Danica Patrick Not Happy That Go Daddy Ad Got Pulled

Webpronews ran a story on Danica Patrick talked about being upset that her Super Bowl ad got pulled, the ad which Michael published when it was first released, broke traffic records for this blog, the one day total was more than most blogs do in a month, that is how much people were emotionally invested in discussing the puppy, the ad, and the controversial nature of puppy mills. The article says … [Read more...]

Which Brands Got The Biggest Brand Lift From The Super Bowl ? That Little Registrar Named Go Daddy Tops The List

AdWeek published an article that looked at what brands won the Super Bowl. The survey conducted by Bully Pulpit Interactive surveyed 700 people before the Super Bowl and another 700 after. Go Daddy was getting their rear end handed to them before the big game and pulled their puppy mill ad, but like Tom Brady and the Patriots made a big comeback and actually had the highest numbers when it came … [Read more...]

Dogs Win: Godaddy Follows Our Advice & Pulls The #Godaddypuppy Super Bowl Ad

It was just 8 hours ago when we posted the Godaddy Super Bowl Ad known as the #Godaddypuppy which went tragically wrong. Now the CEO of Godaddy has given in to the overwhelming condemnation of the ad and announced the commercial will not air during the Super Bowl. Had they reached out to anyone in the industry before hand like myself, we would have told them there we;re heading down the … [Read more...]

Namecheap.com Jumps On #GodaddyPuppy Outrage With PUPPYLOVE $3.98 Transfer w/$1.50 To Humane Society

Wow Godaddy... Transfer yr domains to us for $3.98 using coupon code "PUPPYLOVE" & we'll donate to @HumaneSociety pic.twitter.com/04jU2bGysc — Namecheap.com (@Namecheap) January 27, 2015 Namecheap.com has jumped on the outrage from Godaddy's Super Bowl commercial and is offering a $3.98 special using the transfer code of  PUPPYLOVE to anyone to transfer in any .com, .net .org or .info … [Read more...]

Godaddy Looks Like They Have A Disaster On Its Hands; People REALLY Hate Their Super Bowl Ad

Its been less than an hour since we posted Godaddy's new Super Bowl Ad and social media is already weighting in on what might go down as one of the worst marketing blunders of all time. Just go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy and you will see that the vast majority of people who are commenting, hate the commercial. I know hate is a strong word. But that is the … [Read more...]

Here Is the Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial; Not Risque But Downright Risky

The Godaddy.com Super Bowl commercial has been released and as promised for the first time features a dog, name buddy, with a VERY brief appearance by Danica Patrick Although there are no sexy, barely clothed women, I would say this commercial is as risky a commercial as the company has ever run on the Super Bowl. Other Godaddy.com Super Bowl ads have been Risque, but I think this is just … [Read more...]

Why Hasn’t Godaddy Filed UDRP On Phishing Domains?

Domaingang.com has been reporting on many domain names that have been involved in phishing attacks on Godaddy which have resulted in domain names being stolen out of Godaddy accounts. Unlike most phishing attacks where someone uses a domain controlled by the phisher, to actually send the  customers to which wind up appearing in the URL bar,  recent attacks actually use domain names containing … [Read more...]