“The Rising and Falling Stars in Google US

Search Metrics takes a look each year at who fell in the rankings and who saw their website rise on Google. In addition to just looking at winners and losers they look into why some sites succeeded while other sites took a dip. If you are interested in SEO the article is very much worth reading to see their analysis and what affects ranking trends both short and long term. From the article: As … [Read more...]

Donuts Beats Google, Amazon, Dish Network, Radix, Famous Four To .Movie New gTLD

Donuts has won the rights to operate the new gTLD .Movie beating out 7 other applicants including publicly traded Google, Amazon, and  Dish Network. .Movie was the last new gTLD scheduled to go to the ICANN last resort auction in January and was apparently settled by private auction. The other applicants that have now withdrawn their applications for .Movie were Radix, Famous Four, ARI … [Read more...]

Google Domains Now Open to All in The U.S. – Over 60 new gtlds now available for registration

Google Domains is now opened to anyone in the U.S. they are also offering over 60 new gtlds for registration. TechCrunch is reporting that Google Domains is now available to anyone who wants an account From the article: Google said at the time its service also includes phone support, indicating Google’s intention to market it more to business customers. To date, thousands of testers have … [Read more...]

Google Sees Its Search Share Slip and Yahoo Sees A Rise On Mozilla Deal

StatCounter reports that Google has seen its search share slip to its lowest level ever in the U.S. In the meantime Yahoo is being buoyed by their new deall with Mozilla that makes them the default search engine. NewsEveryday reported: Google search share has slipped to lowest ever in U.S. - 75.2 percent from 79.3 percent last year, according to an independent analytics firm. On the other … [Read more...]

Report: Google To Sell Car Insurance: Google Compare Auto Insurance Licensed in More Than 25 States

According to, citing a a  new report from an analyst named Ellen Carney at Forrester says that Google maybe getting ready to sell car insurance in the United States, through Google Compare. Google does own the domain name since 2005, but it currently does not resolve. "A company called Google Compare Auto Insurance Services Inc. is already licensed to do … [Read more...]

Google’s Local Search Algorithm Is Rolling Out To UK, Canada, And Australia

Matt Southern wrote a piece on Search Engine Journal that Google will be expanding its local search to the UK,Canada and Australia. Back in August Search Engine Land called the local search update the Pigeon, Understanding the Pigeon Update At this time, Pigeon seems to only impact local search queries made in English within the United States. At first sight, Pigeon seems to give preference to … [Read more...]

Goliath vs Goliath as Google Takes On Hollywood in Piracy Wars

More and more tidbits continue to come out of the Sony leak, The Verge reported on a meeting between Sony, Google and Homeland Security. The Verge a week later ran a story about Google being incensed over Hollywood's anti-piracy measures. Google was especially concerned with "Project Goliath" The project's goal was to find a way to block pirate sites from appearing online. From the … [Read more...]