Updated: Christmas In July? Not So Much; 1st Day Totals .Christmas 422; BlackFriday 401

Two of Uniregistry new gTLD strings had their first day of general availability yesterday and put up pretty horrible numbers according to ntldstats.com. Including Sunrise registrations .Christmas ended its first day with just 422 registrations, 18 of them were registered by Uniregistry itself. Here are some of the domain name Uniregistry … [Read more...]

.Christmas & .Blackfriday Just Launched & The Extensions Seem To Be Very Lightly Reserved

Unregistry just launched .Christmas & .Blackfriday  and the registry seems to have reserved a very small amount of domains. As usually we hunt and peck around for mostly every new extension either to register or to write about. I was actually surprised to see how few domain names seeemed to be reserved by the registry and I would assume most of those are probably on the ICANN collision … [Read more...]

Mr.Berkens Regs The First Uniregistry Domain of the Day on What Was A Busy Day

It was a busy day today for Frank Schilling and his company Uniregistry, as five uncontested strings went live at around 12 noon Eastern time. The strings that went live today were the following: .Pics, .Photo, .Gift, .Link and .Guitars. Out the gate at 12:03 Frank tweeted: .photo past 1000 — Frank Schilling (@Frank_Schilling) April 15, 2014 Pretty quickly there were 2000 regs between … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Statement On Pre-Registrations Of Its New gTLD’s

Uniregistry placed a statement on its site last night about Pre-Registrations clarifying that Uniregistry doesn't offer them: """Over the next year, Uniregistry will be rolling out new top-level domains at a steady pace. We are truly excited by the interest in our domain names, and we know that many of our current and future customers share this excitement. Many times, however, the … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Reserved & Sunrise .Pics Domains You Won’t Be Able To Register

I went through the zone file for .Pics the next new gTLD of Frank Schilling's Uniregistry that will go live on April 15th. The registry gets to reserve 100 domain for its own use in the operation and promotion of the registry so far Uniregistry has selected 64 of these which are: … [Read more...]

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry Announces Affiliate Program

Frank Schilling Uniregistry registrar side of the business has just announced its affiliate program that promises to pay commission just not on new gTLD registrations but for renewals as well for the lifetime of the domain registration. Frank of course just didn't announce the affiliate program but painted the picture of where we have been and were we are going in the domain space: "We get … [Read more...]

After 10 Days Frank Schilling Registrar, Uniregistry Has 108 New gTLD Registrations

  Frank Schillings Registrar Uniregistry launched 10 days ago and we reviewed it in a detailed post. To date Uniregistry, has only managed to get 108 domain registration for new gTLD's which gives it a market share of the new gTLD registrar market of 0.03% according to ntldstats.com Uniregistry is currently ranked as the 74th registrar in terms of numbers of new gTLD registrations … [Read more...]