Luxury Brands Get Their .Luxury Domains: Bugatti; Cartier; Prada; Chopard; Dior & More

I just reviewed the zone file for .Luxury, which appears to have gotten over 400 sunrise registrations by trademark holders and many of the top luxury brands in the world got their  .luxury domain name.

Many luxury jewelry  brands including watch manufacturers, participated along with fashion designers, auto makers, and Champagne producers including Chanel, Prada, Cartier,  Chopard,  Dior,  Jimmy Choo; Versace, Harry Winston, Escada, Bugatti, Maserati, Rolls Royce, BMW, Patek, Panerai, Montblanc, Baccarat, Perrier Jouet and Krug to name a few.

I also noticed a number of brands usually not associated with the word .luxury went ahead and registered a .luxury domain anyway.

Timex.Luxury anyone?

As usual some generic words got registered under Sunrise based on a “trademark” including, Lease.Luxury, Christ.Luxury, Dancer.Luxury.

Here are some of the more interesting .Luxury Sunrise registrations:




  1. clasione says

    This is horrible. Look at all this wasted money that the registrars are making from trademark owners just trying to protect their names. This is ridiculous if you ask me. The registries are making a fortune with this nonsense, as an industry, this doesn’t look good IMO.

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