Investing in Education Domains ? University of Phoenix has lost half its Students

For those domain investors out there that have a big chunk of education related domains, especially online education, the latest news out of University of Phoenix may be of interest. Enrollment is on the decline. Enrollment at America's largest for-profit university was about 460,000 students five years ago. Now it's 213,000. From CNN Money: What happened: Apollo's fast fall is another sign … [Read more...]

I said it before Canada is not messing around when it comes to Spam – $1.1 million fine handed down

Back in September of 2014 I wrote an article on that Canada was not playing around when it comes to spam. A Canadian law that targets spam email could have a big impact on Boston-area companies that use email marketing. Starting July 1, the law makes sending commercial messages to a Canadian resident without their express consent very costly. According to the legislation, the … [Read more...]

Google Paid Developers More than $7 BILLION in 2014 For Apps & Games On Google Play

According to a blog post on it company blog today "Google Play now reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in more than 190 countries" "In the past year, we paid more than $7 billion to developers distributing apps and games on Google Play." "App discovery plays a critical role in driving your continued success, and over the past year Google has provided best practices to … [Read more...]

Memex Provides Law Enforcement A Better Way To Surf the Dark Web

Mark Stockley wrote an interesting article that took a look at Memex. Memex is brought to you by the people that built the original ARPANET. It seems to be very well received by law enforcement as a way to surf the "Dark Web", it has even proved vital in one major conviction against a sexual predator according to the article. From the article: DARPA describes Memex as a set of … [Read more...]

Google vs the Mississippi A.G. Could Set A Precedent for a State’s Right to Regulate Online Content

Matt Schruers wrote an article yesterday on an upcoming legal battle that could set a precedent for content censorship. This is Google going up against the Attorney General of the State of Mississippi. Schruers makes the point that this is like SOPA at the state level. From the article: Far from Washington or any other place associated with Internet policy-making, a federal district court in … [Read more...] Acquires and Contactive & Its 1.5 Million Customers

ThinkingPhones, a three-time Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS “Leader,” has announced its acquisition of, a big data solution that connects profiles and identities created by people and businesses online and associates them with a telephone number to create an identity graph and which  leverages big data to provide in-depth customer profiles in real-time before and during … [Read more...]

CNN: “Is this the Super Bowl’s next GoDaddy?”

CNN asked if Wix Is this the Super Bowl's next GoDaddy? A company mostly unknown to the public that went public over a year ago, in the article they actually compare and contrast Wix to Apple. From the article: But while tech companies like Wix aren't quite household names, they've been betting big on Super Bowl ads for decades. Most famously, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) did so with its 1984 Super … [Read more...]