ICANN CEO Fadi Bites The Hand That Feeds It Calling out Those “Hogging” Domains”

Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN, in a story published by the HuffingtonPost.com, which also contains a video interview with Fadi at World Economic Forum in Davos, explaining how we "went from twenty-something" top domain names to hundreds" throws large domain investors under the bus and then backs up the bus and rolls over them again calling them Cybersquatters. In respond to a questions regarding … [Read more...]

Backend Provider Open Registry Acquired For Up To $22.6 Million

According to rttnews.com, NCC Group plc (NCC.L), a provider of Escrow, Assurance and Domain Services, Tuesday said it has acquired the Belgium and Luxembourg based Open Registry group of companies for a maximum consideration of 14.9 million pounds or 19.5 million euros in cash. The company will make an initial payment of 7.9 million pounds or 10.3 million euros. Two further payments of up to … [Read more...]

ICANN Believes They Had A Spear Phishing Attack in November

ICANN is looking into an attack on their systems that took place back in November, they have posted an announcement on their website and have said to stay tuned for further updates by checking back. An email also went out to those using the CZDS: In order to continue using CZDS, please visit http://czds.icann.org and follow the instructions there to request a new password. We suggest that … [Read more...]

US Dept of Commerce Strickling: No Firm Deadline To Give Up Control Over ICANN

The WallStreetJournal.com, according to a letter in the Journal today , Commerce Department official Lawrence Strickling dismissed the importance of U.S. oversight of ICANN and said that there is no firm deadline for the U.S. to give up oversight of ICANN. "In March the U.S. announced it would not renew its contract with ICANN next September. Mr. Strickling now says that’s not a firm … [Read more...]

ICANN Returns To Buenos Aires For June 2015 Meeting

ICANN has just announced they have selected Buenos Aires, Argentina for ICANN 53 which will be held in June 2015. ICANN 53 will be the  second Public Meeting ICANN meeting of 2015 and is to be held in Latin America/Caribbean region. Whereas, staff has completed a thorough review of all proposed and available venues in Latin America/Caribbean and finds the one in Buenos Aires, Argentina to be … [Read more...]

ICANN Opens Comment Period For Its Move Out of US Control: Deadline Is December 22nd

ICANN has opened the comment period for the issue of the year, the transition of ICANN of key Internet domain name functions away from oversight control of the United States to the "global multistakeholder community." "This draft transition proposal is the result of work by the Domain Name System (DNS3) community (the names community) to meet the requirements associated with this transition as … [Read more...]

Defending Internet Freedom Act of 2014 Introduced To Stop US From Giving Up Control Over ICANN

A Bill was introduced into the House of Representatives, yesterday the Defending Internet Freedom Act of 2014 which would prevent the Obama administration, or that of any future president, from relinquishing the critical functions of the Internet to any other entity without enhanced congressional oversight and until explicit, freedom-protecting requirements are met. The bill is co-sponsored by … [Read more...]