Meet The 1st .Email Cybersquatter Grabs Up ESPN, Pepsi, Starbucks, Chevrolet, NFL & More

We just went through the zone file for the .email new gTLD to see what interesting new domain registrations I found.

I couldn’t help miss the registrations by a organization out of Los Alamitos, CA named Viva Las Vegas who wound up getting a great domain in, but went after and got domain names matching some trademarked and well known companies.

It should be noted all these were acquired before general avaliabity so the company paid extra to get priority registrations on theseĀ  .email registrations:

The company also got its matching domainĀ

The comapny also got three domains that could go either way as being a brand or generic but based on these three registrations taken as a group as well as other registrations, I don’t think a URS or UDRP panel would look kindly on them:



  1. DomainInvestor says

    indeed, Viva Las Vegas. They probably would have had a better time if they took their money they spend on these names to the Vegas Casinos. At least they would have gotten some free drinks while blowing their wad.

    Viva Las Vegas Everyone! Viva Las Vegas!

  2. Grim says

    Smartest investment ever. They’re gonna make millions, billions even. Boeing, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, etc, HA! You have no legal right to your trademarks! These guys at Viva Las Vegas are way too smrt. I mean, smart. (Simpson’s reference, for those who may not know.)

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