IDNX/Sedo: Number Crunching Shows, Domains Sell Faster With “Charm Prices”

This is a Guest Post by Thies Lindenthal,’s product manager for domain pricing, and a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Real Estate. Mr. Lindenthal holds a PhD in Real Estate Finance from Maastricht University, and frequently publishes on both housing markets and on Internet domain names as a form of 'virtual land'. Dr. Lindenthal developed … [Read more...] Downgrades From AA To B: Introduction of .uk TLD “Would Massively Destroy the Value of Existing Domains, downgraded  its rating for from AA to B. The step has been taken after the release on October 1, 2012 of a three-month consultation by Nominet, the not-for-profit manager of the .uk infrastructure, into a scheme that would introduce .uk as a top-level domain (TLD). After getting feedback from Nominet meetings held in London on Nov.7and 9 decided to … [Read more...]

Marchex’s Sales Prove It: Estibot Appraisals Are Worthless

As a domain owner there is nothing more frustrating than having someone argue that the asking price of your domain is too high because its over "Estibot Appraisal" (unless your price is lower) then they hit you with the "its only worth what someone willing to pay for it" line. for those who don't know is a tool that attempts to appraise domain name on a bunch of statistical … [Read more...] Is 1st Marketplace That Is Allows Sellers To Include In Their Domain Sale Listings just added a feature that allows Sellers to add a link to a report to the sale pages. For example checkout this domain for sale on, As you can see sellers can show the monthly traffic and revenue certified by when submitting their domains for sale. Already up in and … [Read more...]

ICANN Opens Flood Gates To New Extensions

ICANN has unimously voted to allow an unlimited amount of new TLD's, using any combination of letters and numbers, including non-Latin characters. In CNN article annoucing the decision it states in part: """The decision could spell the end for traditional Web addresses ending .com and .org and country names like .jp or .fr with Web sites able to use easier-to-remember suffixes such as .hotel … [Read more...]

FireFox 3.0 Released: Is it Bad News for the Domain Industry?

I just downloaded the new verision of FireFox 3.0 web browser which features the new "Awesome Bar" which Mozilla says is a new way of using the address bar on top of the browser to navigate the internet taking into account your bookmarks and viewing history.  Mozilla says that the "Awesome Bar" basically turns the address bar into a search engine. “No longer do you have to know the domain of … [Read more...]

If domains are so valuable, why are many good ones still dropping?

I started following domain drops in 1997. Back then there was no domain name industry, no trade shows, no blogs, no industry auctions. Very few people knew what a domain was, how to use them, and how valuable they were. Now 11 years later, with countless articles, press releases, blogs and reports of domain sales, why are so many good domains still dropping? Here are just some of the names … [Read more...]