With over 4 Million Users Re-Brands as Maps.Me


The .Me registry announced today in a blog post, that has rebranded as MAPS.ME

The company is the creator of an App which boasts over 4 million users.

The App is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

This startup uses OpenStreetMap data to provide access to highly detailed offline maps of, virtually, every country in the world.

In addition to having the entire world at your fingertips the app offers plenty of other features that make your travel light (and carefree), like the ability to bookmark the places of interest and share the current location via text message.

With the rebranding to MAPS.ME, the service also underwent some major improvements to the core functionalities such as simplification of search process by adding “search by address”.

“When making a decision to rebrand to a new name, we were guided by the principle ‘Simplicity is perfection’”, says Yury Melnichek, the CEO and founder of MAPS.ME. “And MAPS.ME is shorter, more searchable and much more appealing, especially to our non-English users base.

After finding the perfect name, revamping the user interface and improving the search, I can proudly say that we are on the right way to make the best offline maps experience in the world”.

“With the vast number of online businesses and service the difference between success and failure can be whether or not customers remember your name. We were well aware of this when we launched .ME Premium Domain Program and the allocation of MAPS.ME came as a reassurance.

It is easy to see that there is a perfect match between a memorable domain and an extremely handy service. I am sure they will keep making the travel experience better in the years to come”, says Predrag Lesic, the CEO of the .ME Registry. Is Launched To Help European Citizens Enforce Their Right To Be Forgotten

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.05.39 AM just covered the launch of another great .Me domain name, which is an online service which acts  “as a middleman between an individual and Google…catering to individuals who want to exercise their right to be forgotten”

A recent European Court ruling search engine must provide to its citizens the :right to be forgotten” and allow them to  demand that certain links be removed from search engine results. says:

“Exercise your Google “right to be forgotten” easily.”

“ is the best solution for efficiently handling your Google removal requests. is a project of Reputation VIP

The company appears to have acquired the domain name from the .Me registry directly this month.

According to, “Once a link has been identified, Reputation VIP claims offers more than 30 “predefined texts” to help explain why a user wants the URL removed.”

“According to Reputation VIP:

An incorrectly copied URL or a poorly written text could result in your request being rejected.

By helping you select your URLs, and by providing you with texts adapted to your situation, is your best chance for success and ensures that your request is as readable as possible in the eyes of the search engines.”

Here  is some more information on the service via the sites FAQ’s:

To whom does the internet right to be forgotten apply?

The internet right to be forgotten applies to physical persons residing in Europe who wish to de-index a web page that pertains to them.

Can an American citizen living in France use a search engine’s “forget me” form to request de-indexing of a web page on this search engine?

Yes, all residents living within the European Union, regardless of their nationality, can use the form. On the other hand, in theory, a French citizen living outside the European Union cannot benefit from this form.

Can I request the “forget me” of web pages found under a company or brand name?

No, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has limited the scope of this measure to apply to physical persons only.

Can a public personality de-index information that pertains to them?

It is not likely. The CJEU has specified that search engines must consider the public’s right to information and that this is of greater importance when dealing with public personalities.

Is it possible to submit a “forget me” request for a picture or a video?

Yes, as long as you have a valid URL that points to the web page to be forgotten. (A URL is the address to the web page to be forgotten, in the following format: http://www.pageto

How do I remove the search result for a deceased person? does handle this situation. We recommend that you go to the forget me request submission page (Link to the submission page). You will then be guided step by step.

Will the content disappear from the site?

No, it will be de-indexed from the search engine in Europe.

Is it possible to delete a search result that appears on search engines outside of Europe?

No, the court decision applies only to European search engines. For example, the information will always be displayed on the Canadian engine

Breaking: Facebook Acquires & Launches Sling.Me To Use As SnapChat Competitor

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.10.59 AM


Just two months ago the domain name was acquired in a Sedo auction for $9,600

Today its become clear that is going to become VERY big.

The buyer was Facebook and is going to be used for Facebooks new SlingShot  product which is Facebook’s answer to SnapChat. has already covered SlingShot, and, who says that Slingshot is is much more than a “SnapChat Clone”

You can check out the new Facebook service at

Facebook does not own the domain name

The Slingshot App is  available in Apple and Android App stores.

Hat Tip: Маrk Kусhmа, the Largest Lost & Found Co In The World Switches To Return.Me

According to a press release out this morning by the .Me registry, the largest Lost & Found Company in the World has switched their domain name from to Return.Me

“ReturnMoi was our original company name.”

“Due to our international success and growth we decided this year to change our name to ReturnMe.

“After looking at many domain name options and setting up a focus group we decided to get the .ME domain as it was a perfect fit with our new name”, says Suhail Niazi, the CEO and founder of the company. ”In order to better identify with our new corporate identity and to make it easy for our clients and users to reach out to us, our website will also reflect this change of name, as we can now be found online at”

Our new logo, web site URL and refreshed marketing materials are only one part of our rebranding process. We have a new corporate culture and .ME is a perfect domain for ReturnMe going forward”.

ReturnMoi was founded in 2007 to help address the problem of valuable portable items being lost.

The company “has produced millions of recovery tags protecting hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world.

“Recovery tags have been designed to fit virtually any valuables such as keys, luggage, cell phones, wallets, laptops, sports equipment and even cats & dogs.”

Predrag Lesic, the CEO of the .ME Registry adds: ”When we drafted the .ME Premium Domain Program our intention was to make our most attractive domains accessible to businesses that can utilize the .ME extension to send a catchy marketing message in the very address of the website. We truly believe that the .ME helps brand owners connect with their customers on a more personal level. Therefore, it is always exciting to see companies like ReturnMoi (now ReturnMe) taking full advantage of this unique ability of .ME domains”.

To read an interview with Suhail Niazi, the founder of ReturnME please visit the .ME blog.

To learn more about the .ME Registry and many clever uses of the .ME domain, go to http://www.Domain.ME. Raises Another $10 Million In Funding

According to a press release just out, “, Inc., a 2013 WSJ “Startup of the Year” finalist and leader in the digital identity space, completed a Series A fundraising round of $10 million led by USAA, Silicon Valley Bank, and notable angel investors including David Tisch’s Box Group, Kelly Perdew, K Street Capital, and Blu Venture Investors.

The D.C.-based technology startup will use the capital – consisting of $7.5 million in equity and $2.5 million in venture debt – for marketing and product development efforts to meet the high demand for its solutions from top brands like Sears Holdings Corp. and, Inc.

The financing will add to the more than $6 million that has raised since its founding in 2010.

Additionally, received more than $2 million in federal grant funding from the President’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, a program administered by the Department of Commerce that funds the top identity companies in America to increase trust in digital identities. As part of the investment, USAA’s Head of Corporate Development, Victor Pascucci, will join’s board.

Former Army Rangers Blake Hall and Matt Thompson founded to help brands market to specific communities via digital channels. They developed a real-time, digital verification service to ensure customers claiming exclusive offers online – like military and student discounts – were eligible. Within 18 months of launching military rewards programs powered by, top retailers like Under Armour Inc. and reported significant increases in incremental e-commerce revenue and new customers. Today, has a growing portfolio of more than 60 national brand partners.

“ has a simple mission: to make the web a more trusted place by increasing transparency between organizations and consumers through secure, digital ID cards,” said CEO Blake Hall. “USAA is one of the most trusted brands in the world because of their unwavering commitment to serving their members, the U.S. military and their families. We’re looking forward to working with USAA so that military families may access the benefits they’ve earned – online and offline – in a secure and privacy-enhancing manner.”

About is the first digital identity network that allows consumers to prove who they are online while controlling how their information is shared with brands. For participating organizations, acts as a trusted intermediary, capable of verifying consumer identity and group affiliations in real-time. This allows brands to ensure a consistent customer experience across offline and online channels while reducing costs and security risks associated with manual verification. For more information, please visit: