Neustar Files Suit Against the FCC

Neustar (NSR) is suing the FCC over the loss of the Local Number Portability contract which it held for 18 years. Neustar which has watched the price of its stock drop close to 50% from August 2, 2013 when the shares were at $55.71, initiated a $150 million share buyback once the contract loss was official. Local Number portability refers to the ability of a "customer of record" of an existing … [Read more...]

Is This The Domain With The Longest Registration Date? SMITHSONIAN.US Expires 2102

Here is new one on me. A domain name that doesn't expire until the next century. The domain name is and it is as you would expect owned by the Smithsonian Institution of Washington. The domain is not registered through a registrar, but instead is still showing as being registered through NeuStar the company that operates the .US registry under license of the United States … [Read more...]

Agari and Neustar Partner To Provide Domain Protection Solution

According to a press release today Agari and Neustar are partnering to today announced the two leading security firms are partnering to give customers the highest level of domain security possible in the current climate of targeted and sophisticated cyberattacks. The partnership provides the industry’s first-ever collaborative domain protection solution for customers, combining the power of the … [Read more...]

Neustar Fighting To Keep Contract Worth Half of Their Annual Revenues

Neustar is fighting to keep a contract that makes up over half of its revenue and it has nothing to do with domain names. The company has been in charge of a major governmental telecommunications contract for the last 17 years. The contract deals with the local number portability administrator (LNPA), which helps phone subscribers keep their numbers when switching carriers. The company is now … [Read more...]

Why Is Neustar Allowing Nicaragua To Use A .US Domain for Their Official Visitor Site?

I saw a full page ad in a travel magazine a few weeks ago for the website It was a very nice full color ad which promoted the country as a great tourist destination. The domain name is registered to the Nicaraguan Tourism Board and whose registered address on the whois records is in Nicaragua My first thought that it is stupid domain for the official travel site of a … [Read more...]

Say Hello To The 1st 158 .NYC Domains: HappyBirthday.NYC, Honeymoon.NYC Startrek.NYC

The Sunrise period for trademark/brand holders closed on June 20 for the .NYC new gTLD, the extension for the city of New York. The latest zone files indicate that  brands and trademark holders participated very lightly in the Sunrise period,  where I count less than 160 domain name registrations (of course all of the Sunrise maybe in). However since New York is largely regarded to be the … [Read more...]

Launched – Grown – Sold The Miami Herald Discusses What’s Next for .CO Founders

The Miami Herald did a piece today on the .CO Registry acquisition by Neustar. They spoke with Juan Diego Calle to find out what's next for everyone now that the company is sold. Calle mentioned a better job and better benefits for employees. The article also mentions that Neustar did not get in the deal.   Calle said Neustar’s plan is to keep the offices — and the jobs — in Miami … [Read more...]