Commercial Is Last On The USA Today’s Ad Meter, But Might Have Won The Night

USA Today published the results of its Super Bowl Ad Meter which tracks which ads that aired during the Super Bowl voters liked the most and disliked the most.

On the bottom of the list sits the commercial featuring model Bar Refeali making out with a “nerd”.

However based on the online and offline buzz the commercial generated, it might well be the most successful commercial of the night.

If the goal of a television commercial is to be memorable, talked about and generating t “Buzz” you couldn’t hope for a much better performing ad than what’s ad generated.

There are over 1,500 of stories about Godaddy’s ad all on the Internet as well as being featured on all the major news networks including CNN and FoxNews

As for the commercial, it wound up the 13th most disliked ad or the 43rd most popular depending on how you look at it.

For the record the Top 10 Most Popular Ads were:

The 10 Most Popular

Company Description Secs. Qtr. Score
Anheuser-Busch Horse and trainer reunited 60 3 7.76
Tide Miracle Stain 60 4 7.75
RAM Farmers 120 4 7.43
Doritos Fashionista Dad 30 2 7.27
JEEP Families waiting 120 HT 7.20
Kia Space Babies 60 4 6.74
Doritos Goat 4 Sale 30 1 6.71
NFL Deion Sanders returns 60 3 6.68
Hyundai Kid assembles team 30 1 6.65
Audi Prom 60 1 6.64

The 5 Least liked Ads from the Ad Meter were:
The Bottom 5

Calvin Klein Guy in underwear 30 2 3.88
Anheuser-Busch Black Crown party 30 1 3.73
Anheuser-Busch Beck’s Sapphire fish singing 30 3 3.66
Anheuser-Busch Black Crown “coronation” 30 1 3.64 Bar Refeali make out 30 1 3.30


  1. John Berryhill says

    What I like about the GoDaddy commercial is that it works on a “meta” level. The basic message – women are primarily decorative objects who will do sexual things for money – is that the fiction of the commercial is also the reality of the commercial – i.e. we can afford to have this model do what is in the commercial. It also fits in well with the theme of other GoDaddy commercial of the evening, which is that if you make a lot of money, you too can be a boorish, classless, self-indulgent pig.

  2. Grim says

    The fact that the ad wasn’t liked as much as other ads isn’t especially surprising. Mainly because the idea of “.CO” as a product isn’t something that the average person (or football fan) is interested in.

    Plus the whole “nerd” thing for most people, ran its course in the ’80s. Today’s “nerds” typically look more like hippies, gym rats, hipsters, or anything in between, rather than GoDaddy’s stereotypical representation.

    On the other hand, of course there will be many articles written about it on the Internet. This is the audience the ad is aimed at, after all. Nothing especially surprising, there.

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