Domains Acquired Through SnapNames Creds Will Be Managed By just announced that starting today, “domain names acquired at SnapNames®, through a SnapNames credential, will now be managed through Network Solutions.

Before anyone freaks out about the price,  these domains will be subject to a special renewal rate of just $9.59

To quickly identify the registrar of record for purchased domains refer to your SnapNames confirmation email.

Once your purchased domain is ready to manage, you will receive an email from Network Solutions containing your acquired domain name and account information.

Our support team is available to assist you with Network Solutions account questions 24/7, please visit the Customer Service Center at or call 1-888-642-0291.

For questions and assistance with your SnapNames account, please find support contact information at or call 1-866-690-6279.

If your a customer you will receiving an email to this effect


  1. says

    As long as the renewal remains at $9.59 I have no problem. I have few domains there and whenever I tried to move to other registrar, they give me a special $10 rate, which is still higher.

  2. says

    This is excellent news, especially with the favorable pricing.

    Does anyone know if this applies retroactively or is this forward looking and applicable to new purchases only?

  3. cmac says

    if this means no more domains going to random registrars with stupid pricing and next to impossible to contact support/get auth codes and a decent renewal rate…i can’t complain.

  4. says

    @cmac – while not impossible, Network Solutions makes it very difficult to get the auth code and they don’t provide the code in the normal fashion. I have filed several complaints with ICANN because they keep trying to have some sort of waiting period to release the code (not the 60-day normal waiting period, they have some sort of auth code waiting period after the request is made).

  5. cmac says

    Yeah, that’s true. I ran into this problem before. They make you wait 3-4 days and could possibly deny giving it to you. a take from i guess. from reading the article about this at DNW it seems only the domains that used to go to are going to go to netsol, so we’ll still have to deal with scammy/scummy no name registrars like name2host. they don’t respond to support emails and do not provide a way to give auth codes…of course this one of the many crappy registrars snapnames uses.

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