Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry Announces Affiliate Program

Frank Schilling Uniregistry registrar side of the business has just announced its affiliate program that promises to pay commission just not on new gTLD registrations but for renewals as well for the lifetime of the domain registration.

Frank of course just didn’t announce the affiliate program but painted the picture of where we have been and were we are going in the domain space:

“We get tens-of-thousands of banner clicks each day from hopeful dreamers like me, looking to buy the names of our customers. The trouble is, most of those clicking want to buy the domain name they typed for $8.”

“As astonishing as it sounds (and in spite of the best efforts of our industry to educate people about the scarcity of high quality domain names), your average man on the street is still under the delusional impression that he can get a great search-term like or for $10.”

“If our sellers and I could only sell our great generic names for $10 a name, we’d have one hell of a business – for about a month. Then we’d sell them all and be out of inventory!

That’s where new GTLDs fit in.

What if we could take a buyer looking for and after exhausting attempts to sell them the name, offer them or .club or .global?

Sure, these are not the same as the .com but if you’re a buyer who can’t afford $20,000 for the com and you have no easy alternatives, do you really care? And what if we could pay the owner of the name that brought them for placing the sale? That would be a nice way to augment parking revenue during these dark ages of PPC. Names are the natural killer-product to sell people who are interested in other names.

Similarly, many affiliate marketers are capable of generating leads for domain name sales. But they (like you) have been loath to play the affiliate game where domain-name opportunities are concerned because the onus of conversion is on them. And then for all your trouble shaping pages to convert visitors into sales, you get paid once and you’re out!

Well, what if there was an affiliate program that paid the affiliate for the sale and then treated them more like a registrar-reseller in the future; compensating them again when the name is renewed?

Now you’ve got a model that can get website owners to invest, to put their shoulder to the wheel and sell some names in volume – creating a business inside our business. What if that affiliate program could payout across legacy extensions like com, net, org, biz, info too! That would “really” be great!!

Well I couldn’t find a generous affiliate program like that folks – so I had to make my own.

Now when you sell domain registrations at Uniregistry, we’ll pay you for the sale of the name, and for the renewal when the registrant re-ups. We intend to offer all viable extensions, at viable retail prices with viable payouts to the affiliate – all on the most advanced registrar in the domain name business.

While there are no guarantees the conversions will ignite the way they did for me in the early days of .com, this is a valuable tool that is worth experimenting with as viable low price extensions like .link .photo and .pics come out this April – and it’s certainly a fine way to get a discount on your own purchases of the names you’re buying anyway!

Something old is re-imagined, a well curated affiliate program to lift revenues for domainers. Who would have thought that an idealistic dreamer like me could come up this stuff? Somebody tell my parents, they will be so relieved!

Start building your business today at


  1. says

    I registered couple of domains day before yesterday (.training and .solutions) and find better prices at other registrar. $6 and $4 less to be exact. With a lot of options available I am not sure how this will workout.

  2. encirca says

    This is a brilliant idea! Kudos for Frank.

    EnCirca will be offering a similar affiliate program. We even cover the more difficult TLDs, like .travel, .pro and .jobs

    Contact us now if you can’t wait.

  3. Domain Observer says

    I am sure they will succeed in their business. Their response to my inquiry was very kind and helpful.

  4. says

    Yes, the challenge the industry still faces is that the average person on the street still views the purchase of a domain name as comparable to buying a fancy writing instrument – preferably $10 but maybe $50 or even $100 for something that is really nice. I can see that Name Administration owns some of the .COM domains for the same keywords I own in .TV. In many cases, the .COM, .Net, .ORG and a couple of relevant CCTLDs are all parked or have this domain may be for sale banners on them. True, those keywords in .COM aren’t going to be sold cheap but in most cases end users are buying three and four-word or otherwise creative .COM alternatives rather than paying for aftermarket domains in any extension. All these extensions have been around for well over a decade and yet in 2014 no end user has had the budget to acquire any of these domains – .COM, .Net, or otherwise so they go with a cheap alternative. Yes, education could boost demand for many domainer portfolios. But do we solve the general public’s lack of appreciation for domain names by offering more inventory? And if these end users are still looking for alternatives under $50, how much can an investor pay to acquire and renew such a domain over the next several years with the hope of an eventual resale? No funciona – it doesn’t work.

  5. todd says


    Here are the Uniregistry phone numbers below.

    Phone: 345-749-6263 (NAME)
    Fax: 345-746-6263 (NAME)

    Yes they look like your typical U.S. area code phone number but they are not. Uniregistry is based in the Cayman Islands and these are international phone numbers. I called to speak with Uniregistry a few weeks ago and was charged a whopping $98.34 for the phone call.

    Get an 800 number Uniregistry. Ridiculous!!!!!

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