ICANN Names 4 Initial Members of Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group

ICANN has named the first four members of the  Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group. ICANN's President and CEO, Fadi Chehadé, will be responsible for the selection of up to seven Advisers to sit on the Coordination Group to assure that best practices are brought from the larger global community. Once selected by the Public Experts Group, these Advisers will contribute research … [Read more...]

ICANN 54 To Be Held In Dublin in Fall of 2015 & ICANN Board Members To Get $45K

The ICANN Board selected Dublin, Ireland as the location of the ICANN 2015 Public Meeting from 18-22 October 2015 This meeting with be ICANN 54. There are plenty of companies in the domain space that have offices in Dublin which offers some big tax advantage over countries like the US including; Afilias Rightside Registry Starting Dot Minds & Machines Dot Global TLD … [Read more...]

.Mail Gets Added To .Home and .Corp As Strings Killed Off By Collision

According to a resolution of the ICANN Board the .Mail has joined .Home and .Corp as extension that will not be delegated as part of the collision report. .Mail was basically killed off as part of the "ICANN NAME COLLISION OCCURRENCE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK" which is putting into place a plan which will start the process of freeing up domain names on the Collision list: "Registry Operators will … [Read more...]

Fadi Chehadé Gets Two Year Extension & 12.5% Pay Raise From ICANN

The contract of President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé has been extended by ICANN for two more years. Chehadé’s base salary will increase by 12.5 percent. Faidi contract with ICANN now expires 30 June 2017. The Board resolution said, “The decision to increase Mr. Chehadé’s compensation was done with recognition and acknowledgment of the work done by the Compensation Committee … [Read more...]

More from ICANN Court Filing: Not Only Are ccTLD’s Not Property But They Don’t Belong To The Country

                Earlier we wrote about ICANN filing several motions to quash a federal court ruling that ccTLD registries could be seized to satisfy judgements against the underling country saying ccTLD's are not considered property and therefore it can’t be attached by plaintiffs. We read through some more of the 289 page … [Read more...]

ICANN Responds To Seizure Order of The .IR Registry, saying ccTLD’s Are Not Property

                  A couple of weeks ago we told you that the attorney for the victims of a terrorist attack got a federal court to order the seizure of the .IR domain registry which is the ccTLD for Iran to help satisfy a judgement the victims  held  against the republic of Iran. As first reported by webpronews.com,  (The … [Read more...]

ICANN Publishes “Five Things to Know About ICANN’s 2015 Budget”

                  In a blog post ICANN Published "Five things to Know About ICANN's 2015 Budget" Typically ICANN just releases its draft budget and then lets the domain blogs and other during and through the comment period rip into the budget & dissect the numbers. The Draft 2015 CAN Operation Plan and Budget is 80 … [Read more...]