Acquired 14 Months Ago For $2,150; Legacy Fund Does It Again with the Sale of For $18,000!

Legacy Fund just sold the domain for $18,000

With their recent sale of for $50,000, which was also co-brokered by, short memorable .TV domains continue to be in demand.

In addition those two sales that we reported Legacy Fund has sold quite a few .TV domains that were not reportable and has turned down a six figure offer on two others.

The domain was acquired in a  .TV themed auction for $2,150 just 14 months ago in July 2011.

Legacy Fund still owns over 30 two letter .tv’s and two number tv’s.

The buyer of is

Here is a profile of their owner:

“The Origin of ZillionTV

“The idea for ZillionTV originated with Peter Redford, a renowned Silicon Valley pioneer who had been instrumental in the development of many game-changing technology inventions, including the computer mouse, graphical user interface and Macromedia Flash player. When he created the first ZillionTV prototype in early 2007, Peter envisioned the TV
equivalent of a magazine stand, delivering niche programs to satisfy the hundreds of hobbies and interests not covered on mainstream broadcasts.

After seeing an initial demonstration of the technology in Peter’s home, veteran TV industry executive Mitch Berman signed on in March 2007 to make the idea of ZillionTV a reality. After 25 years of leadership at entertainment and technology pioneers including HBO, E! Entertainment Television, Sky Network Television New Zealand, Galaxy Media Australia (FOXTEL), OpenTV and C-COR, Mitch immediately recognized the potential of ZillionTV and recruited an executive team of innovative thinkers and industry heavyweights. One early decision was to enhance Peter’s original vision of delivering solely niche programming, and begin building a vast library of popular TV shows and movies.

Throughout 2007 and early 2008, executives of the up-and-coming company focused on forming partnerships, developing the technology and raising capital.

By spring 2008, the details of the ZillionTV Service began to fall into place.”

Congrats to the team at Legacy Fund and the buyer


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