Google Basically Shutting Down Adwords On Adult Starting Later This Month is reporting that Google has sent out letters to adult content marketers warning that they are greatly limiting their ability to advertise on Google AdWords. Starting later this month they are basically shutting down Adwords advertising for adult sites.

“Beginning in the coming weeks, we’ll no longer accept ads that promote graphic depictions of sexual acts including, but not limited to, hardcore pornography; graphic sexual acts including sex acts such as masturbation; genital, anal, and oral sexual activity,”

“When we make this change, Google will disapprove all ads and sites that are identified as being in violation of our revised policy … We ask that you make any necessary changes to your ads and sites to comply so that your campaigns can continue to run.”

“The AdWords policies on adult sexual services, family status, and underage or non-consensual sex acts will be updated in late June 2014 to reflect a new policy on sexually explicit content. Under this policy, sexually explicit content will be prohibited, and guidelines will be clarified regarding promotion of other adult content. The change will affect all countries.”

This would be expected to translate into lower payments for adult domains on PPC for those parked with Google, but possibly in more sales of adult domains. notes:

“Regardless of the cause, the effects are simple to see: quality adult traffic will become harder and more expensive to obtain”

We reached out to Stuart Lawley CEO of the .XXX registry to comment on the Google announcement, who told

“As we have seen ourselves and through the comments and research from our recent high profile premium name purchasers, .XXX names seem to be outperforming in Google organic search for many adult keywords. With the end of Google Adwords for adult, this will clearly place more emphasis on organic results and we expect .XXX names (and the forthcoming .PORN names) to continue to increase market share with strong SEO performance”

.XXX registry recently reported that Sex.XXX sold for $3 Milion as part of a $5 million dollar deal.

Today ICM is reporting that they sold another $84,000 in .XXX domain names sold for 60k, sold for 11K and and sold for $17,000.

These sales just closed today and have not been previously reported.

Famous Four announced yesterday they netted $175,000 on the sale of 15 adult oriented .webcam domain names.

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