DVD Ripping Software Company has domains seized but remains defiant

Torrent Freak reported  a few days back that a DVD ripping software company DVDFab had its domains and bank accounts seized.

A New York federal court has granted the seizure of several domain names, bank funds and social media accounts belonging to DVD ripping software company DVDFab. Judge Broderick ruled in favor of AACS, the licensing outfit founder by Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft, Intel and others.

dvdfablogoAACS, the decryption licensing outfit founded by a group of movie studios and technology partners including Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft and Intel, has launched a crackdown on DRM-circumvention software.

Now Torrent Freak has a new story on two BLU-Ray companies getting out of the ripping software biz, and they also note that DVDFab remains defiant and made the following statement:

“In order to protect the interests of our existing customers, we have already recovered all the normal businesses to www.dvdfab.cn. At the same time, we promise to reverse the situation through every possible effort,” the company said on its new support site, ILikeDVDFab.com.

“DVDFab Team as a whole, will stick to the same mission in the years to come, to better your entertainment life. We shall not perish from this earth!”

So now they are using a .CN domain, it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.


  1. says

    This company is in clear violation of the law and blatant pirates. This company is a prime example of the type of pirates the FBI should raid unlike they did to Kim DotCom who only owned MegaUpload and it was the users who violated the law. In this case Torrent Freak themselves were copyright infringers and should be treated as such.

  2. says

    So since I want to backup a copy of a movie that I legally purchased onto my computer so that I can watch via from my XBox I’m a criminal and need to be stopped.

    I’m X Army as well but your the perfect example of the lifers that made me not stay. Unintelligent and unable to think for themselves.

  3. says

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about guy. Maybe you didn’t read the article or my post clearly. I completely agree that one should be able to save their movie or any file on an uploaded server without repercussions. I think MegaUpload is in the right and the US government is in the wrong, however I think this other company, DVDfad, is in the wrong for wilfully and unlawfully ripping dvd’s. That has nothing to do with saving a movie on an uploaded server.

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