Quick Poll: Which New gTLD Will Be The 1st To Hit 100K Registrations?

As of today there are over 414,000 new gTLD domain names registered.

.Guru is still leading the pack with over 47,000 registrations and is growing at the rate of 75-100 domains a day.

.Berlin is safely in second place for now, with  43K registrations and .Photography just topped 30K registrations.

The question we have today is a simple one which new gTLD will hit 100,000 registrations first.

We have included the three top new gTLD’s to date and have included some other what we consider likely choices.

We will even give you the option to pick none.

You can vote on the right side of the site and for bragging rights or to make a pick we didn’t select, feel free to comment.

Keep in mind that ICANN Last Resort Auctions first start in June and many of the “better” new gTLD’s are tied up in contention and ICANN Last resort Auctions are not scheduled to be completed this year.

So although you might think .web is the right answer it may not be out for another year art which point another extension would have hit 100K in registrations.

Here are your choices:
















(Dot Chinese Online)






Other New gTLD Not Mentioned

You can vote on the right and leave comments below



  1. Grim says

    If things continue at the ‘mad’ pace they are now, we may not know for a long time.

    .GURU, if it keeps up its 75-100 regs per day, will hit 100,000 registrations 530 days from now at the earliest. (Not adjusting for any dropped names within the next year, of course.)

  2. says

    My guess would be .NYC is the first if the very strict nexus policy isn’t enforced, but I think a safer and more realistic guess is .WEB.

    .WEB is generic, not limited to a topic, region or interest and could be a real alternative if .com and .net are taken. It’s perfect for end users if the pricing will be right, fits pretty much every business better than .org or .info

    .APP and .CLUB will certainly rank pretty high in the list, but noone would ever register newyorkdentist.club or chineserestaurant.app. .APP and .CLUB may be huge niches, but niches anyway.

    .BERLIN simply messed up the pricing in my opinion, huge initial boost but taking into account that the biggest german registrars constantly feature .berlin on their homepage, the growth is disappointing.

  3. BrianWick says

    How many registrations currently are there for:

    probably the same class of domain as .web xavior ?

  4. says

    .Web will be bigger than .net. .
    .CO is in my top 3 with .com and .ca.

    I’m waiting for this big opportunity. 3 Letter short extension. Internet.web/store Internet.web/Hosting. It can be used for everything!

    You sell clothes, computers and you have a great forum? don’t go for a .clothing or .computers…. Register your perfect domain and add a “/”. Its call.web/freedom just like .ca , .co , .net and .com ;).


  5. BrianWick says

    ok xavior –
    I have been doing this well into 16 calendar years and .net has always been perceived by me as the unwanted stepsister – or something like that – the domain you needed to reserve because you could not get the .com.

    to your credit .web might put some fresh eyes and another runner up – and if you are the registry – that is really good news.

    .app is nothing more thatn another .mobi fad –
    other than .club – I have no clue

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