.ORG Registry Joins Godaddy In NASCAR Sponsorship

According to a Press Release,  .ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) has teamed up with Godaddy to sponsor a NASCAR car owned by  JR Motorsports and driven by Jamie McMurray.

“In conjunction with GoDaddy.com, .ORG advertisements will run on McMurray’s No. 7 car during the following NASCAR races:”

— Sunday, September 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET in Atlanta, Ga.

— Sunday, October 2 at 2:00 p.m. ET in Dover, Del.”

“Next to the .ORG logo on the No. 7 car, we are calling on the NASCAR community to ‘get together, get online,’ which signifies the widespread use of .ORG domain names to give millions of individuals, companies and organizations an online home to share their interest, passion or cause,” said Lance Wolak, vice president of marketing and sales for .ORG, The Public Interest Registry.”

“PIR joins GoDaddy.com in this sponsorship to take part in an increasingly popular American tradition, NASCAR. “We wish Jamie the best of luck in his upcoming races,” adds Lance Wolak.”

With the new registries like .Co and .XXX rolling out some major media buys its nice to see one of the older registries stepping up trying to gets its message out to the public.



  1. BrianWick says

    Another high profile way to confuse consumers – sure they will sell some .org’s – which is obviously what this is all about – but those folks will calling on the .com owner – something like this:
    “NASCAR has this really nice deal for .org – so I started a website with one – but now I am thinking I need the .com”

    Thanks Godaddy and and .org – you both have now made my xmas card list

  2. says

    Another high profile way to confuse consumers****

    Confusion is good for the economy. If everything is straight forward, then we don’t need attorneys.

    Confusion creates jobs!!!

  3. BrianWick says

    “They obviously have other ways to dump their Non.Profit Profits”

    I like the sense of humor
    Yes – non profits can be the most profitable businesses in the world – gov like them because there are no shareholders so more money comes out thru payroll taxes which are much higher.

    I feel .org might be at the the of that type of list

  4. says

    “money comes out thru payroll taxes”

    (your) Money vanishes from the Internet Society’s various Non.Profits in all sorts of ways. It is not clear how your money shipped “Off Shore” ends up benefiting the U.S. Government, which funded .ORG

    No big deal, .ORG is not resolved on the IPv3 or IPv16 Platforms – No loss

  5. maybe says

    going public is fast money. and shareholders are a great excuse to do unethical things in the course of growing the business. you can claim to act on behalf of others, who are mostly anonymous. you can hide behind the corporate veil.

    but non-profits can be an even more potent vehicle for pure greed. you don’t pay taxes. you can pay yourself obscene wages- there is no oversight. and you can throw the term “non-profit” into every communication you make about the business, no doubt giving many recipients a knee-jerk warm-fuzzy feeling.

    internet-related businesses/organizations, such as those associated with the DNS, provide us with excellent examples of each approach. they’ve made a mockery of the corporate form, the non-profit form, and as we all know, they continue to make a mockery of intellectual property law.

    nascar fans (in the stereotypical sense) are perfect customers for domain registrars and their registry beneficiaries. aim low.

  6. says

    “but non-profits can be an even more potent vehicle for pure greed. you don’t pay taxes. you can pay yourself obscene wages- there is no oversight”

    Sounds like a Non.Profit is the ideal structure for that new TLD Application to ICANN. The Community will probably cheer you on and make you loans from their existing Non.Profits with $50,000,000 in cash on reserve.

    Install yourself as Czar for Life with no term limits, pull a million out each year in salary and travel first class to your $3,000 per night suite at the conference hotel.

    Don’t forget to stop ONE Day to visit a ccTLD Registry which is swimming in
    cash. They might give you a one million dollar donation to get started.

    Invite Bill Clinton for one day at $350,000 to give a pep talk to your staff.
    Your application will be rubber-stamped in no time.

  7. says

    “With the new registries like .Co and .XXX rolling out…”

    Bring them on – The IPv3 and IPv16 Platforms will be ready with all sorts of NEW features

    BTW – Did anyone notice FREE.XXX is $35 via New.Net

    Who “owns” FREE.XXX ? ( can they hold it in **their** hands? )

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