect the name of any song you hear (other than live music) whether it was on the radio, and without having to know the name of a radio station. It would work anywhere, a bar, a club, a cafe, a movie theater, a retail store, anywhere you heard music. and tell you the name of the song as well as the artist and … [Read more...]

Not Shocking: More People Sign Up For Online Gambling Than Healthcare

New Jersey just released some stats for those signing up for Internet gambling accounts and they seem to be pound for pound doing a lot better than those signing up for Obama Care. I know its shocking. Not. According to, around 150,000 people signed up since late November for an online gambling accounts in New Jersey. "As of Monday, there were 148,487 accounts that had been … [Read more...]

Our 6,000th Post On Our 6th Birthday; It’s Been Quite The Ride

We didn't actually plan to write our 6,000 post on what is the 6th birthday of Our first post was published on December 4th 2007. (yes I know its technically tomorrow) Time really does fly. For those keeping count in addition to the 6,000 posts, there have been over 81,000 approved and published comments and well over 5,000,000 visits. Our first story on the new gTLD's … [Read more...]

If A New gTLD Applicant Used His $185K To Buy Bitcoins Instead His Investment Would be Worth $30 Million

Back in May 2012 when the application period for a new gTLD's  closed, the application fee was $185,000 per new gTLD string. At that time the value of a Bitcoin was trading at around $5.00. Instead of applying for a new gTLD string for $185,000 what if the applicant would have bought 37,000 Bitcoins, at $5 each. How much would have that $185,000 investment be worth today? Just about … [Read more...] Launches New Travel Site Dedicated to 2-4 Day Getaways: announced tonight, that is launched a new travel site,, where "weekend travelers can now book all aspects of their weekend getaway including hotel, activities and tours. " "WanderWe, the only online travel site completely focused on the 2 – 4 day getaway market, focuses on flexible destination search for travel within the next 60 days. " "This means they can search … [Read more...]

Report: Chase To Limit Cash WIthdrawals, Deposits & Prohibits Outgoing International Wire Transfers Nov 17th

So this is well beyond the domain industry and bordering on disastrous if true. Let me be clear that I'm not a customer of Chase and have no independent verification if any of this is true and lets hope its not. The Drudge Report has a link to this report on its front page as well but has such widespread impact I figured it would be better if you were aware than unaware. is … [Read more...]