Mr.Berkens Regs The First Uniregistry Domain of the Day on What Was A Busy Day

It was a busy day today for Frank Schilling and his company Uniregistry, as five uncontested strings went live at around 12 noon Eastern time. The strings that went live today were the following: .Pics, .Photo, .Gift, .Link and .Guitars.

Out the gate at 12:03 Frank tweeted:

Pretty quickly there were 2000 regs between Link, Pics and Photo. Frank tweeted his thoughts later in the day with regard to .Link and received a differing opinion from Kevin Murphy of



Later in the day Mike found out he regged the very first name for the day,
Registration no. 1 in today’s launch, across all five TLDs was… 2014-04-15 16:00:00.007486 |  | dom101.
Mike picked up a bunch of names and got some nice .pics that I did not even bother checking because I was sure they were on the  collision list or reserved. I checked like 100 names in .pics that made sense and were popular topics. All collision list or reserved, from Booty to Bikini to Cat and Dog to Free and Sexy.
Mike picked up:

He got what I am thinking is one of the very best .marketing domains with Viral.Marketing. 3600 exact searches and $5.50 CPC. As pointed out by a reader Richard S., this domain was not purchased for a simple handreg but rather over $1,000.
Frank told me later in the afternoon that Link, Pics and Photo had surpassed 10,000 arms length registrations.

Disclosures: Uniregistry is an advertiser on and New gTLDs are  highly speculative and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation, each person must do their own homework and stick to their budget and risk tolerance.


  1. says

    Many of those terms seemed forced, or reaching. As well plural//plural, I would assume focus be on qualify, not quantify. Regardless let us here wgAt others have to say, I am just one opinion, and follow a very disciplined criteria so I could be off the mark myself.

    • Raymond Hackney says

      John premium names entered the root too, so they were not all registered. They will be sold by North Sound Domains. The company that did a deal with Uniregistry to sell premium names.

      • says

        Yep Raymond. It will be interesting to see the North Sound Domains emerging in the root as a distinct hoster but the high number on might suggest that they are on those nameservers temporarily. It is in Landrush phase so the figures are going to be bumpy for the next few days.

  2. Raymond Hackney says

    @JB I mean Cindy I think those are good first day numbers for .pics and photo for the first day, especially with how many on collision.

  3. says

    Mostly junk…

    Most of these domains are available for hand reg in dot com as of now, for example:


  4. says

    193 distinct hosters in .link with the top ones being:
    | SEDOPARKING.COM | 350 |
    | NAME.COM | 280 |
    | ONLYDOMAINS.COM | 118 |
    | | 118 |
    | | 118 |
    | 101DOMAIN.COM | 105 |
    | GANDI.NET | 99 |
    | DONDOMINIO.COM | 45 |
    | ISPAPI.NET | 37 |
    | UDAGDNS.DE | 34 |
    | UDAGDNS.NET | 34 |
    | ISC-SNS.COM | 33 |
    | | 33 |
    | ISC-SNS.INFO | 33 |
    | ISC-SNS.NET | 33 |

  5. says

    Congratulation Mike.
    What a great marketing ploy…

    or was it a coincidence that you were first in line?

    link better than info? uh?
    strange words to hear nowadays were in the SEO world ‘link’ has become a dirty word per se…

    Anyhow they have a little catch up to do…Today there is 5 Million 8 Hundred thousand dot info registrations/Rolling Tumbleweeds… 5 800 000

  6. Grim says

    Oversaturation and redundancy at its finest. And when that happens, if gold was as plentiful as aluminum for example, you have something of little value. It essentially becomes a buyer’s market with with way more inventory than could ever be consumed.

    All that said, it is interesting to follow this “golden age of naming” (bro). Yes, golden for the successful registrars, at least for the short term… but not so much for those who are looking at this as an investment. Surely there will be some good end-user sales down the road, but most people investing in these names might as well put their money in the lottery.

  7. says


    Definitely not a marketing ploy as far as being the first I was notified late in the day so in that way kind of like winning the lottery.

    I did suggest the Uniregistry award the 1st registrant of the day with a prize i suggested a Ferrari but my email went unanswered

    • says

      No Ferrari for you.
      And congrats on your name, I am not crazy about most of the new gTLDs but this one in particular sounds so ‘STONE AGE” just as .web…but what do I know?
      Are all domains registered/picked by your company hand chosen by you? …I am sure your wife helps but do you have a Team
      researching possibilities or for the most part are you flying solo? just curious…
      Branding Branding Branding…

  8. numedia says

    Purchased a couple of good .guitars domains including which I purchased yesterday evening. Checked the whois records this evening and saw that someone else had purchased this domain today. Contacted Uniregistry and Key Systems about this issue. Payment was made yesterday with e-mail confirmation of payment. Not good.

    • numedia says

      Here’s an update to my experience in purchasing Seems I received an e-mail some time after I received a notice of payment, i.e., after I went to bed since I made the payment approaching mid-night. An e-mail came in claiming that NYC is a trademark and I was required to indicate that I received this notice before the registration could be completed. Would have been nice to have received an e-mail from Key Systems indicating that I would be receiving a follow-up e-mail regarding this requirement. Instead, I reeived no heads up and someone else comes in and grabs the domain while I’m asleep. Doesn’t seem right…

  9. Louise says

    @ numedia, According to DomainTools, the time of the current registration of is:

    2014-04-16 T03:48:14.133 Z

    What is the time of the email notification to you, of the potential trademark infringement, in zulu?

    The, “z,” at the end of the creation date and time, I think, refers to, “zulu.” Please google it, and find out the time you received the email notification, in zulu.

    Let’s say UniRegistry / Key Systems gave you five minutes to respond to the email. The sequence would have been:

    1) not hearing from you
    2) take from your account
    3) make it available
    4) Daniel Rhee (current registrant) searched it
    5) Daniel Rhee registered it

    What are the chances? If Daniel Rhee searched the term, and found it unavailable, it is doubtful he would have tried a 2nd time!

    • Louise says

      It would have had to been in that moment – when became available for a matter of hours? minutes? – when Daniel Rhee searched the domain, found it available, and registered it.

  10. Louise says

    Interesting trivia:

    As far as has higher traffic than has a better ranking than has more traffic than has a better ranking than

    It is 154k us monthly users DomainNameSales vs 33k us monthly users Sedo . . .

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