TMCH Has Caused More People Not To Register 450K Domains, As New gTLD’s Pass 350K

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) said today that is has delivered  500,000 Claims Notices (CNIS) of which 95% of the queries for trademark terms are not being followed through to a live registration.

That means that up to 475,000 new gTLD domain names may have gone unregistered due to the THCM, let discount that number for some potential duplicate domains and call it 450,000 domain names

A potential registrant of a new gTLD receives a notice as a warning to anyone attempting to register a domain name which matches a trademark term recorded in the TMCH.

That news was released by the TMCH on a day where the total number of new gTLD registrations have passed 350,000.

10,000 brands and businesses and over 28,000 trademarks have been recorded within its database.

A few days ago we pointed out that there  a lot of generic words like “The”,  “Cool”,  “Big” and “Host” to name a few are included in the 28,000 TMCH registrations, which could be scaring off registrations which would be perfectly fine and quite legal.

So if someone attempt to register a domain like or they will get a TMCH notice based off the registration of “cool” or “the”

In those cases the TMCH is not serving the new gTLD community well.  Scaring off what would be perfectly valid registrations is nothing to gloat about.

The TMCH should never have allowed registrations for generic words.

“Google” is a brand

“The” is not



  1. says

    The terms are growing, and words that were clear, are no marked.

    Most of them are so vague one single TM claimant basically claims everything from motor oil, to baby food, like about 100 different specifics. Small businesses are not going to want to risk TM infringement. I think these gtlds are self destructing.

    Given the greedy, and sometimes incompetent registries, massive reserve lists, early advance pricing, premium
    Registration, along with premium renewal. Not jiving with twitter, and Facebook, this is beginning to look like something that is simply a quick attempt to make a buck at everyone else’s expense.

    .berlin was given away free to majority of residents, and neighbouring regions. Make an extension free, and it will grab 5 figures on the first day too.

    More working against it, than for it. Keep making these rude companies rich, some simply think of all domainers as cyber squatters, yet they will sell you a TM domain for a premium. Total disrespect.

  2. says

    in the other hand…
    Talking about marks,brands and Intellectual properties I Just read on a very interesting posting:
    Is .Uno The First Cybersquatting Registry? (,,
    etc etc etc

    what on earth?
    what is the intent here?
    Poison the numbers?
    Spike some more the kool aid?
    Add some to the smoke and mirrors?

    Out of the 3,274 .UNO registrations * up to yesterday, it appears the large majority have been registered by the registry itself and only a few hundred by the public (eg: 72 yesterday *)


  3. says

    Meanwhile, registrations such as go through just fine (even though petland is a registered trademark.)

    The approach to how tm’s and UDRPs are handled with gTLDs needs a serious rework.

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