.Black is Live Today But like The other New gTLD Colors, its on the Wrong Side Of The Dot

Today is the first day general availability for Afilias’ latest gTLD: .BLACK

Its the fourth in a string of colored new gTLD domain names all operated by Afilias (.Red, .Blue, Pink)

For us the issue for .Black, like the other colors, is Black is a term that used in normal language and commerce on the left of the term, not on the right.

So its Black Cars, Black Card, Black Dress, Black Limo, Black Diamonds, Jet Black, Blackboard.

Even the press release makes our point:

“You know, when someone says “black tie” or “little black dress,” adjectives like “simple,” “elegant,” and “chic” are implied.”

“It’s the same for .BLACK.

“The .BLACK domain is unique in that it suggests luxury, elegance, authority, and success; it’s a domain that shows a site owner has arrived with confidence instead of being merely aspirational.”

“A website or email address that ends in .BLACK easily identifies premier products and high-tier, exclusive services; diamond.BLACK, limo.BLACK, tuxedo.BLACK and drink.BLACK for top-shelf spirits are just a few examples of how .BLACK represents, simply, style.”

“Addresses in the .BLACK domain will enable luxury businesses and sophisticated individuals to show that they are arbiters of style,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice President and CMO, Afilias. “Their sophistication is a given. For the Internet, .BLACK is the new black.”

Right,  so its Black Tie, Black Tuxedo, Black Diamonds, Black Limo.

There are just too many other new gTLD’s out there to compete with an extension whose term is backwards.

.Red has around 2,500 registrations , .Blue 1,900 and .Pink has 1,100.

Afilias also won the auction for .Green which as you know is much more than a color, its a movement and I think it will do very well.

To get your .BLACK domain, visit http://get.black/find-a-registrar.

You can follow .BLACK on Twitter (@dotBlackdomain) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/dotblacktld).



  1. says

    The only obvious is orangeisthenew.black but it can’t be registered although WHOIS shows it as available. Also, Jack Black can’t have his name either for it being on the collision list.

  2. Horizon says

    It seems even after comments that I have made some months ago elsewhere,that everyone forgets or is unaware that .RED means “network” in Spanish,and “rede” means network in Portuguese.Spanish is a massive market,and if you are into Spanish speaking domains,it is a truly great extension IMHO.The whole world is not America.

  3. Horizon says

    Cmac,I was only pointing out something,in relation to RED,as red was lumped in with the other colours by Michael.Your just trying to be a smart…..

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