.Expert Winds Up With Just Over 9K Registrations After 1st Day Of General Availability

.Expert has just over 9,000 registrations after the first day of general availability (GA)

The new domain extension had over 2,000 registrations going into the 1st day of GA which is far less than the start that .Guru got off to.

We have chatted about .Expert and how it would compare to .Guru, for a while and think the lower number of registrations con .Expert could be a result of what we think were high premium registration and renewal fees than for .Guru.

We saw domain names as high as $5,500 registration/renewal fees a year (Football.Expert) and most of the domains we liked had renewal fees of $800 or more per year (Godaddy prices)

Both .Guru and .Expert are owned by Donuts.

I wound up registering about 12 .expert domains but avoided domains that had annual renewal fees of more than a couple of hundred dollars.

.Expert is now in the 23rd position on ntldstats.com list of the most registered new gTLD domain names.

Another extension that went into general avalibity today was .Works which wound up with  1,097 registrations after its first day of availability making placing it number 87 on the list of most new gTLD extensions  just behind .Red

.Guru is has over 56,600 domain names registered.

There are now over 765,000 new gTLD domain names registered.



  1. Joseph Peterson says

    Timing is the major factor, in my opinion.

    If .Expert had been released first and .Guru were only released today, then I expect the registration numbers would be reversed.

  2. Meyer says

    Does anyone remember how many domains were registered on the first day for .mobi, .info, .biz, .us, .co, etc.?? (I don’t remember.)

    I realize the amount paid for the new gtlds is far more than the tlds listed in the sentence above. So, it might be more a question about how much revenue the registry brought in for .expert, .guru on the first day compared to the ‘old’ tlds.

  3. says

    JP, exactly my thoughts. Although I don’t think dot expert would have had as high number of regs as guru. JMO.

    IIRC, dot co did well on first day of release, and there were no other tlds (cctld) to compete with it. Dot infos were given away for free (by Godaddy at least) with a dot com reg at one point in time.

  4. says


    What if the guy who registered the 7k+ plus domains at Hexonet chose Hexonet because of our recommendation on Sherpa?

    Hexonet was not the cheapest for .club registraions

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