Braden Pollock’s Legal Brand Marketing Acquires 14 Premium Law-related Domains

    According to a press release we received, LLC, announced today that Legal Brand Marketing, LLC which was founded by Braden Pollock, acquired a premium portfolio of law-related domain names, including and Legal Brand Marketing, plans to develop and launch websites for each domain. Financial terms were not disclosed. Legal Brand … [Read more...]

Mike Mann Featured In Washington Post: DomainMarket Grosses $4M A Year

The Washington Post just published a post on legendary domain name investor Mike Mann, entitled "Domain-name mogul Mike Mann will sell you — for $2 million" While this is far from the first press Mike has received,  its a very good article in which he reveals some information I personally didn't know, such as that his "grosses around $4 million a year in … [Read more...] 1st Domain Name Sold For The CryptoCurrency Sync Coin

According to a press release we just received from the The Sync Foundation, the Domain-Backed CryptoCurrency has recorded  it first sale. The domain name was sold in Private Transaction, a first for the organization which backs a cryptocurrency called Sync Coin with these domain assets. “We call it ‘Proof of Concept’,” says Sync Foundation co-founder Mike Fiol. “Premium … [Read more...]

After Hand Registering Its Domain For $10, Quandl Raises $5.4 Million

The Wall Street Journal just covered the story of a startup which has 30,000 registered users, and just raised $5.4 million to expand. The story goes on to note that one of the co-founders of the company in 2010, Tammer Kammer is quoted as saying: "My eureka moment came when I thought how is it that in 2010 all human knowledge is consolidated on Wikipedia and quantitative … [Read more...]

Former CEO Of Releasing “Revolutionary Global Booking Platform” On New gTLD’s

Howard Lefkowitz, the former CEO of, announced today that his new company, One Degree World™ Systems, Inc., which describes itself as "architects and owners of a revolutionary global content and booking platform, will be the first company of its kind to launch a series of holistic hospitality and travel websites on the emerging top-level domains (TLDs) other than .com. " One Degree … [Read more...]

New Site domcomp Compares Price Of 10+ Registrars Across Over 600 Extensions

A new site has popped up which compares the registration, renewal and transfer prices  of 10 + different registrars across over .com, .net, .org selected ccTLD and what seems to be hundreds of new gTLD extensions. Domcomp which seems to have launched in September ,bills itself as the "No-nonsense Domain Price Comparison" "We aggregate prices for over 600 top level domains from the industry’s … [Read more...]

Another Scam Email: “I’m Selling Which Sold in 2000 For $2.5 Million”

Another day another scammy email from "I am writing again because I have recently been fortunate enough to acquire a very interesting and historical dominance in the world of domains, belonging to the famous list of most expensive areas in the world, namely, which was sold in 2000 for 2.5 million, but over the years the owners let the domain expire … [Read more...]