The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? (Hint: Its not Me, Frank, Kevin Or Even Rick )

I sure blew this one.

But at least I’m not alone.

The next big thing is going to be 3D.

3D was the talk of the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas in January.

3d Tv’s are already on sale and the World Cup was broadcast by Directv in 3D.

ESPN is launching its own 3D channel any day now on Directv.

Yup its going to be huge and I missed to boat completely.

However it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Looking through the best 3D domains I could think of it doesn’t look like Frank, Kevin or even Rick  locked up any of the best 3D domains or at least what I consider to be the best of the best.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who owns the best of the 3D domains.

Lets start with the 5 star domain for the topic,

Its owned under privacy at Network Solutions.

The domain name was created all the way back in 1994.

The domain goes to a Net Sol, parked page so whoever owns it, isn’t making any money off of it, and it does get thousands of visitors a month according to Compete and Alexa.

A Waste.

3DTV.COM Is owned by an end user, Brad Beckerman of Beverly Hills, California

Its actually a pretty cool flash site you should check it out.

3DTELEVISION.COM and are owned by an end user, Deep Vision 3D, of  Hollywood, CA, although the domain is not resolving properly for me the company sells 3DGlasses on the 2nd domain.

The domain, 3-DGLASSES.COM is owned by an end user, Theatric Support of  Studio City, California

3DTVS.COM is registered to Jon Schultz of  Blue String Ventures, Inc.

The domain, goes to a parked page and is under privacy.

Ted Amaradidis of Delray Beach Florida, owns  3-DMOVIES.COM and and

3DTELEVISIONS.COM is owned by domainer,  Gregg Ostrick of  GNO, Inc.

3DSPORTS.COM is owned by our good friend Chad Folkening of  Ecorp.

3DMOVIETHEATERS.COM is owned by Ralf Schumacher, who is another fellow I know pretty well.

3DTHEATERS.COM is owned by a Daniel Symmes of  Woodland Hills, CA and is another domain not resolving properly.

The domain name,  3DADVERTISING.COM is owned by our good friend Stephen Douglas of Success Click.

The domain is owned by Scott Bennett of  Glasgow who is using it for a blog.

3DGAMES.COM is owned by another good friend and ICANN’s worst nightmare, George Kirikos.

3D.TV and 3-D.Tv are both owned by a Guy named Ben Geren.

(If you are not familiar with Mr. Geren He also owns some of the best possible .FM domains,  including Rock.FM, HipHop.FM, Classical.FM, and Country.FM, ClassicRock.FM, and Oldies.FM just to name a few as well as some pretty good .TV Domains including,, and

Congrats boys, you own part of the future and you all kicked my ass.


  1. 3d games says


    had these since around feb 2011 only 3 i have for this just bought these on a whim back then when i looked into it someone here beat me to
    3dbioprinting and 3dbioprinter so between us hopefully one of our purchases comes good

  2. domainsy says

    @3d games, I have , , and maybe I’m dropping them…

  3. dmpartners says

    Private Auction? Anyone know where one can call to get a private auction started? We are ready to put our ww.3DVodka and Vodka3d dot coms up for auction With over 3000 Vodka companies we are hoping for a few suiters, Im not talking Sedo and all of those more private phone in type auctions like the one a few years back. Any help would be appreciated

  4. Louise says

    @ dmpartners – want me to tweet your domain[s]? If it’s high x,xxx or less, I’ll tweet it.

    Think I’ll go renew multitask software right now! This video is the reason Samsung puts the fear into Apple . . . [GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Quad core processor, 2 GB Ram, TouchWiz software works with stylus, so there is less chance of piracy – doesn’t work well without touchwiz. This is what it’s about – yay!

  5. dmpartners says

    Louise we are looking for 7 figures with the Vodka names. There are over 3000 Vodka companies and some are now producing 3D commercials. With selling for 10 million and as a package deal will be a 7 figure sale .

  6. says

    “With selling for 10 million and as a package deal will be a 7 figure sale .” sold for $500K. Good luck with that.


  7. Louise says

    @ Brad, you’re smart – you really are!

    @ DM, Far be it from me to caution anyone to set their sites lower, but . . . after being burnt by Madison Avenue and the ad agencies, who didn’t have the foresight to register dot com generics in behalf of their clients, spending millions on print ads that are no longer effective, it’s hard to educate marketing departments . . . because Madison Avenue got rich off of them. Other future trend domainers are getting the brush off when approached about an exact match generic. You have some good, solid domains like which you shouldn’t give away, but it would be good for you and good for the company if you could find a common meeting ground to do business. That’s not seven figures, maybe five figures. 3D it turns out, isn’t the ultimate in branding for every product, like 3DWhite and 3Dshave . . . That’s my two cents. It would be more fun to do business than sit on the sidelines.

  8. dmpartners says

    If you saw what we see you would understand. First off at 500K was the deal of a lifetime. As far as agencies they are so far behind right now its laughable. When there is a real 3D Internet is when you sill see the 3D.coms we have in our banks explode in value, Some of the Vodka bottles I have seen like Royal Dragon Vodka would be stunning in 3D absolutely breath taking I have watched the Finlandia 3D commercial so many times and have never gotten sick of watching in fact I can’t wait for the next 3D commercial from them. All I know is there is allot of money in the Vodka business 3000-5000 companies are out there worldwide. And guess what there is only 1 and only 1 and we have em both. If Vodka sold for 10 mil the 3D counterpart will have the same value When the 3D internet is fully functional.

  9. says

    I love how domainers are light years ahead of agencies who specialize in marketing. And when I say specialize, I mean work with clients, create visions, create directions, understand return on investment, understand true brand engagement…

    These people just don’t get it. All they need is why?

    Finlandia sells Vodka – people know that because of ads and branding. Part of that may include 3d elements in ads? in bottle design? But Totally meaningless. Worth about $100 to another domainer who is convinced with his high school diploma that they – people with years of industry experience – just don’t get it. They’ve been so busy since 1990 they haven’t had a chance to discover the internet yet.

  10. dmpartners says

    @ unknown

    All they need is why?

    Because the internet will be in 3D that’s why. A 2D internet and a 3D internet. You want to look up Bras in 3D guess what you type in bras3D You want to see tires in 3D you type in Tires3D . Its that simple. We are a marketing company and we have better ideas than most inept companies that are out there. Have you seen the State Farm or Allstate commercials I proved my point. Marketing companies just follow along with what everyone is doing and don’t get it until it slaps them in the face, The 3D internet will do just that. All of a sudden they will need to put out 3D aspects of there brand and Vodka is a big brand. Are you going to type in or are you going to just hit Easy answer. Are you going to type or I rest my case.

  11. 3D is my life says

    umm, stupid question here, but why would one purposefully seek out a view of a vodka bottle in 3D before deciding to buy it.

  12. dmpartners says

    3D Go look at all the incredible Vodka bottles that are out there Check out Royal Dragon with the gold floating inside the bottle. The answer is simple 3D visuals sell and keep the consumer coming back for more, In fact it’s addicting.. Go check out the Finlandia 3D commercial very cool. Im not so sure a consumer would seek out a view of a vodka bottle rather than want to see 3D Vodka hologram advertising. With 3000 companies who will stand out from the rest?

  13. dmpartners says

    I remember when I first got a computer the first thing I did was punch in basically all the major generics of every brand to see what was out there, The way we see it is this is going to happen a lll over again when you start seeing 3D Holographic Websites, Consumers are going to hit all the generics to see whats going on in 3d Holographic ads . I would bet that bank on it. 3D Shoes to see shoe styles in 3D Holgram. 3D Champagne to see the sparkle of the bubbles in 3D.
    You want to see 3D Trains? you know what to punch up

  14. 3d is my life says

    Well, if you think people will be typing in 3d everything dot com just to see what’s there, I’d imagine the desire to see 3d vodka bottles would rank pretty low compared to lots of other things.

  15. Louise says

    @ dmpartners, you have a vision, and you explained it. Others might not agree[d], but it’s your vision.

    @ Holo-TV, Maybe you think it’s silly that dmpartners registered Vodka3D. But look at what Finlandia did – a whole campaign based on Vodka 3D!

    Who was silly? dmpartners, for having an imagination, or Finlandia for creating a campaign for which is doesn’t have the dot com?

    There’s going to be a showdown. Don’t tell me Finlandia didn’t get bad advice from its ad agency for launching a campaign for which it doesn’t own the dot com!!! Silly ad agency. Then the silly ad agencies turn around and call investors, squatters, because of their complete disregard for their clients. They made the $$, and throw their clients under the bus.

    Answer me that!

  16. dmpartners says

    3D is y Life

    Tell that to the 3000 Vodka companies. Vodka advertisement is huge and in 3D it will be huger. I know huger is not a word

  17. dmpartners says


    No Pizza but I wish I had it. Got my eyes on a drop of a big generic , Bigger than Pizza, will keep ya posted

  18. says


    When I want to see Vodka in 3d I go to the liquor store or I just go open the Hangar 1 I have laying around.


    ” but it’s your vision.”

    No one is selling 6 figures on “their” vision.

    Also the ad was for Finlandia shot in 3d – so if anything would be a good name but they own Finlandia and extensive TM rights – they don’t need 3d. The youtube video was uploaded as Vodka 3d by a person who likes 3d… and yet you found it and it’s Finlandia.

    So who doesn’t get what ?

  19. Louise says

    @ unknown, Maybe I was mistaken about the label on the campaign . . . The people who created the video are the ones who uploaded it, same as the video I posted, above. The ad agency labeled it, Vodka 3D. I think it’s a cool title.

    We could have a civilized discussion, because you make some valid points which domainers could learn from, while some domain investors have great points of how “Madison Avenue” is lacking.

    Generic keyword domains are NOT worthless! They’re the most potent means of connecting a searching public to a product or service or information the owner of the domain offers . . . of reinforcing the BRAND. If someone is searching the ad they saw on tv, they’re more likely to type the generic, if they don’t remember the brand. Those searches are supposed to connect the generic phrase WITH the brand. That’s why Amazon paid big bucks for and, then developed each site, to capture an audience wanting info on those generics, which lead back to Amazon.

  20. 3d games says

    Movement-limited toddler gets 3-D-printed magic arms (w/ Video)

    A disabled toddler suffering from Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) is able to pick up objects and play, not only thanks to her research team of doctors at the Nemours/duPont Hospital for Children but thanks to the technology of 3-D printing, which enabled her to use a magical arms device to move freely for the first time.

    say what you want but 3d is changing peoples life nobody can knock this

  21. dmpartners says

    @ unknowndomainman

    Also the ad was for Finlandia shot in 3d – so if anything would be a good name

    Here is why I disagree.

    The 3D internet is out in full force and a buddy comes up to you and say’s did you see that Vodka commercial in 3D You say no I will check it out. The next step you go to the 3D internet and punch up what?

    Either Vodka3D or 3DVodka not Finlandia3d,, or any other of the 3000 Vodka companies out there, That’s why 3DVodka and Vodka3D will be worth 7 figures.

  22. dmpartners says

    @ unknowndomainman

    ” but it’s your vision.”

    No one is selling 6 figures on “their” vision.

    Tell that to Walt Disney

  23. Louise says

    @ DM, I’m looking at you and your partner in the eye and saying: Put your pride in your pocket, and go offer it to Finlandia at four figs.

  24. says

    I simply use High traffic domains to bring all the traffic I need.

    I scratch my head when marketers fight an up-hill battle on pretty domains
    that bring NO traffic!

    By the way these high traffic domains are for sale. Make me an offer. => 74,000 Exact Google Searches
    IPAD-2-PRICE.COM => 60,000 Exact Google Searches => 1,900 Exact Google Searches => 4,400 Exact Google Searches

  25. dmpartners says

    Louise Im looking back and saying are you serious? 10 grand for You need a lay down girl. We will die with the name if nobody buys it for our price. This is a piece of real estate and its a 90210 zip in our book. Lets just hope we see the 3D Internet when that happens you will see our vision unfold. If we stay at 2D internet most 3D domains will never be worth anything.

  26. BillW says

    @Karl Jackson….curious, what kind of “high traffic” type ins do these get daily or monthly? => 74,000 Exact Google Searches
    IPAD-2-PRICE.COM => 60,000 Exact Google Searches => 1,900 Exact Google Searches => 4,400 Exact Google Searches

  27. says


    Let me state different.

    No one makes 7 figures because of their “vision” for the potential use of a “name”.

    No disrespect but Mr Disney and Zuckerburg didn’t post on blogs about $8 names they bought being able to change the world.

  28. Louise says

    Wow @ Karl Jackson – those domains are all banned from Google. That’s a nice mansion you’re standing in front of! Wonder how 0 traffic can make you rich . . .

    scary . . .

  29. Louise says

    @ dm, a generic like vodka of course might bring in seven figures. Using 3D to market vodka is very niche – it’s amazing Finlandia put out a 3D commercial advertising vodka! There is 3D advertising which applies to advertising in general. Even now, that market is not mature . . . You’re talking about an intersection between vodka and 3D advertising. Besides, Europe is hurting. Companies there likely put the brakes on domain expenditures!

    OrangeJuice brought in only four figures; Catfood brought in only four figures – and those define an industry!

    And you’re talking about 3D will become ubiquitous. There will be a narrow window to market domains with “3D” in the domain, since they will become ubiquitous, like high def is now. High Def tv – big deal!

  30. Louise says

    Eureka! Figured out some code to post a showcase on my mobile template. It never ends: the domain, the idea for development, communicate with the artist for a logo idea, figuring out a template, precision SEO, upload the terms, reserve Facebook, twitter, gmail id, all for no $$, but at least now the showcase works How can it work in the sidebar? Next project . . .

  31. dmpartners says

    @ Chew

    Incredible article this is the game we see being played ,’

    Hang on FT Domainers the ride is about to begin

  32. dmpartners says

    @ Louise

    Read Chews article 3D Holograms in your home on your computer will be around and for a long time. The imagination of the 3D Website developers will be solely spent on 3D Holographic Advertisement, Im not talking Red and Green crap Im talking 4K 3D Glasses Free Holographic websites for all brands, Vodka is one of the biggest but beyond that everything will have it’s space on the 3D Highway, If people don’t want it stay 2D . My money say’s that will be a vacant building once the entire spectrum on 3D is utilized. Many dimensions and many ideas will be explored. You want to see the MonaLisa in 3D ? Log on to which we own or which we do not, You want to Go shopping in the store in 3D ? log on to and buy whatever you want as if you were standing in the store, Im telling you this is beyond big , Its the next internet The New 3D Internet , The game will start all over again. The new extensions all will be worthless the bust of the century mark my words.

  33. dmpartners says

    @ Louise

    Just wait till we start seeing big 3D sales this thread will light up . BTW did I mention Vodka today?

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