ICA Sounds The Alarm: Tell ICANN No to URS at .Travel – Or It Will Travel to .Com

Phil Corwin of the Internet Commerce Association (the "ICA)  just published a post,  sounding a very loud alarm, to head off what would be the first step that would make all .Com domain name subject to the Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy (URS) which allows "trademark holders" to go after domain names. To remind everyone the URS which is only in effect for new gTLD's is now being proposed in the … [Read more...]

Fadi Chehadé Stepping Down As ICANN President & CEO in March 2016

            The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today announced that President and CEO Fadi Chehadé has informed the Board he will be stepping down in  March 2016 to move into a new career in the private sector (outside the Domain Name Industry). At the request of the Board, Chehadé will be available to work closely … [Read more...]

ICANN Could Be Privatized by the end of the year

PCTechMag.com wrote an article that discussed ICANN being on its own by the end of the year. Fadi Chehade gave comments on Thursday that all the parts were in place for this to happen. From the article: The head of the nonprofit group that oversees the world’s Internet addresses expressed confidence Thursday that it would be privatized and out of US government control by year’s end. Fadi … [Read more...]

Here Is The Statement Phil Corwin Of The ICA Will Be Giving To The House Judiciary Committee

Here is the Statement of Philip S. Corwin,  Counsel, Internet Commerce Association   will give today to the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet The hearing is entitled: "Stakeholder Perspectives on ICANN: The .Sucks Domain and Essential Steps to Guarantee Trust and Accountability in the Internet’s Operation" The hearing should have a … [Read more...]

.Sucks Registry Goes On Offense & Threatens To Sue ICANN For Defamation/Breach of Contract

In a sternly worded letter sent to ICANN today by the attorney's representing Vox Populi the operator of the .Sucks registry put ICANN on notice that they believe ICANN has defamed the registry and its own rules and regulation and made it clear a lawsuit maybe forthcoming The letter was written by R. David Hosp a principal  in the law firm of the New York firm of Fish & Richardson … [Read more...]

ICANN Board Gives Go Ahead To Hotels/.Hoteis Contention Set In Denying Booking.com Reconsideration Request

The ICANN Board has rejected Booking.com request for reconsideration and thereby is allowing the Contention set of Hotels/.Hoteis to move forward to being resolved. Basically the ICANN Board is saying sorry Booking.com we will try to do better in the next round, and fix the problems that the Independent Review Proceeding (IRP) admitted were present in the Applicant Guidebook "The ICANN Board … [Read more...]

ICANN Really .Sucks By Saying They Don’t Regulate Content: Anyone Remember .XXX?

After collecting over 1/3 of a billion dollars in application fees, ICANN attempted to pass off the whole .Sucks issue to law enforcement this week, asking them for an opinion, which is very unlikely to come, of whether the .sucks roll-out violates US or Canadian federal law. ICANN is quoted as saying it was “concerned about the contentions of illicit actions” by Vox Populi but that it lacks … [Read more...]