Meet The 1st New gTLD Serial Cybersquatter, As Farris Nawas of Austin Loses His 3rd URS

The National Arbitration  Forum has suspended the domain name registration for after an examiner in a Uniform Rapid Suspension proceeding  (URS) found the registrant,  Farris Nawas of Austin Texas infringed on the trademark of Spandex.

Since the only business line Spandex is involved in is clothing, it is the no-brainer type of registration that the URS was designed for.

This marks the 3rd time that Farris Nawas has lost a URS on a new gTLD domain name in just 5 weeks.

Mr. Nawas previously lost URS proceedings on the domain names and and already called him out in an article entitled “Cybersquatters Rush To Claim Brands In The New GTLD Territories

Looking at some of Mr. Nawas other new gTLD registrations I’m going to boldly predict this is not going to be the last URS filed against him:




What makes Mr. Nawas registrations of trademarked terms of well known brands even more disheartening is that he has some good new gTLD registrations and a few very good one’s so he apparently knows what a good domain is and could have used the same money that he spent on domain names he is going to lose on  non-infringing domain registrations.

Here are some of Mr. Nawas other new gTLD domain registrations:


  1. TMNetLaw says

    He is now 0 for 5, after losing URS proceedings for JOSEPHABBOUD.CLOTHING and OLIVERWYMAN.CAREERS. Both were defaults, after his initial loss with DANA.HOLDINGS where he attempted to claim that he was innocently creating a holding company. Similar attempts likely won’t fly with the other trademark related domains on the list.

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