Sells On Namejet For 10% Of What It Sold For 3 1/2 Years Ago

One of the domain names in the DomainFest/ auction that sold yesterday was

The domain sold yesterday on for $2,411

The same domain sold back in September 2010 on Namejet.comĀ  for $22,322

So we are looking at a loss of $20,000 on a purchase of $22K.

A loss of 90%


Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s auction.




  1. says

    Looking at the waybackmachine, Looks like a product website in the 2000’s and the buyer might be looking to profit from old search traffic. Parking revenue died and never recovered. Or a company that bought the domain went out of business. There are many deals like this even when the market is great.

  2. Meyer says

    The mistake the original owner made was that he didn’t have a reserve price. Obviously, the transaction went thru since the ownership changed today to someone in India (from Santa Monica).
    The owner before 2010 was the major mill – Dan River.

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