Looks Like Craigslist Got Hacked

In trying to get to Craigslist it looks like the site was hacked by Digital Gangster. A You Tuber put up a video showing what happened. I am now getting just a timeout when I check on my laptop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8vEGGnwzow … [Read more...]

Nearly 60% of Dot Com Domains in China Hijacked in 2014

WantChinaTimes.com published an article about the number of .Com domains that have been hijacked in China in 2014. The number is pretty big if the report is accurate, close to 60 %. The report claims close to half are controlled by overseas IP's. From the article: Nearly 60% of dot-com domain names in China were hijacked by backdoor programs in the first half of 2014 and 48.8% of them were … [Read more...]

Google Rolls Out “Contributor” Which Allows Users To Block Adsense Ads For A Fee

According to CBS News,¬† Google is rolling out a new service called "Contributor" that will allow users to block seeing AdSense ads on site¬† users visit for a charge. "Working with a handful of websites, including Mashable, the Onion, Science Daily, wikiHow, Imgur and Urban Dictionary, Google is offering subscriptions for $1, $2 or $3 per month that will block AdSense advertising on those sites, … [Read more...]

NYC.com Making Email Expensive

Gothamist did a piece about NYC.com offering email addresses and their not cheap. The article looks at all of the recent attention around "NYC" branding. The new .NYC extension is mentioned along with the offering of email addresses from NYC.com. From the article: The email addresses are not free, they come with a monthly rent ($69, $99, $199, and $999 a month are the current prices). So, for … [Read more...]

Tech Companies Want Senate To End NSA Collection Programs Before Republicans Take Control

Tech companies coming together to get the Senate to act to eliminate the NSA's bulk data collection programs. Companies like Google and Microsoft etc... are worried about losing business around the world as foreign governments might fear that the U.S. government can gain easy access to the data of their citizens. With the change of power in the Senate there is a fear among tech leaders that this … [Read more...]

Law Enforcement Cracks Down on the Dark Web, Seizes 400 .onion domains

We have had news stories before about international law enforcement agencies banding together to take down websites that deal in illicit goods or counterfeit merchandise. Yesterday the U.S, Canada and European agencies made another round of takedowns, the difference this time is that they hit the "Dark Web" websites using stuff like the onion router or TOR. USA Today covered the story: Police … [Read more...]

England Turning Up The Heat on Internet Trolls

England is getting tougher on Internet trolls it seems, the BBC is out along with a host of other publications, that the most serious offenders could now see their sentence quadrupled from 6 months in jail to 24 months in jail. I remember last year reading an article about a British boxer, The Guardian covered it, When Curtis Woodhouse lost his English light-welterweight title on points to Shane … [Read more...]