Twitter To Roll Out Mute Button


Twitter is finally coming out with a mute button. So this way someone can still follow someone but not be subjected to something like a Twitter blast. For example, there are people I follow on Twitter who every once in awhile decide to do 30 domain for sale tweets in row. I think one or two tweets about a name for sale, especially if it is at wholesale pricing or a bargain deal makes sense.

When it is a sales blast, it can get annoying when someone does 30 in a row, some of these people I have good relationships with and I am not going to unfollow them, but for others who thought about unfollowing someone, the mute may just be the key. You won’t have to unfollow and then have them unfollow you etc…

Mashable did a piece about the new feature, from the article:

“The muted user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your Tweets; you just won’t see any of that activity in your timeline,” said Twitter product manager Paul Rosania in a blog post on the company’s website on Monday.  “The muted user will not know that you’ve muted them, and of course you can unmute at any time.”

This feature can be particularly useful when a person you’re following begins rapid-fire tweeting from an event you have no interest in, or is engaged in a protracted public conversation that you’d rather not participate in.

Read the full story here

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