GoDaddy Opens European Customer Care Centre

Go Daddy put out a press release today with regards to them opening a European customer care centre to serve their EMEA clients. The centre will be in Belfast, Northern Ireland. GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, today announced it has opened a new customer care centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The new centre will provide localised customer care … [Read more...]

Google Voice Alternative Release Exclusive Perk for GoDaddy Members

In a press release announced a program for Go Daddy customers called, "Vonjour for Go Daddy" Go Daddy members will receive a discount of 15 % on Vonjour related services. As Go Daddy continues to focus on small business under Blake Irving this is another step in providing a comprehensive small business suite of services for Go Daddy customers. From the release: Santa Monica based … [Read more...]

Godaddy 15%+ .LONDON domains registered outside of the UK; US & Germany Are 8%

According to a press release from Godaddy over 15% of .LONDON domains that were registered through GoDaddy came from outside of the UK. 5.9% of all .London domains registered by Godaddy were registered by people in the United States and 1.9 percent were registered by people or businesses in Germany. Stefano Maruzzi, VP of GoDaddy EMEA, says: “These figures show that London is one of the … [Read more...]

Beware of Bogus Go Daddy “Account On – Hold” Email Scam

Back on August 17th we wrote about a scam email going around that was impersonating Go Daddy, there looks to be a new one out that says your account is on hold. Another phishing attempt. Elliot Silver had pointed out a post that Go Daddy blogged about when dealing with email and phishing back in August as well. Here … [Read more...]

Godaddy Teams Up With Paypal on Its Brand New “Here SDK” Product

PayPal introduced today a new product called "Here SDK" and announced that Godaddy as  one if its "Key Partners" Here is the info from "We’re always working to build product experiences that simplify payments, and looking to collaborate with businesses that share our vision for making the checkout process more seamless whether it’s online, in-store or on mobile. Today, as we work … [Read more...]

New Go Daddy Phishing Email Going Around – Be Careful

New Go Daddy phishing email going around so be careful. I have not received it but others have. Tip of the cap to Namepros member Tom Carl for posting the email he received. Most veterans would not fall for this but there are many newer domainers and business owners who may not know what to look for. Email subject: Status Alert: Your account contains more than 9740 directories. Dear Valued … [Read more...]

Godaddy: Radix Landrush Fees Are Fully Refundable & Always Were

  I got a message from Godaddy today in response to my story of a few days ago, that they were charging a non-refundable $160 application Landrush fee for the Radix new gTLD which start with .Press, .Website, .Host. Godaddy wrote me today and said that the $160 landrush fee was in fact refundable in the event the applicant didn't wind up getting the domain. I asked the Godaddy … [Read more...]