1 Day After Launch, Namejet’s “Premium” .Desi New gTLD Auction Is Live

Yesterday .Desi launched into general availability with 324 registrations. Today Namejet.com announced it's holding a Premium .Desi domain auction with 30 "premium" .Desi domain names. According to Namejet.com .Desi is  "a global term to refer to the culture, people and products originating from the Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka). It evokes a sense of … [Read more...]

The Rick Schwartz Roast: Here is Your Chance To Get Your Material Into My Presentation

As the TRAFFIC organizers announced today, there will be a once in a lifetime roast of  Rick Schwartz at the TRAFFIC conference that will be held in Miami Beach next month. The idea for the roast came from Adam Dicker during last weeks DomainSherpa.com discussion, but it didn't take long for that idea to jump onto the agenda at the TRAFFIC Conference. I'm going to be on the select panel to … [Read more...]

HuntingMoon’s Auction Is Live: 675 Domains: Adult, Dating, Gambling & New gTLD’s

HuntingMoon.com is holding an online auction of over 675 domain names including in conjunction with the Webmaster Access conference which is being held in Amsterdam. The auction ends Oct 1, 2014 in staggered fashion starting around 4PM EST/1PM PST There are also couple of small portfolios and two businesses for sale. While the domain auction has a high percentage of adult, dating and … [Read more...]

In Auction At Snap: Gynecologist.com & Obstetrician.com: Is Moniker Pulling A Tucows?

            There are two great bang on medical domain names in closed auctions at Snapnames.com, Gynecologist.com & Obstetrician.com More about the auctions in a few, but the history of the domain names may indicate that Moniker has gone the way of Tucows and is picking up expired domains for its own account and then selling them instead of … [Read more...]

With 1 Day Left In Sedo Numeric Auction – 10 Names Have Met Reserve

The Sedo numeric auction closes on Wednesday and with one day to go 10 names have met reserve out of the 264 names up for auction. The highest priced name to meet reserve is 1029.com currently at 5,100 Euros. 55 names in total have bids. Names that have met reserve: 1029.com        5,100 EUR 666.me        510 USD 1786.net    500 USD 5.nu        259 USD 9.nu        259 USD 855.co   … [Read more...]

Freelancer.com Launches New Online Marketplace For Domain Names & Websites

According to smartcompany.com.au, Freelancer.com, announced the launch of a new online marketplace for buying and selling websites and domain names. "The marketplace, to be known as Freemarket, was originally part of an online internet marketing message board known as Warrior Forum, which was founded in 1997 and acquired by Freelancer.com.au in April of this year." "By separating the … [Read more...]

Namejet.com Reports $750K in Domain Names Sales In August

Namejet.com released its domain auction report for August 2014 reporting its sales of $2,000 or more. The domain auctions reported by Namejet.com total just under $750,000 Here are the domain sales: Domain Name Payment … [Read more...]