France Wants Google to Show Them What’s In Their Secret Sauce

The tension between Google and the E.U. continues to persist, now there is talk of a new law in France that would force Google to reveal its secret sauce, in other words show us how your algorithm works. If you think of Google as being dominant in the U.S. it is far greater when it comes to search in Europe. While making up 68% of search volume is the U.S. according to one report, it handles 90 … [Read more...]

Google Malaysia Experiences DNS Redirect Attack is reporting that Google Malaysia was hit by a DNS redirect hack. It looks like Google's actual servers were not comprimised and not everyone accessing the local Google site is being affected. From the article: Some users visiting the Google Malaysia website are seeing a hacked page that says “Google Malaysia hacked by TiGER-M@TE”. Although TiGER-M@TE claims to have hacked … [Read more...]

Google Removes Images To Avoid Being Banned in Turkey

According to, Turkey had threatened to ban Google unless it removed links to images of a an Istanbul courthouse where a Turkish prosecutor was taken hostage. Google apparently has removed the image and therefore no ban took place. Other social networks were also required to remove the image and several networks saw brief outages. From the article: Turkey threatened to ban Google … [Read more...]

Google To Blacklist All Digital Certificates from CNNIC

ZDNet took a look at Google and their black listing all digital certificates issued by the organization that manages the .cn extension. The article goes on to discuss what steps Firefox may take with regards to CNNIC. From the article: A recent alarm over a mis-issued digital certificate for several Google domains has resulted in Google blacklisting China's main certificate … [Read more...]

Motley Fool Ponders if Go Daddy is Cheap – One Analyst Sees Go Daddy A Bigger Threat to

Alex Dumortier on Motley Fool took a look at the Go Daddy IPO and honed in on the history of operating losses and whether or not the stock is cheap based on projections. From the article: We have a history of operating losses and may not be able to achieve profitability in the future. That is one of the prominent risk factors that greets prospective investors in GoDaddy's most recent … [Read more...]

Donuts: “We’ve priced the product higher quite simply because we think it’s significantly superior,” did an article on the new gtlds and had a focus on Donuts and they got quotes from Richard Tindal a co-founder and COO. Again I think some of the quotes are way off base. Tindal talks about Donuts pricing being higher because it is a superior product. No new gtld currently is superior to .com that is just patently false and this type of stuff is what hurts the new gtlds in discussions … [Read more...]

Google Testing No Divider Between Paid and Organic Listings

Barry Schwartz is out this morning with a post on Search Engine Land that Google will be testing removing the divider between paid and organic listings. From the article: Google is testing not displaying the line break or line separator between the search ads at the top of the search results and the organic/free listings below the ads. Frederik Hyldig, a reader, emailed us screen shots, … [Read more...]