Frequent Commentator On TheDomains, Joseph Peterson, Stars In New gTLD Story

In a article just published by asking the question “Should I switch my company’s URL to one of the new domain extensions?

I was pretty surprised to read that the article was basically based on the thoughts of  Joseph Peterson who is a frequent commentator on

Here are the first two questions and answers by Mr. Peterson


Should any business with a .com or .net domain switch to an extension that may describe its product or service better?

Not necessarily–.com will always be dominant. It works across all languages and borders, unlike English words such as .company or .cool. For branding purposes, .com is a nice blank and generic canvas. Microsoft is Microsoft, eBay is eBay, Amazon is Amazon, Wikipedia is Wikipedia–each is followed by .com. Such websites can only lose their brand authority and identity by relaunching tomorrow as,, or

But what about businesses with burdensome URLs, such as

Then it makes sense. In the case of your law-firm example, it works to change its URL to, say, the .legal domain name extension to simplify things.

You can read the entire article here and congrats to Joseph

Joseph was also interviewed for the post we referred to yesterday at which you should check out if you haven’t yet.


  1. Joseph Peterson says

    Thanks for the plug, Mike.

    I guess this explains why people knew about the Entrepreneur thing before I did. Didn’t expect it until next month.

  2. says

    I find the comments, on the forums, by Joseph Peterson to be stellar. Data-driven, objective, and highly informative. Bravo! I also like the comments of Eric Burgos.

    • Joseph Peterson says

      Thanks, Steven. I like Eric Borgos’s articles too. And plenty of other people’s. Lots of great comments by lots of people — not to mention the articles on blogs like this one. Plus, there are other hard-working, knowledgeable people whose domain articles deserve more notice. People like Raymond Hackney and Jamie Zoch and a dozen others deserve more credit.

  3. says

    Steven Sikes – Thanks. I was mentioned in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine many years ago. Interestingly, I have never found magazine, newspaper, or radio exposure of me and my sites (free publicity I mean, not paid ads) has ever led to much extra traffic. It certainly is better than nothing, but never the golden ticket to riches that I hoped for.

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