The .Club Registry announced today on its blog that premium name sales for September, including SnapNames auctions, came to $64,423.82.

As you read through the report I don’t think there is any other registry as transparent as .Club and that is just one of the reasons that I love working with them through

“”September marks the first full month that .CLUB names were available on SnapNames.

As of September 30, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $1,153,522.02.

The highest single sale remains at $140,000.00.

We introduced our tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015 and sales, and the registrars making premium name sales, continue to increase on a month-to-month basis.

A list of participating registrars is available here.

To download a list of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.

The top premium tiers available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through, Right of the Dot, and at

This report presents all public registry reserved premium name sales that occurred during the month of September 2015, including the domain name, retail price, and registrar or marketplace where the name was registered.   We have also included names that have sold in auction on SnapNames as part of our recently launched dropping domains program.

During the month of September, 17 premium .Club domains were sold by a total of 8 different sources.

GoDaddy led the month with 8 sales, followed by Sedo with 2 sales, and 2 sales were made directly by the Registry.

United Domains, EuroDNS, RU Center, Mark Monitor and all had 1 sale during the month.

The retail prices paid ranged from $349.00 to $5,600.02.

The average price paid was $3,161.28.

Total premium name sales for the month excluding SnapNames auctions were $53,741.82, an increase of 4.46% over August.


On August 13, 2015 SnapNames began offering dropping .CLUB names.

Deleted names are offered for $69.00, and names with multiple bids go into a 3-day SnapNames Auction.

September marks the first full month of SnapNames sales.

NOTE: Toward the end of September SnapNames modified the way they present dropping names and while there is a “bidder” column, they no longer show the number of bids placed for a name. This is intended to benefit domain investors who uncover a “gem” and don’t want others to notice due to a bid.

During September 84 names sold with a single bid and 40 names completed auctions.

The highest auction price was $1,350 for and the average auction price was $267.05.

A look at the top auctions shows that the demand for short numeric domains continues.

Here are some of the top .CLUB auctions completed on SnapNames in September:                                  $1,350                                  $ 1,074                                  $    758                                  $   600                                  $   566                                  $   566                                  $   475                                  $   455                                  $   450                                  $   425                                  $   425


Below is the complete list of registry reserved .CLUB names sold during the month of September 2015.


Domain                                           Retail Price     Registrar/Channel

SOHO.CLUB $4,999.99
DEUTSCHLAND.CLUB $2,999.00 united-domainsAG
JAY.CLUB $349.99
ASTRO.CLUB $1,650.00 Sedo
DRIVER.CLUB $1,999.99
SOLO.CLUB $1,999.99
LIARS.CLUB $5,258.05 Registry Direct
OFFERS.CLUB $1,999.99
MOTO.CLUB $1,999.99
BYTE.CLUB $999.99
COOL.CLUB $4,749.89 Sedo
REFRESH.CLUB $4,749.89 Registry Direct
EMIRATES.CLUB $1,999.99 MarkMonitorInc.*
SQUEEZE.CLUB $4,385.06

                                       $53,741.82              (*suggested retail)

To download a PDF copy of this report, click here.””