CBS Picked Colbert 18 Months Ago But Didn’t Register Any Domains But Someone Else Did Today

As you probably heard today CBS named Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as host of the “Late Show” when he retires next year.

According to CBS has been planning on Colbert to replace Letterman since 2012, which makes it pretty surprising that CBS didn’t lock up the bang on domain names LATESHOWWITHCOLBERT.COM, LATESHOWWITHSTEPHENCOLBERT.COM, or even THELATESHOWWITHSTEPHENCOLBERT.COM all of which were just registered today.

And not by CBS.

Two of the domains were registered by a women in Tampa and a third by someone across Tampa Bay in Largo, Florida.

If CBS decided “that for nearly 18 months, Colbert was going to be their guy” to replace Letterman, you would have think they would have invested the $100 to acquire the bang on domain names.

CBS can still register the domain name THELATESHOWWITHCOLBERT.COM if they move fast before another reader of grabs the domain which is unregistered as of publication.

Colbert contract to host the Late Show is reportedly for 5 years.

If your wondering CBS also does not own the domain names THELATESHOWWITHDAVIDLETTERMAN.COM or LATESHOWWITHDAVIDLETTERMAN.COM both of which are registered to




  1. says

    Its just further proof of how irrelevant ‘domains’ are once you get outside the domainer bubble…

    Besides. Those are sucker registrations anyway. Major TMs. If they want those domains, it isn’t like they don’t have enough in-house council already on the payroll to get them back the easy way or the hard way.

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