Another Case of Cybersquatting Paying off

This transaction takes us all around the globe and shows just how magical the Internet can be. So a Chinese registrant gets a domain that represents a major U.S. brand, in the South African extension. sold yesterday on Sedo for $5,500. The NBA Store is a series of officially licensed retailers which sell merchandise for the National Basketball Association. The most prominent … [Read more...]

Is This Really the Golden Age of Domain Trolling ?

Caitlin Dewey of The Washington Post wrote an article that centered around the recent Taylor Swift and Ted Cruz domain registrations. Caitlin decided to use the words domain trolling instead of the often used cyber squatting. The lone commenter in the article told Caitlin that it is called cybersquatting. From the article: What is domain trolling, exactly? And how is it even legal? Given the … [Read more...]

Mike Mann Is On Fire Selling $76K in Domains That Cost Him Less than $750 Total

Mike Mann has been reporting some very impressive domain name sales the last few days on his Facebook page Mike just announced today he sold the domain name for $30,000 a domain he purchase on July 30th 2012 for $75 Last week Mike reported selling for $22,000 a domain he purchased on July 19th 2010 as well as the domain for  $15,000 which he purchased … [Read more...]

Shocking? Google Domains Now Listed Organically Number 1 On Google For “domains”

                Just a little over 2 months after launching out of Beta, Google new domain name registrar Google Domains is showing as the number one organic entry under Google when you search for the term "domains" replacing registrars like,, Network,, and Google Domains … [Read more...]

China Denies Any Involvement in Cyber Attack on

An article on says that China has denied they had any involvement in a cyberattack on The crazy thing is that the hackers were in's system for over a year. From the article: China has denied involvement in a cyberattack on, which manages more than 2 million domain names worldwide, Reuters reported. The Financial Times reported earlier this … [Read more...]

Author Asks Security Expert To Steal His Godaddy Domain/Account & He Does, just published a Troubling post on  how easy it was to gain control of a domain name and access to a Godaddy account they did not own.  The author of the story, Steve Ragan, tells the tale of how he asked the CEO of Night Lion Security Vinny Troia, to try to take control of the author's domain name and account at Godaddy. The story entitled "GoDaddy accounts vulnerable to social … [Read more...]

Report: BufferApp Buys For $600,000 & It Took Almost 2 Years published a story about how purchased the domain name for $600,000. Interestingly the company itself,, published a lot of details about the acquisition of the domain name which took almost 2 years to complete from first contact with the owner of the domain. The company did not mention the price it paid for in their … [Read more...]