“.NYC is The Best Real Estate Opportunity Since The Dutch Bought Manhattan”


BetaBeat did a story today on an early video done by former Mayor of New York City, the late Ed Koch. The headline for our story here was a quote that Mr.Koch used when doing his .NYC pitch. You can watch the video below.

From the article:

“Back in 2008, city officials were leaning against creating a ‘.nyc’ web address,” Davidson Goldin, the public relations superstar hired by DotNYC, told Betabeat. “Entrepreneurs who’d been behind the .tv address embarked on a long journey to convince the city to allow ‘.nyc.’”

But as they found, it’s not easy to get people revved up about top-level domains.

“My clients realized they needed a pitch man,” Mr. Goldin said.

They approached Mr. Koch, who Mr. Goldin knew from his days hosting Inside City Hall for NY1 News, with $25,000 and some equity in the business.

Unfortunately, DotNYC LLC was outbid for the contract, and Mr. Koch’s campaign came to an end. Five years later, the “.nyc” domain is finally for sale through Neustar, the subcontractor for the city who handles the domain registrations.


  1. todd says

    and the story goes that the Dutch only paid $24 for all of Manhattan. Which is about the cost of one .NYC registration. :)

    • Raymond Hackney says

      Which was proved to be an over hyped myth, but people love a good story.

      It’s a myth that tulipmania devastated the Dutch economy. How could it, when so few people traded tulips? Even those who did survived the crash. Tulips were merely a sideline to their real professions. In any case, Goldgar explains, few buyers actually paid the exorbitant prices they had agreed. The crucial point is that this was a futures market. The flowers spent most of the year underground. Trades were made constantly, but were only paid for in summer when the bulbs were dug up. In the summer after the crash, most buyers simply refused to accept and pay for their bulbs. Some paid the sellers a small recompense, usually less than 5 per cent of the agreed price. These modest payouts don’t seem to have ruined anyone. Rather, tulipmania damaged the code of honour that underlay Dutch capitalism. When buyers reneged, trust suffered. Tulipmania was a social crisis, not a financial one, argues Goldgar.


      • says

        I think his point is that people falling for this headline are about as stupid as the people who invested in Tulips.

        Have you ever been to New York? Go around asking them about domains, and you will understand why .NYC and all other .SCAMs are bullshit.

        There was .com .net and .org

        If you missed the bus, you are either selling Tulips or buying them. Suckers…

        • wmx says

          .nyc will make a ton of money selling domains. They also seem to be making sure domainers outside of NYC cannot muddy the waters.

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