ICANN Publishes “Five Things to Know About ICANN’s 2015 Budget”

                  In a blog post ICANN Published "Five things to Know About ICANN's 2015 Budget" Typically ICANN just releases its draft budget and then lets the domain blogs and other during and through the comment period rip into the budget & dissect the numbers. The Draft 2015 CAN Operation Plan and Budget is 80 … [Read more...]

CEO of .In (India) Alleges 40% of ccTLD’s Left Out Of IANA Transition Coordination Group

According to a press release we received today from Dr Govin who is the CEO of the .IN ccTLD Registry which is the ccTLD for India is claiming that about 40% of all ccTLD's are being left out of the IANA Transition Coordination Group as part of ICANN's plan to move away from US oversight. Basically Dr. Govin says that 104 of the 259 ccTLD are not being representative in this process. Balazs … [Read more...]

ICANN Selects Marrakesh, Morocco As The Site for ICANN 52 To Be Held In February 2015

                The ICANN Board has selected Marrakesh, Morocco as the site for ICANN 52 to be held February 8th-12th, 2015. In the Preliminary Report of the Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board released last night, This meeting will be in the Africa region This is an Organizational Administrative Function that does not require … [Read more...]

More 2-Character Domain Requested for .XYZ, .DEALS, .CITY, .COLLEGE, .GOP, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .BID, .HEALTHCARE, .WORLD, .BAND

                ICANN has opened up another comment period for 12 more new gTLD which have applied to have the right to allocated 2 charter domain names. The new gTLD string are: .XYZ, .DEALS, .CITY, .COLLEGE, .GOP, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .BID, .HEALTHCARE, .WORLD, .BAND and the IDN XN--FJQ720A. ""To obtain community input on the … [Read more...]

ICANN Updates New gTLD Collision Auction Schedule; Here Is The New 2014 Schedule

                ICANN has published an updated schedule of the ICANN Last Resort Auction for those new gTLD  in Collision. ICANN will hold a Last Resort Auction for new gTLD strings that had more than one application and which have not settled the contention through private auctions or otherwise. You might remember that ICANN … [Read more...]

After 2 Years .Sex, .Porn & .Adult Become “Sensitive Strings” To The New gTLD Committee

After 2 year years The New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) has decided that .Sex, .Porn and .Adult are Sensitive Strings according to the minutes of the new gTLD committee to ICANN which are dated July 1st. Interestingly before the application period closed it was wildly speculated by many including myself that the Government Advisory Council (GAC) would object to the strings such as .Sex giving … [Read more...]

As ICANN Meeting Ends “China Launches Campaign To Control The Internet”

Talk about a disturbing headline Chinatopix.com just published a post entitled "China Launches Campaign To Control The Internet" According to the story, China's communist government intends to impose on the Internet the same "guiding principles" it currently uses to stifle online dissent within China." The decision of the U.S.  to relinquish its oversight of ICANN, is seen by China as an … [Read more...]