Fed Court of Appeals Affirms Dismal Of Name.Space’s Claim Against ICANN’s New gTlD Program

The United States' Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the dismissal of antitrust and other claims against ICANN made by a company called name.space, related to ICANN's new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Program, in an opinion published today In 2013, a federal district court dismissed all of name.space's claims, and today the Ninth Circuit affirmed that dismissal in all respects. … [Read more...]

Want TO Be The Next CEO Of ICANN? Here’s How To Apply

ICANN just published details regarding how to apply to become the next CEO of ICANN. The CEO of ICANN is currently making close to $900K in Salary and Bonus plus gets to travel at least 3 times a year to ICANN meetings which are usually held in some nice locations. The deadline to submit an application is September 20, 2015 Here is the info: Following the announcement by ICANN CEO Fadi … [Read more...]

The average pay per staff member at ICANN in 2014 was over $187,000

Ion Mag did an article that broke down the money that ICANN is making and the kind of salaries being paid out. It is a pretty thorough look at what goes on over at ICANN. Average pay per staff over $187,000 stood out to me. From the article: ICANN’s 2014 tax return (IRS form 990) shows a net trading loss. The true picture is somewhat masked by ICANN’s new gTLD cash windfall. In 2013, ICANN … [Read more...]

Google Hates ICANN’s Attempt to Eliminate Whois Privacy Calling it “Impractical & Ineffective

  Google filed it's comment on the whois privacy issue with ICANN today. Google  seems to hate the proposal of the ICANN working group to prohibit  commercial domain registrants from using proxy or privacy services calling it unfair to small businesses and individuals. Google even cites it's own Charleston Road Registry an example of how big companies will still be able to use … [Read more...]

ICANN Best Estimate For New gTLD Renewal Rate 50%; 25% For Free Domains: 35% Worst Case

In releasing its 2016 operating budget ICANN made some estimate for the purposes of budgeting revenue from new gTLD's. ICANN is saying its "Best" estimate is that the average renewal rate will be 50% for new gTLD's except for TLD's that provided free registrations where the renewal rate was estimated at 25%. On The Low estimate the ICANN seems to be indicating a new gTLD renewal rate of 35% … [Read more...]

ICANN March 2016 Meeting To Be In Morocco, October 2016 In Puerto Rico

The ICANN Board selected locations to hold its meetings for March 2016 and October 2016 before heading out of the ICANN Buenos Airs meeting. The March 2016 ICANN meeting (ICANN 55) with be held in Marrakech, Morocco which had already been selected for the site for the March 2016 ICANN Meeting after ICANN relocated the meeting scheduled for March 2014 to Singapore during the outbreak of … [Read more...]

GAC Communiqué From The ICANN Meeting In Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Governmental Advisory group has issued its Communiqué From The ICANN Meeting In Buenos Aires, Argentina outlining its activities for the week and suggestions for the ICANN Board: The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) met in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the week of the 20th of June 2015. Sixty nine (69) GAC Members … [Read more...]