“Meet Mike Mann DC’s Pioneering Domain Squatter”: “I Practically Started the Industry, just covered ledgency domain investor Mike Mann In a story entitled "Meet Mike Mann DC’s Pioneering Domain Squatter" Its the second non-domainer publication today to cover a domain investor (click here to read the other one) "Before him, there was cybersquatting. Now, there is domain speculation." "When the business went mainstream, driving up the competition, he developed a … [Read more...]

Domain Investor Prakhar Bindal Featured: How To Make Millions Trading Domains”, just published a story entitled "How To Make Millions Trading Domains. The story features Domain Investor Prakhar Bindal which must have come out of the recent domain conferences held in India. ""It is not just bullion and shares that can be traded to make millions. Now, trading Internet domain names is becoming big business. "Take the example of Prakhar Bindal, … [Read more...]

.Com Is Rocking

            As someone who watches the numbers of domain name registrations across all TLD's everyday I have to say .Com is rocking and seems to be getting stronger by the day. Back on March 31, there were 113.2 Million .Com registered according to Verisign. Today 5 1/2 months later .com has topped 114.4 Million registrations (14,408,441) with … [Read more...]

Domain Broker Acquires Limited, a Domain Brokerage & Consultancy Firm, has acquired the business of from Thought Convergence, Inc. for an undisclosed price according to a press release we received "This acquisition builds upon Igloo’s recent news of entering into an exclusive agreement with Rook Media to provide brokerage and related services for their newly acquired DomainSponsor … [Read more...]

SeekingAlpha: Shares of Rightside Have At Least 37% Downside

SeekingAlpha the Stock publication, just published a pretty scathing review of Rightside, (NASDAQ:NAME) the spin off of Demand Media, in a story entitled "Rightside is Its Trending on the Wrongside." The story cites some publications in the domain industry including and The story comcludes comparing the company on the Registrar level to Tucows the … [Read more...]

March Of Dimes Switches Its Website Domain From .Com to .Org

According to a press release out today The March of Dimes has switched its domain name from to If your wondering who owned the .Org before it was Rehabilitation Foundation for the Disabled in Toronto which owns the domain name It appears that the March Of Dimes acquired the .org back in March of this year. is now being … [Read more...]

How Long Is It Going To Take For Apple To File a UDRP On & Will They Win?

            Another new product announced today by Apple Computer today, what many people have been referring to as the iWatch, isn't going to be called the iWatch at all, but the Apple Watch. Like in the case of the Apple Pay product, Apple Computer does not own the matching .Com domain name for this product either, Unlike … [Read more...]