.XYZ Passes .Mobi in Domain Registrations As It Closes In On 800K

According to ntldstats.com,  the new gTLD .XYZ has passed .Mobi in the number of registered domain names. The .Mobi registry which went live on September 26, 2006  according to RegistrarStats.com has 791,396 domains under registration having lost over 1/3 of the registrations it had at its peak in 2014. According to ntldstats.com (which does not track legacy TLD's), .XYZ has almost 795,000 … [Read more...]

New gTLD’s Take 1st Toll On Existing String? .Mobi Falls Below 1 Million Registrations

  According to RegistrarStats.com the Top Level Domain (TLD) .Mobi  fell below 1 Million domain name registrations. .Mobi hit a high of 1.2 Million registrations in January 2014 before the new gTLD were released. .Mobi increased registration from late 2011,  from below 1 Million hitting  1.2 Million on January. We can't peg the losses of 200,000 domain registrations since … [Read more...]

Over 20 NNN.mobi Domains Dropping Tomorrow: What Are They Worth?

Looking at the Pool.com daily list of the top back ordered dropping domain names  for tomorrow December 11, 2012, I noticed an abundance of NNN.mobi domain names. 24 in all. While .Mobi hasn't been the greatest investment for domain holders its rare to see so many NNN domains dropping in any extension in any one day. What do you think, worth $60 … [Read more...]

.Mobi Domains Have Been Around Since 2006 So Why Do We Need A .Mobile & .Mobily

Everyone is the domain name industry is quite aware of the history of the .Mobi TLD and the various stories behind it. The .Mobi Registry started selling domains in 2006 at the TRAFFIC auction even before launching. Now it seems its deja vu all over again, as four applicants are going for very similar new gTLD's. There are three applications for .Mobile that would be .Mobi +le and one … [Read more...]

Playboy Launches Playboy.Mobi

Its been a while since I have seen a press release announcing the roll out of a major .mobi site but today both AVN.com and Xbiz.com are reporting that Playboy has launched Playboy.mobi. ""Playboy Webmasters has announced its newest addition to the family—Playboy.mobi, the mobile version of Playboy.com." "Forecast to be the number one method of internet access by 2013, mobile devices have … [Read more...]

The Miami Herald Covers .Mobi & Concludes: “Names Are Now All But Worthless”

Domain Names are in the news again over at the Miami Herald, which covered them for a second time in a month (They wrote a story on DomainFest as well). This time its the .Mobi extension that get covered by the south Florida publication. Once again the domain king, Rick Schwartz is quoted extensively, this time in regards to his record setting purchase of Flowers.mobi for $200K back in … [Read more...]

Casino.Mobi Sells For $135K

Moniker just announced that it has brokered the sale of Casino.mobi to Infomeda Ltd for $135,000. This sale represents the second highest price ever paid for a .mobi name. As you may recall,  Flowers.mobi sold for $200K, Fun.mobi for $100K RealEstate.mobi for $85,000. Certainly this  is the highest priced paid for a .mobi since the extension's initial release premium auctions held at … [Read more...]