Mr.Berkens Regs The First Uniregistry Domain of the Day on What Was A Busy Day

It was a busy day today for Frank Schilling and his company Uniregistry, as five uncontested strings went live at around 12 noon Eastern time. The strings that went live today were the following: .Pics, .Photo, .Gift, .Link and .Guitars.

Out the gate at 12:03 Frank tweeted:

Pretty quickly there were 2000 regs between Link, Pics and Photo. Frank tweeted his thoughts later in the day with regard to .Link and received a differing opinion from Kevin Murphy of



Later in the day Mike found out he regged the very first name for the day,
Registration no. 1 in today’s launch, across all five TLDs was… 2014-04-15 16:00:00.007486 |  | dom101.
Mike picked up a bunch of names and got some nice .pics that I did not even bother checking because I was sure they were on the  collision list or reserved. I checked like 100 names in .pics that made sense and were popular topics. All collision list or reserved, from Booty to Bikini to Cat and Dog to Free and Sexy.
Mike picked up:

He got what I am thinking is one of the very best .marketing domains with Viral.Marketing. 3600 exact searches and $5.50 CPC. As pointed out by a reader Richard S., this domain was not purchased for a simple handreg but rather over $1,000.
Frank told me later in the afternoon that Link, Pics and Photo had surpassed 10,000 arms length registrations.

Disclosures: Uniregistry is an advertiser on and New gTLDs are  highly speculative and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation, each person must do their own homework and stick to their budget and risk tolerance.

Uniregistry Statement On Pre-Registrations Of Its New gTLD’s

Uniregistry placed a statement on its site last night about Pre-Registrations clarifying that Uniregistry doesn’t offer them:

“””Over the next year, Uniregistry will be rolling out new top-level domains at a steady pace. We are truly excited by the interest in our domain names, and we know that many of our current and future customers share this excitement.

Many times, however, the excitement over new domains leads to disappointment, as registrants who have “pre-registered” their favorite new domain names fail to get the names they had requested.

To address this, we wanted to provide clarity around what “pre-registrations” can and cannot do for you as you look to acquire your new Uniregistry domain name.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or “ICANN”, the non-profit company that has authorized Uniregistry to offer domain names for registration, also has issued a caution on “pre-registrations” that you can read here:

First, the “pre-registration” of a new domain name is not a registry service offered by Uniregistry.

Instead, “pre-registrations” are offered by third-party registrars, under a variety of business models.

None of these “pre-registration” services can guarantee that you will receive the right to register your domain name of choice.

Typically, a “pre-registration” is simply an offer to place you into the registration queue the moment a new registry opens for new registrations.

If you have a pre-registration, you may be competing against other registrants who also have pre-registrations. The first registration to reach our registry system after the registration period opens will be given the domain name.

Second, some of the domain names that registrants seek at the opening of a new gTLD are reserved from registration.

ICANN prohibits us from releasing certain domain names for sale.

This prohibition includes some common words and all two-character domain names. We also are temporarily prohibited from releasing some popular domain names that are on ICANN’s so-called “names collision” list.

In some of our TLDs, the number of domains on the “names collision” list is in the tens of thousands.

Likewise, under the ICANN required “Sunrise Period”, certain rights holders are eligible to register names prior to the opening of general registration. After the sunrise period concludes, we also reserve from registration certain premium names that we will make available for registration in the future.

We have provided lists of reserved domain names, in all three of these categories, to our registrars.

While we have encouraged registrars to check availability against these reserved lists prior to accepting a “pre-registration,” not all registrars have chosen to conduct these availability checks. As a consequence, some registrars are taking “pre-registrations” for domain names that were never eligible for release.

We also are aware that some registrars that are not accredited with Uniregistry nevertheless have offered “pre-registration” for domain names in Uniregistry TLDs.

If you use a non-accredited registrar to pre-register Uniregistry names, you will NOT have a chance at registering your chosen domain name. Non-accredited registrars do not have access to the Uniregistry system and cannot register a domain name on your behalf. An up-to-date list of all Uniregistry accredited registrars is available on our website, at

Thank you for following the launch of the Uniregistry top-level domains.”””

Uniregistry Reserved & Sunrise .Pics Domains You Won’t Be Able To Register

I went through the zone file for .Pics the next new gTLD of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry that will go live on April 15th.

The registry gets to reserve 100 domain for its own use in the operation and promotion of the registry so far Uniregistry has selected 64 of these which are:

Sunrise registration for .Pics domain names closed on March 28th.

Here are some of the more interesting domain registered during that period and will be not be available once general availability opens up:

If your wondering is is the weather channel that got a Sunrise application on the domain, a company by the name of Nemetos Group GmbH which got the domain in Sunrise based on some “trademark”; got the domain Next.Pics; NLY Scandinavia AB got; Lexsynergy Limited that got; Entrepreneur Media, Inc got and  Graham Saywell of  Auckland got the domain with his trademark.

Uniregistry can add more domains to its reserved list for its own use before launch and can have a reserved list of premium domains as well. Moreover domains on the ICANN collision list will not allowed to be registered.

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry Announces Affiliate Program

Frank Schilling Uniregistry registrar side of the business has just announced its affiliate program that promises to pay commission just not on new gTLD registrations but for renewals as well for the lifetime of the domain registration.

Frank of course just didn’t announce the affiliate program but painted the picture of where we have been and were we are going in the domain space:

“We get tens-of-thousands of banner clicks each day from hopeful dreamers like me, looking to buy the names of our customers. The trouble is, most of those clicking want to buy the domain name they typed for $8.”

“As astonishing as it sounds (and in spite of the best efforts of our industry to educate people about the scarcity of high quality domain names), your average man on the street is still under the delusional impression that he can get a great search-term like or for $10.”

“If our sellers and I could only sell our great generic names for $10 a name, we’d have one hell of a business – for about a month. Then we’d sell them all and be out of inventory!

That’s where new GTLDs fit in.

What if we could take a buyer looking for and after exhausting attempts to sell them the name, offer them or .club or .global?

Sure, these are not the same as the .com but if you’re a buyer who can’t afford $20,000 for the com and you have no easy alternatives, do you really care? And what if we could pay the owner of the name that brought them for placing the sale? That would be a nice way to augment parking revenue during these dark ages of PPC. Names are the natural killer-product to sell people who are interested in other names.

Similarly, many affiliate marketers are capable of generating leads for domain name sales. But they (like you) have been loath to play the affiliate game where domain-name opportunities are concerned because the onus of conversion is on them. And then for all your trouble shaping pages to convert visitors into sales, you get paid once and you’re out!

Well, what if there was an affiliate program that paid the affiliate for the sale and then treated them more like a registrar-reseller in the future; compensating them again when the name is renewed?

Now you’ve got a model that can get website owners to invest, to put their shoulder to the wheel and sell some names in volume – creating a business inside our business. What if that affiliate program could payout across legacy extensions like com, net, org, biz, info too! That would “really” be great!!

Well I couldn’t find a generous affiliate program like that folks – so I had to make my own.

Now when you sell domain registrations at Uniregistry, we’ll pay you for the sale of the name, and for the renewal when the registrant re-ups. We intend to offer all viable extensions, at viable retail prices with viable payouts to the affiliate – all on the most advanced registrar in the domain name business.

While there are no guarantees the conversions will ignite the way they did for me in the early days of .com, this is a valuable tool that is worth experimenting with as viable low price extensions like .link .photo and .pics come out this April – and it’s certainly a fine way to get a discount on your own purchases of the names you’re buying anyway!

Something old is re-imagined, a well curated affiliate program to lift revenues for domainers. Who would have thought that an idealistic dreamer like me could come up this stuff? Somebody tell my parents, they will be so relieved!

Start building your business today at

After 10 Days Frank Schilling Registrar, Uniregistry Has 108 New gTLD Registrations



Frank Schillings Registrar Uniregistry launched 10 days ago and we reviewed it in a detailed post.

To date Uniregistry, has only managed to get 108 domain registration for new gTLD’s which gives it a market share of the new gTLD registrar market of 0.03% according to

Uniregistry is currently ranked as the 74th registrar in terms of numbers of new gTLD registrations according to the site.

According to Uniregistry has a total of 390 domain name registrations including the 108 new gTLD registrations.

Uniregistry is ranked as the 664th registrar in the world in terms of domain registrations.

Of course as a registry, Uniregistry,  has a lot of more new gTLD’s coming including a few in April, but so far Uniregistry is barely a blip on the registrar radar.