.Club Landrush Auctions Have Started On Sedo

I just got notice that the Landrush auctions have started on Sedo for .Club domain names.

An auction occurs when 2 or more landrush applications are submitted regardless of registrar.

I can tell you that the starting bid is $100.

Unlike other landrush auctions I have participated Sedo is not showing me how many other bidders there are.

The auction are slated to run for 4 days.

It appears that Sedo normal closing rules will apply since I don’t see any special rules on their site for Landrush auctions.

In the past other auction providers have extended auctions by a day when a bid was placed within a certain time before closing, sometimes extending auctions for many days, I’m glad to see that won’t be the case here.

The landrush auction are being staggered.

The landrush auctions I’m in starts as late as May 23rd.


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