Uniregistry Announces Sale Of Pro.Flowers For $50K To FTD

On today's DomainSherpa.com show, Frank Schilling the CEO of Uniregistry announced that the registry sold the new gTLD domain name Pro.Flowers To FTD for $50,000. The domain name transferred from Uniregistry to FTD on April 10th. The domain appears to be on the Uniregistry reserved list as the domain was not "registered" by Uniregistry until the day before it transferred to FTD.  The domain … [Read more...]

.Flowers Gets 24K+ Registrations; But Over 98% Are Registered By North Sound Names

Uniregistry launched .Flowers into general availability yesterday and ended the day with 24,194 registrations according to ntldstats.com However it appears that North Sound Names, owned by the principal of Uniregistry, registered over 98% of the domain names. The registrar with the 2nd most .Flowers registrations was CSC with 100 domains, which were all trademark holders. I had a bunch of … [Read more...]

Registrar Promo Leads to 10,000 Paid .Link Registrations Per Frank Schilling Tweet

Frank Schilling tweeted out late tonight that there were 10,000 new .link registrations added as the result of a registrar promo. One registrar ran a .LINK promo today and more than 10,000 paid registrations were added to the zone. .LINK will become a top 5 generic ext. — Frank Schilling (@Frank_Schilling) April 4, 2015 … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Launches 5 New gTLD’s Today

Uniregistry is launching 5 new gTLD's today the 25th of November 2014 at 16:00 UTC. .click which will have no reserved domains except for the 100 domains registered by the registry and domain names on the ICANN collision list .Click is priced at $5.99 at Godaddy The other four extensions of  Uniregistry  have quite a few reserved domains after I spent a few hours checking around for … [Read more...]

Uniregistry: No Reserved Or Collision Domains Held Back Except For Single Characters

              We just received this from Uniregistry which is launching .Click on November 25th. Pricing for a .Click domain will be $6.88 or less at retail. "We will no longer have a registry reserved list at the time of launch for any domain name beyond single-characters. If your registrar has been accepting pre-registrations, … [Read more...]

Vern Jurovich Is Back As Chief Operating Officer of Uniregistry

                    Uniregistry.com announced today that it has re-hired of Vern Jurovich as its Chief Operating Officer (pictured here with my wife Judi) Vern will help oversee all aspects of Uniregistry and help Frank Schilling shoulder business relationships and tactical day-to-day business operations across all … [Read more...]

Frank T. Schilling Registers 12K+ New gTLD In Addition to The 75K Owned By North Sound Names

We noted last week that North Sound Names a company owned and/or controlled by Frank Schilling, registered some 31,000 domain names in new gTLD's extensions owned by another Frank Schilling Company, Uniregistry. About 10,000 domain names were registered by North Sound Domains in .blackfriday; another 5,000 domain names under the new gTLD .Hiphop; and 16,000 domain names were registered by North … [Read more...]