Jeffrey Sass Talks Dot Club and the results of our Dot App Poll

In an article by Laurie Sullivan on Media Post which discussed Google paying $25 million for .app, there was also some commentary from Jeffrey Sass about .club. Sass explained how the pricing works at the wholesale and retail level. He gave a little shout out to, the $10.99 hand registration that Bruce Marler was able to jump on. Sass mentioned as an example that new gtlds … [Read more...]

Google Decides To Reverse Ban of Sexually Explicit Material on Blogger

Well that was quick. We wrote earlier this week about Google banning pornography and sexually explicit material on Blogger. Well today the company posted on its product forums website that the decision has been reversed. Instead the company will step up enforcement against those that do not mark their blogs as adult content and those who may try to use the platform to sell porn. I think they … [Read more...]

Google Paid Developers More than $7 BILLION in 2014 For Apps & Games On Google Play

According to a blog post on it company blog today "Google Play now reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in more than 190 countries" "In the past year, we paid more than $7 billion to developers distributing apps and games on Google Play." "App discovery plays a critical role in driving your continued success, and over the past year Google has provided best practices to … [Read more...]

Google Wins The new gTLD .APP For $25 Million

The new gTLD .APP sold for $25 Million to Google today in a ICANN Last Resort Auction which I think is very good news for the new gTLD program in general. This is the highest price paid in an ICANN Last Resort Auction. It looks like Google was willing to pay over $30 Million based on the info published by ICANN today The previously high price paid for a new gTLD in an ICANN Last Resort … [Read more...]

Google Going To Make Blogger Platform Porn free

Google is saying goodbye to sexually explicit images and videos on their Blogger platform. The news has been covered by quite a few places obviously, I found the discussion in the comments on Engadget to be a bit entertaining. From the article: Many X-rated Blogger accounts might cease to exist in the near future, as Google will no longer allow anyone to post sexually explicit or nude videos … [Read more...]

How Committed Is Google To The New gTLD Program? Applied For 101; Now Lost 29 Out of 34 Auctions

Google was the 2nd largest applicants of New gTLD's applying for 101 of them and spending $18.6 Million dollars in application fees catching the eye of many publications outside of the domain space Here, Here, and Here Non-domainer publications wrote about how Google would basically get everything they applied for basically because they could afford to. called  Google's support of … [Read more...]

Google Wins the .Moto New gTLD Beating (NAME) For Its Motorola Division

Google has won the rights to operate the .Moto new gTLD beating United TLD Holdings which is now (NAME) in what we can only assume was a private contention auction. The new domain extension .Moto was scheduled to go to a ICANN Last Resort Auction later this month. Google of course owns Motorola and applied for .Moto to use as a closed extension as a .Brand application more than … [Read more...]