After Losing Over 25,000 Registrations in Two Days .Com Back Below 113 Million; .Berlin Tops 40K

Verisign reports that they have lost .com domain name registrations over the past couple of days after it briefly reported that the number of .com registration passed 113 Million domains.

According to RegistrarStats the number of registered .com domain names is sitting at 112,952,656 after it had a net lost over 17,000 registrations.

However Verisign own stats which were just updated a few minutes ago show even a greater loss of registrations for .com which is sitting at 112,973,470, as of today at 8:47:57 AM UTC

Actually every one of the established TLD’s lost registrations, .net, .org .info, .biz, .travel, .aero and .coop all had net losses to the extent that even with new gTLD registrations the domain name zone lost a net of over 22K domain names.

Other notable movements over the weekend, .Berlin broke through the 40,000 registration mark, sitting at 40,905 according to

.Guru has passed the 46K registration mark.

.Ventures became the 19th new gTLD to pass 5,000 registrations.

.Tattoo continues to be the worst performing fully launched new gTLD, with just over 1,300 registrations.


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    Konstantinos is right, this happens every weekend, if you’ve been monitoring sites like that show daily statistics. Deletions are relatively constant, but new registrations fall on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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    Interesting twist, any seasoned domainer knows this fact about weekends, especially a guy that owns 70,000 and then some names. Keep spending those thousands people, on gtlds I am sure you will get them over the 400,000 hump which won’t even be .5% of .com registrations over 40 extensions, compared to 1.

    Your buddies at the registries are getting more greedy, more reserved domains, more premium labelled domains, in conclusion more suckers in the end.

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    And in 2 days it will be over 113M again, looks like someone is starved for attention, keep watching that gtld ticker people. People need to be focused on neutral indiviusls, don’t be all goo goo for people that consult for these companies, they have agendas. Think for yourselves, make your own mind up. Don’t let numbers fool you. Any seasoned domainer knows weekend registrations drop more than pickups.

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    .COM drops range from around 75k up to 100k a day but the general trend is that total registrations continue to increase. If you think about it , that is pretty amazing – perhaps 30 million .COM deletions a year and yet the total registration numbers continue to increase.

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