Go Daddy Growing Up

Tony Stewart pranks Danica Patrick in new Go Daddy Ad Go Daddy put out a new ad and uploaded it to You Tube a couple days ago. Media Bistro wrote about the ad and gave mention to an  interview on Ad Week by Go DaddyCMO Barb Rechterman  from last year on the company growing up and changing their ad strategy. “This commercial marks another milestone in our brand evolution. The ad definitely uses … [Read more...]

Design Start Up Canva gets $3.6 million in additonal funding and enters partnership with Go Daddy

Australian start-up Canva received an additional $3.6 million in financing and announced a partnership with Go Daddy. The product does seem cool for those that don't have the skills of a trained graphic artist. Crunch Base - Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million stock photographs, graphic … [Read more...]

Godaddy Changing Domain Auction Rules On Time Extension Starting Monday

I just received an email from Godaddy.com that they are making a change to the closing rules on the Godaddy.com domain auction platform, which is to take place on Monday, 7/14/2014. "As it stands now, any bid that is placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction auto-extends the auction by 5 minutes." "This will change to auto-extend to only 1 minute, and a maximum time of 5 minutes 59 seconds … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Acquires Smart Calendar App Canary

Go Daddy Acquires Smart Calendar App Canary Vator.tv reported on Go Daddy acquiring smart calendar app Canary, no price tag on the deal . From the article: Web-hosting and domain registration giant GoDaddy has purchased smart calendar app Canary, it was revealed via a post on on Canary’s website on Thursday. No financial terms of the deal were disclosed, but Canary did reveal that the … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Launches Mobile Payment System “Get Paid”

Go Daddy launched Get Paid today a new mobile payment service that partners with Paypal, Stripe and Dwolla. Tech Crunch covered the launch. These types of products are the ever continuing push to focus on small business and become a player in areas where Go Daddy did not compete prior to Blake Irving becoming CEO. From the article: As GoDaddy gears up for a $100 million IPO, the domain and web … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Now Carrying $1.5billion in debt

Jeff Bailey wrote a good piece on Seeking Alpha about the upcoming Go Daddy IPO. This article is worth reading for those contemplating investing in Go Daddy. Bailey does a good job at looking at the metrics Go Daddy uses and a look at their past financial history. As far as metrics go Bailey points out that Go Daddy likes to focus on bookings rather than revenue. In its IPO filing, GoDaddy … [Read more...]

ReTweet.com Is Over $11K On Godaddy With 2+ Hours to Go

I just noticed a pretty interesting auction going on Godaddy.com right now The domain is ReTweet.com The high bid as of publication is $11,250 There are 127 bids as of the moment and 19 bidders The auction closes at 01:09 PM (PDT) subject to Godaddy's auction closing rules. I'm not going to get into the possible TM issues, or lack thereof,  but its a very interesting domain that … [Read more...]