The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? (Hint: Its not Me, Frank, Kevin Or Even Rick )

I sure blew this one.

But at least I’m not alone.

The next big thing is going to be 3D.

3D was the talk of the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas in January.

3d Tv’s are already on sale and the World Cup was broadcast by Directv in 3D.

ESPN is launching its own 3D channel any day now on Directv.

Yup its going to be huge and I missed to boat completely.

However it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Looking through the best 3D domains I could think of it doesn’t look like Frank, Kevin or even Rick  locked up any of the best 3D domains or at least what I consider to be the best of the best.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who owns the best of the 3D domains.

Lets start with the 5 star domain for the topic,

Its owned under privacy at Network Solutions.

The domain name was created all the way back in 1994.

The domain goes to a Net Sol, parked page so whoever owns it, isn’t making any money off of it, and it does get thousands of visitors a month according to Compete and Alexa.

A Waste.

3DTV.COM Is owned by an end user, Brad Beckerman of Beverly Hills, California

Its actually a pretty cool flash site you should check it out.

3DTELEVISION.COM and are owned by an end user, Deep Vision 3D, of  Hollywood, CA, although the domain is not resolving properly for me the company sells 3DGlasses on the 2nd domain.

The domain, 3-DGLASSES.COM is owned by an end user, Theatric Support of  Studio City, California

3DTVS.COM is registered to Jon Schultz of  Blue String Ventures, Inc.

The domain, goes to a parked page and is under privacy.

Ted Amaradidis of Delray Beach Florida, owns  3-DMOVIES.COM and and

3DTELEVISIONS.COM is owned by domainer,  Gregg Ostrick of  GNO, Inc.

3DSPORTS.COM is owned by our good friend Chad Folkening of  Ecorp.

3DMOVIETHEATERS.COM is owned by Ralf Schumacher, who is another fellow I know pretty well.

3DTHEATERS.COM is owned by a Daniel Symmes of  Woodland Hills, CA and is another domain not resolving properly.

The domain name,  3DADVERTISING.COM is owned by our good friend Stephen Douglas of Success Click.

The domain is owned by Scott Bennett of  Glasgow who is using it for a blog.

3DGAMES.COM is owned by another good friend and ICANN’s worst nightmare, George Kirikos.

3D.TV and 3-D.Tv are both owned by a Guy named Ben Geren.

(If you are not familiar with Mr. Geren He also owns some of the best possible .FM domains,  including Rock.FM, HipHop.FM, Classical.FM, and Country.FM, ClassicRock.FM, and Oldies.FM just to name a few as well as some pretty good .TV Domains including,, and

Congrats boys, you own part of the future and you all kicked my ass.


  1. Louise says

    Talk about 3d print:

    3D Printed Skull Saves Young Woman’s Life

  2. Louise says

    Samsung, Apple and Google amassing arsenals of patents related to graphene, an ideal material for bendable touchscreens

    Kelly Hodgkins / MacRumors: Graphene May Be Next Area of Innovation for Apple and Samsung

    Filip Truta / Softpedia News: Apple Taps Seoul Researchers to Use Graphene in Potential Flexible Devices [Bloomberg]

    Jason / iPhone Hacks: Graphene set to become next major area of interest for Apple and Samsung

    Ben Zigterman / BGR: Apple and Samsung’s next major fight won’t be over what you think

    Electronista: Apple, Google, Samsung vying for graphene patents

    MacDailyNews: Apple, Google, Samsung vie for graphene patents

    Lisa Eadicicco / Business Insider: Researchers Are Testing A ‘Wonder Material’ That Could Make Your Smartphone Better Than Ever

    István Fekete / iPhone in Canada Blog: The Next Sticky Fight Between Apple-Samsung Will Be Over Graphene

    Neil Hughes / AppleInsider: Atom-sized, bendable graphene touchscreen tech seen as potential key for future Apple devices

    • says


      I own some technical Graphene names such as:

      ..and some fun ones, such as:

      It’s going to be an interesting decade with Chemistry, Matter, Materials science, Nanomaterials, Emerging technologies, Dry lubricants, Graphene, Hexagonal tiling etc

  3. says

    3D is indeed a very hot subject. I can see ICANN launching .3D at some point in the future.

    There were at least 441 publicly known sales with “3D”.

    The most prominent of course 3d(dot)come and 3dprinter(dot)net.

  4. Louise says

    Sharp debuts recorder for 4K TV shows

    A Sharp spokeswoman said, “This year will be the start of 4K broadcasting and we wanted to go ahead of the pack, and that’s why we announced the industry’s first 4K recorder with a 4K receiver function.”

    Now THATs a 4k recorder! The TU-UD1000 unit will have a hard disk recording capacity of 1TB, which means it will be able to store about 53 hours of 4K TV shows under the trial broadcasting system. That’s what you need to go with your 4k tv, @ Mike Berkens – a 4k recorder! Glad the dot com was able to stay within the family, so to speak, of future trend domain investors. Futrs dropped it, and I registered!

  5. Louise says

    Just spent the last hour registering the twitter handle, 4K Recorder, and the Youtube channel! I haven’t figured out what I am going to do, yet.

  6. Louise says

    Look at the twitter site:

    It’s poetry to own the exact match twitter handle and youtube channel! The domain industry has watched me flounder around for years. But I’m still trying to carve my own path amidst changes, upheaval, and – can’t deny! – some disillusionment. Why am I so positive?

  7. Louise says

    Hit me! I let expire, and, because cigarette chargers for two devices is low profit, but I did a search, and dual chargers are big news for Tesla owners, electric car racing, and boating! Google search for Best smart tvs yields lists called, best smart tvs, and has many ads. I couldn’t let them go!

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