Stuart Lawley Chats About ICANN & The New gTLD’s On Cavuto Fox Business Show

Stuart Lawley the CEO of the ICM Registry, which operates the .XXX top level domain name extension and an applicant for .sex, .porn and .adult was interviewed by Cavuto, on Fox Business News, in a segment which lasted over five minutes.

My favorite quote from the Story from Lawley on new gTLD’s in response to Cavuto’s question won’t the new gTLD’s be confusing to users:

“There will be confusion, but in 3-5 years from now people will look at the internet very different and people will look at a domain and know exactly what they are getting.”

Fox Business News from Jason on Vimeo.


  1. says

    some of my favorite quotes from most domainers of today who comment on the blogs, forums, etc are:

    “businesses stick with what works”
    “smart businesses dont take risks”
    “oh history repeat itself, this is just like .mobi and .biz”

    some of the dumbest short sighted statements ever… anyone who thinks businesses dont take “risks” isnt worth talking to about anything. also implying most new businesses who end up being successful start off as *smart* and wernt just flying by the seat of their pants and see what sticks..

    take any business that started out in the 90’s on the internet and tell me it wasnt a risk… now we’ve gotten to a point where no business takes risks and always sticks with what “works”… yeah right. if that was true there wouldnt be anything new, ever.

    and finally.. my absolute favorite quote from domainers is “it will be confusing”….. as if this is somehow a brick wall and if something starts off as confusing it cant succeed.

    everything is confusing. anything new is confusing.. some have shorter transition periods but pretending like new gTLD’s is something you need to take a college course on to be “unconfused” is pretty ridiculous.

  2. Stuart Lawley says


    FYI, our average daily creates are around 35 names based on the trailing 6 month average

    you can verify these numbers from the official stats posted on the ICANN website TLD registry reports posted 3 months in arrears.

  3. says

    That’s ok Stuart. CMAC is right. There is no money in porn anymore. JT and I were just talking about it in Phoenix at the forum. Everyone should just ignore it and it will go away… :)

  4. cmac says

    porn and .xxx have little do with each other. 99.9% of porn sites are on .com.

    as for the 35 domains per day, I’ll take you word for it. i only check out once in a while and typically see very low numbers for .xxx (11 yesterday).

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