Go Daddy Purchases Web Design Marketplace Elto

Back in October of 2013 Ophelie Lechat introduced me to a gentleman named Ned Dwyer, Ned ran a company called Tweaky and was looking to change the name of the company and was looking for a new domain name. I submitted a bunch of names both personal and client names. We were close on a couple but nothing that was perfect for the company. Eventually Ned purchased the domain name Elto.com. Today … [Read more...]

Godaddy Is Up Over $6 a Share In Early Trading

Godaddy (GDDY) which went public today at $20 IPO price is trading as of publication at $26.30, up $6.30 Godaddy's first trade was at $26.18 then slipped as low as $25.49 before bouncing to its inter-day high of $26.84. Over 10,500,000 shares of Godaddy were traded in less than the 1st hour of trading. Godaddy sold 22 Million shares at $20 a share so more than 50% of the amount of shares … [Read more...]

Are You Bullish or Bearish on Go Daddy Stock ?

With Go Daddy shares set to start trading today, are you going to buy stock or are you negative on the offering ? James Gellert from Rapid Ratings told CNN he is not high on the stock. 'Elevated' financial risk: Investors want to know: Will GoDaddy shares be off to the races like Patrick's No. 10 car or will they crash and burn? "I would say the caution flag is up," said James Gellert, CEO … [Read more...]

Motley Fool Ponders if Go Daddy is Cheap – One Analyst Sees Go Daddy A Bigger Threat to Web.com

Alex Dumortier on Motley Fool took a look at the Go Daddy IPO and honed in on the history of operating losses and whether or not the stock is cheap based on projections. From the article: We have a history of operating losses and may not be able to achieve profitability in the future. That is one of the prominent risk factors that greets prospective investors in GoDaddy's most recent … [Read more...]

10 Red Flags on the Go Daddy IPO according to Pando Daily

On the heels of the upcoming Go Daddy IPO, Pando Daily listed 10 red flags for those thinking about investing. Some in my opinion are valid and some are not. Asking the question in red flag #3 "And besides, how much longer are small businesses going to need Web sites in an era when most are engaging with customers on Facebook, Twitter or other mobile apps?" Small businesses need to control their … [Read more...]

Daniel Negari Quoted in South China Morning Post on Upcoming Go Daddy IPO

The South China Morning Post did an article today on the upcoming Go Daddy IPO. In the article Daniel Negari from .XYZ is quoted on the public offering and gives some insight on .xyz, the market in China for domain names and said the he feels dot com has it a peak. From the article: "GoDaddy is as close as it comes to being a consumer recognised brand for domains," Daniel Negari, CEO of domain … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Wins Important Section 230 Case

Eric Goldman published an article on what he deemed an important legal victory for Go Daddy. Go Daddy won a Section 230 case which involved some Teamsters Union members. Section 230 is a part of the Communications Deceny Act and it provides immunity for providers like Go Daddy hosting. From the article: GoDaddy won a Section 230 case in the Second Circuit. It’s a short and efficient ruling, … [Read more...]