Why The Right Domain Name May Help In Landing You A Job

AfterCollege.com did an interview with Predrag Lesic the CEO of .ME. The interview talks about his own career path and why he believes in today's current job market there is a need for a student to create a personal brand. From the article: Why do you feel a student’s personal brand is such an important part of the job search? The labor market is highly competitive, with rising numbers of … [Read more...]

Namecheap Gets NC.Me & Giving Away Free .Me Domains & Email To College Students

Namecheap.com a top 10 domain name registrar, has just launched the "Namecheap for Education Program" through which it is giving away a free .Me domain name registration, 1 year of free email a premium About.me page,  a 1 click Github page as well as scholarships to college students Bike for them to use on Campus and for the Schools with the most signups will  "takeover" the Namecheap home page … [Read more...]

Visa Rebrands From 1 Letter .Me Domain to 12 Letter. Com; V.Me To VisaCheckout.com

Visa Intentional has decided to rebrand its new digital wallet product from V.Me to VIsaCheckout.com stating that the name change is going to help the company "a great deal" in helping explain what the solution is about. It was just back in November that we told you, Visa was rolling out V.Me  a new service  that lets you shop without sharing your card account information with the seller when … [Read more...]

MapsWithME.com With over 4 Million Users Re-Brands as Maps.Me

The .Me registry announced today in a blog post, that MapsWithME.com has rebranded as MAPS.ME The company is the creator of an App which boasts over 4 million users. The App is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This startup uses OpenStreetMap data to provide access to highly detailed offline maps of, virtually, every country in the world. In addition to having the entire world … [Read more...]

Forget.me Is Launched To Help European Citizens Enforce Their Right To Be Forgotten

  SearchEngineLand.com just covered the launch of another great .Me domain name, Forget.me which is an online service which acts  "as a middleman between an individual and Google...catering to individuals who want to exercise their right to be forgotten" A recent European Court ruling search engine must provide to its citizens the :right to be forgotten" and allow them to  demand that … [Read more...]

Breaking: Facebook Acquires & Launches Sling.Me To Use As SnapChat Competitor

  Just two months ago the domain name Sling.me was acquired in a Sedo auction for $9,600 Today its become clear that Sling.me is going to become VERY big. The buyer was Facebook and Sling.me is going to be used for Facebooks new SlingShot  product which is Facebook's answer to SnapChat. Engadget.com has already covered SlingShot, and TheVerge.com, who says that Slingshot is is … [Read more...]

ReturnMoi.com, the Largest Lost & Found Co In The World Switches To Return.Me

According to a press release out this morning by the .Me registry, the largest Lost & Found Company in the World has switched their domain name from ReturnMoi.com to Return.Me "ReturnMoi was our original company name." "Due to our international success and growth we decided this year to change our name to ReturnMe. "After looking at many domain name options and setting up a focus … [Read more...]