DomainIndex Is Holding Virtual WebFair 2014, the 1st Virtual Show of Its Kind & Expect 5K People

Virtual WebFair 2014 is the first conference of its kind for the domain, hosting, and SEO industries which offers participation in an event without the delegates or exhibitors having to leave their home or office.

The concept is the brainchild of Michael Marcovici of, who is one of the main sponsors and organizers of the happening.

The virtual event takes place on a sophisticated 3D platform provided by and expects 5,000 plus visitors with about a hundred of exhibitors and booths with a wide range of products and services on show.

“The problem with events like these is that for some people it means having to fly halfway around the world; and while it might be nice to go to Rio or LA, how much scarce, precious time does it take up and how much does it cost businesses?”

“We thought how much easier it would be if we could bring the event to the attendee rather than the other way around. Given the nature of the business we are in, we should be looking for innovative, technological solutions to such problems; so we came up with the idea of the virtual show.”

Organizers are now planning for an event that attracts 5,000 plus visitors with about a hundred of exhibitors and booths with a wide range of products and services on show.

Attendees are invited to construct their personal avatar reflecting their own preferences in personality, dress, and orientation and this carries around their personal information and a virtual bag for storing information, contacts, and other material gathered on the virtual journey.

“They can interact with anyone they meet, exhibitor, or delegate, simply by clicking on their name, providing the contact is accepted, of course,” Marcovici continues. “Then they can chat online or Skype call for a more extended, personal discussion. You can engage as few or as many people as you like as you pass through the virtual hall. It is just like a real-world event only in cyberspace.”

The event takes place on a sophisticated 3D platform provided by that replicates the look and feel of an exhibition venue complete with booths, décor, equipment — even plants and trees — so the environment is relaxed, friendly, and engaging to the virtual visitor.

A map locates the user in the virtual venue and visitors have the option of navigating around the hall or jumping directly to places that interest them.

Videos and presentations are accessible through the virtual port and feedback facilities are available so users can let exhibitors and presenters know what they thought.

The immersive experience lasts for the whole day on July 24th, 2014.

The current admission price is $19 as a contribution to the but organizers are looking at reducing this even further to encourage the widest participation possible.

About Domainindex: is a leading provider of information around domain names, from appraisals to whois, droplists as well as more than 100 tools for domainers, SEO´s, hosters and law enforcement.

About Hyperfair
Since its founding in 2010, Hyperfair has hosted virtual conferences, tradeshows, and expos for diverse clients ranging from architecture and design to finance, health care, manufacturing, franchising, and green sustainability. Please visit for more information.


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