ICANN Board Of Directors Get Over $1.7 Million In Compensations & Reimbursements in FY 2013

This table represents reimbursements and compensation paid directly to Board Members, payments made to third party vendors such as hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies on behalf of Board Members as well as a total of the three amounts.

This is only compensation and reimbursements for the Directors. Not included are compensation paid as Officers and Employees.

This is for the fiscal year of 2013 which ends on June 30, 2013.

Compensation amounts reflect amounts effectively paid in FY13, including any previous year retroactive adjustments. Board members who have elected to be compensated receive $35,000 per year, plus $5,000 per committee chair as applicable.

The Chairman of the Board receives $75,000 per year.

During FY13, there were five face-to-face meetings for Board members, including two regular ICANN Meetings (Toronto in October 2012 and Beijing in April 2013), and three Board meetings (Los Angeles in September 2012, Los Angeles in January 2013, Amsterdam in May 2013).

In addition, a number of Directors after approval by the Board, participated in or attended other meetings for which their travel and meeting expenses were reimbursed.

Rod Beckstrom’s term as President and CEO of ICANN commenced 1 July 2009 and ended 30 June 2012. Pursuant to his employment agreement, in FY13 Mr. Beckstrom was paid $157,975.00 for his FY12 at risk compensation component.

Akram Atallah, then COO, also served for a short time as President and CEO, and therefore as a Board member from 1 July 2012 through 13 September 2012. In addition to his regular compensation as COO, he was paid a bonus of $45,000.

Fadi Chehade began serving as President and CEO on 14 September 2012. Pursuant to his employment agreement in FY13 he was paid $445,487.12 in salary, and $114,410.96 for at-risk pay, along with reimbursement of expenses of $110,352.73, and $166,508.48 in payments on his behalf for travel related costs.


Board member Reimbursement To Directors Payments Behalf of Directors Compensation Totals
Sebastien Bachollet $17,731.62 $54,735.72 $40,000.08 $112,467.42
Cherine Chalaby $0.00 $73,963.86 $69,023.01 $142,986.87
Steve Crocker $108,940.47 $17,883.38 $75,000.00 $201,823.85
Francisco da Silva $2,555.96 $13,108.88 $0.00 $15,664.84
Bertrand de La Chapelle $2,331.93 $41,927.63 $35,000.04 $79,259.60
Chris Disspain $67,752.70 $10,088.50 $0.00 $77,841.20
Heather Dryden $0.00 $58,654.44 $0.00 $58,654.44
William Graham $52,743.73 $9,738.78 $38,508.13 $100,990.64
Erika Mann $13,995.88 $48,716.39 $62,520.61 $125,232.88
Olga Madruga-Forti $3,001.57 $56,035.15 $22,352.17 $81,388.89
Ram Mohan $30,073.11 $7,834.65 $0.00 $37,907.76
Thomas Narten $0.00 $13,187.43 $0.00 $13,187.43
Gonzalo Navarro $1,246.66 $57,963.40 $36,491.99 $95,702.05
Raymond A. Plzak $3,821.46 $68,585.26 $36,666.74 $109,073.46
Rajasekhar Ramaraj $15,181.68 $3,404.00 $0.00 $18,585.68
Thomas Roessler $10,411.37 $10,533.80 $0.00 $20,945.17
George Sadowsky $58,343.26 $16,761.20 $40,174.79 $115,279.25
Mike Silber $4,591.77 $49,329.88 $40,000.08 $93,921.73
Jonne Soininen $0.00 $10,322.70 $0.00 $10,322.70
Bruce Tonkin $0.00 $76,768.52 $0.00 $76,768.52
Judith Duavit Vazquez $19,712.20 $8,484.20 $0.00 $28,196.40
Suzanne Woolf $628.90 $22,661.97 $0.00 $23,290.87
Kuo-Wei Wu $39,152.17 $5,880.93 $36,666.74 $81,699.84
Grand Total $452,216.44 $736,570.63 $532,404.38 $1,721,191.45





  1. says

    I don’t have a problem with ICANN Directors getting reasonable compensation and expense reimbursement – if they are doing their jobs.

    In that vein, I’d like to know whether they had advance notice of CEO Chehade’s meeting with President Rousseff of Brazil last month, which resulted in a call for a 2014 ‘Summit’ that seems to aim at stripping US of IANA contract counterparty status, to be replaced by some as yet undefined authority. And if they knew, did they endorse it? And if they didn’t, what’s their view of all this?

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