ICANN: Kurt Pritz Appointed to Take On Direct Oversight of the Entire new gTLD Program

ICANN just announced that “Kurt Pritz has been appointed to take on direct oversight of the entire New gTLD program in an interim capacity”.

“He will assume the responsibilities of New gTLD Program Director Michael Salazar, who has resigned, in addition to his responsibilities as Senior Vice President for Stakeholder Relations.”

“Kurt will remain in this interim role, building on the significant work done to date, until a new Program Director is appointed. He is authorized to bring the full resources available to ICANN to bear on the application evaluation process to improve customer support, applicant communications, security and reporting.”

“In this new role, Kurt will report to Akram Atallah, in addition to his current responsibilities reporting to the CEO.”

“Several new tools soon will be provided to help applicants with any issues or questions about the evaluation process.”


  1. says

    Here’s where things get fun. In the latest Form 990 (for the year ending June 30, 2011, pages 58 and 59), Kurt Pritz and Michael Salazar *claimed* to already be working 60 hours per week. How can ICANN, with a straight face, suggest that Pritz will be doing 120 hours/week of work now?

  2. says

    The ICANN Emporer has No Clothes & Does NOT Exist

    Imagine all the Applicants show up and NO ONE from ICANN appears

    The CEO is gone. The Board has no skin in the game. The employees have no authority. ICANN claims they do not “sell” anything. The money is simply being held.

    The Applicants collectively have more power but are unable to organize and act.

    The ICANN Emporer has No Clothes & Does NOT Exist

  3. Michael H. Berkens says

    Well why did he resign

    Maybe it has something to do with the application system called the TAS for having to be brought down, offline for 6 weeks due to a “issue” that caused other applications to be viewed, which cause the Big Reveal to get pushed back from April to June.

    Maybe its because 150 applicants backed out of the program because resulting in $3.5 in refunds given from ICANN because of the delays.

    Maybe its because once the Big Reveal was made ICANN published for over a day the personal/home address and in some cases home phone of the contacts.

    Or maybe, just because

  4. John says

    I have seen the inner workings of ICANN…the Execs make all the decisions…it’s micromanage mania..so maybe he saw the writing on the wall and left before it all got blamed on him.

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