Google Testing No Divider Between Paid and Organic Listings

Barry Schwartz is out this morning with a post on Search Engine Land that Google will be testing removing the divider between paid and organic listings. From the article: Google is testing not displaying the line break or line separator between the search ads at the top of the search results and the organic/free listings below the ads. Frederik Hyldig, a reader, emailed us screen shots, … [Read more...] “Moving 5 Domains To 1 an SEO Case Study”

Dr. Peter J. Meyers wrote an excellent piece on that deals with changing multiple domains, basically 5 into 1 for this case study. The article is very detailed and is definitely something you want to bookmark in case there ever comes a time when you need to do this. From the article: People often ask me if they should change domain names, and I always shudder just a little. Changing … [Read more...]

Shocking? Google Domains Now Listed Organically Number 1 On Google For “domains”

                Just a little over 2 months after launching out of Beta, Google new domain name registrar Google Domains is showing as the number one organic entry under Google when you search for the term "domains" replacing registrars like,, Network,, and Google Domains … [Read more...]

So What Happened to that whole Do No Evil ?

The Verge published an article that painted Google in a very bad light. When your motto is "Do No Evil" being accused of blackmail can be very upsetting. The article discusses certain findings by the FTC back in 2012. Apparently one of the findings was that Google  lifted product rankings and placed them in their own search results for those products. When the companies complained to Google about … [Read more...]

Forbes Chats About Google’s New gTLD’s & Mucks It All Up

Forbes just published a post about Google's new gTLD initiative and well basically mucked it all up. The story covered Google's acquisition of .App for $25 Million but a quick read through the 1st paragraph of the story and you can see the author hasn't really kept up with developments of the new gTLD program or Google's applications Here is the 1st paragraph of the story: "Buying “.app” … [Read more...]

Google Might Not Like Your Naturally Generated Links

Julie Joyce wrote a very interesting article on Search Engine Land about an hour ago on Google and natural links. We always tend to think of natural links as the prize or reward for creating engaging content. You didn't pay for them, you did not manipulate the system, someone just liked your content and either included it in an article or on a forum or blog comment. Julie points out that … [Read more...]

Yahoo Search Share Dips for February – Google Stands at 78.7% according to StatCounter

Danny Sullivan discussed the February search share stats on Search Engine Land. Yahoo dipped after posting gains in the previous two months. The dip wasn't that big but the company had some good momentum going over the previous two months. The data from StatCounter shows: Google: 78.7% (+0.1%) Yahoo: 10.1% (-0.1%) Bing: 9.8% (+0.1%) From the article: Yahoo’s share of search in the … [Read more...]