Add to the list of Google Names

Looking at whois records for other cctlds on the heels of the .mx purchase, it looks like changed hands on 8/7. The domain looked to have been owned by a Chinese registrant. Of course .cm has been in the news before, Kevin Ham was once profiled in a Business 2.0 article that is published on CNN. Maybe Disney will care about this name if Google is indeed the buyer. The domain was dropped … [Read more...]

Did Google Buy for $17,700 ?

I came across a blog post on and it talked about being sold by the owner of the blog. To our surprise one of our domains sold last week (08/04/1) and matches Google’s new site, that domain is We purchased the domain back in September of 2009 from the landrush phase at a price of $799.99, and we were using it for our own corporate online business. Our … [Read more...]

Facebook Surpasses Google as top Referrer for Digital Publishers

Facebook has now surpassed Google when it comes to referrer traffic, a recent report from revealed data showing that Facebook has become number one when it comes to referring traffic to websites. I can say that does not hold true for, this relates more to the largest online publishers. reports: Until recently Google has been the top traffic referrer … [Read more...]

So What Happens When There Is a .ABC? Disney Applied For It & Its Coming

After announcing it selected the domain name for its holding company Alphabet, Google has been going around buying all sorts of "abc" domain names. Last week we told you that Google bought ABC.Global. spotted 78 new gTLD's that Google registered using "abc. Last night .Club registry announced on Twitter that Google bought Also last night … [Read more...]

Another New gTLD For Google: Buys/Registered Premium Domain ABC.Global

Google has bought another new gTLD for its Alphabet brand which is using the domain name Google registered/bought the premium domain name ABC.Global yesterday though its registrar Mark Monitor. .Global has around 4,000 domain names that are priced with premium registration fees through the domain name registrar channel (however many registrars will not be selling those premium domain … [Read more...]

Report: Traffic to Surges 5,000%; ABC.XYZ Gets 4 Million Visits in 2 Days

According to a story in the today, traffic to surged 5,000% since Google announcement on Monday. The Telegraph siting stats from Similar Web a "digital measurement service" says traffic to BMW owned that saw "an average of 3,000 desktop visits" prior to Google announcement " surged to almost 60,000 visits following Google's announcement on Monday before … [Read more...]

Google Didn’t Even Contact BMW To Offer To Buy

According to a story today in the, it seems that Google did not even contact BMW, that owns the domain name, to see if they would sell it before going with The article quotes a spokesman at BMW, who said "that the automaker was not informed ahead of time of plans by Page and Brin to create a company called Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the … [Read more...]